GeoTools : 2.0-B3 - 2.0-B4 API Changes

h4 DataStoreFactorySpi interface (added 1)
public boolean isAvaliable()

Some DataStores may be installed but not functional due to missing required support jars. A classic example is the oracle datastore which requires support jars to be obtained directly from Oracle (i.e. we can't redistribute them). This method allows us to check if a given DataStore is fully installed and ready to work.

h4 DataUtilities (added 1)
public static Query mixQueries(Query firstQuery, Query secondQuery, String handle)

h4 DefaultExpression (removed 15)
expression type constants removed

h4 ExpressionType (added 15)
expression type constants added

h4 StyledMapPane 2(removed)

h4 MapLayer (added 2)
public Query getQuery()
public void setQuery(Query query)

h4 GlyphRenderer (added)

Support for rendering more advanced glyphs has been added to this release. It is now possible to render glyphs defined in SVG as well as custom glyphs defined in code. More work is needed but this is start towards a generic API for supporting that sort of work.

h4 SVGGlyphRenderer (added)

h4 GlyphProperty (added)

h4 LiteRenderer (added 5)
public boolean isOptimizedDataLoadingEnabled()
public void setOptimizedDataLoadingEnabled(boolean flag)
public double getGeneralizationDistance()
public void setGeneralizationDistance(double dist)
public void stopRendering()

h4 SLDParser (added)

SLDParser replaces SLDStyle, it does the same work, with the same API but has a better name.
SLDStyle still exists as a subclass for backwards compatability, expect it to be droped eventualy