GeoTools : 2.2-M0

This release was created on August 1st, 2005:

This release includes the results of Amr A. Alam's experiment into HSQL. The HSQL datastore supports multiple geometries attributes, and although it is not indexed it does support SQL. It also makes use of Dave Blasby's Spatial DB in a Box functions to support Simple Features for SQL.

As with any DataStore transcation and locking are supported. This was a challenge for HSQL as it only supports JDBC1, and does not provide isolation for modifications made on a transaction. Amr ported the same transaction code used for Shapefile in order to provide isolation.

This release also has updated the epsg-hsql plug-in, which provides lazy creation of a EPSG database in your home directory. The format is not compatible so you will need to remove the database created by any of the nightly builds you may have downloaded.