GeoTools : 2.3.x

The GeoTools 2.3.x is stable, new releases will be made from this branch as required for bug fixes and additional format support.

This release is being championed by the GeoServer project (thanks guys) and will see several long standing RnD concerns solved.


The following issues are critical and represent steps that must be taken before the next version of 2.3.3 can be released.

P Key Summary

For the complete list of tasks scheduled for the 2.3.3 release:

GeoTools 2.3.x at a Glance

Improvements to GridCoverage

The GeoTools 2.3 release represents the end of the Grid Coverage branch that has focused on cleaning up and providing efficient implementations for raster data sources.

Quality Assurance

Every factory implementation will need to:

  • work out of the box (according to SPI)

Maven 2

We have switched over to a maven 2 build process.

Seperation of Concerns

If we ever confuse the seperation of Data, Query, and Functionality we limit the use of geotools for ourselves an others:

  • Data has metadata (FeatureType/ComplexType/AttributeType) that must be complete enough to define a Expression for data access, this metadata needs to be descriptive enough that you can describe your own classes
  • Applications should be writen to use Expression to access data, so the Rendering functionality in geotools can be used to draw Features, catalog metadata, and your own applicaiton data
  • Expression needs a plugin system where we can teach it how to XPath into new data types, so you can use geotools against your own classes