GeoTools : 2.3.0-M0

This release was created on September 27th, 2006:

This release features a GREAT deal of improvements:

  • GridCoverage support has benifited from a long running RnD branch (over a year!) and thanks must be given to the cool cats at
  • Updated Filter support targetting GeoAPI interfaces, you should find these interfaces clear and straight forward to use (our previous interfaces extend GeoAPI Filter now allowing you to smoothly migrate over)
  • We have completed providence review conducted as part of our OSGEO iccubation effort

This release is only a milestone release, so we are missing a few things (javadocs, some fancy demos, and a user's guide). A feature freeze is in effect and a release candidate should be out shortly.

We can always use your enthusiasm and support, so if you would like to lend a hand please jump on our mailing list or IRC channel.

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