GeoTools : 2.4.x

GeoTools 2.4.x is currently under active development on trunk; and should be considered unstable.

The GeoTools 2.4.x branch is focused on:

  • Quaility Assurance – particularly for datastores
  • Consistency – focus on consistent use of Factories

The real goal here is to fix the problems that prevented the Feature Model Branch from merging successfully. For more information please review GTSteering.pdf and 2007 Q1.

No files shared here yet.


The following issues are critical and represent steps that must be taken before 2.4-RC0 can be released.

P Key Summary

The following issues are critical and represent steps that must be taken before 2.4.0 can be released.

P Key Summary

For the complete list of tasks scheduled for the 2.4.x release:

Volunteers are needed - in particular help is needed for:



The following steps are to be taken as part of the 2.4 development effort.

  • Reduction of supported library to working data sources
    • test: DataStore Conformance Test
    • test: coverage check - developers guide requirement
    • test: GeoResourceInfo implementation
  • move other plugins to community section
  • Clear support for use of factories at at the datastore level
    • test: ability to create POJO from shapefile
  • Creation of Grid Coverage data access API
    • test: Service and GeoResource handles

Sponsor Goals

The Refractions/uDig focus is on data source quality - specifically:

  • Performance suitable for anlaysis work
    • O( log N ) performance on data source opperations
    • O( 1 ) on metadata requests such as bounds
    • Event notification
  • Storage of common types (boolean, TM_Instant,etc...)

For GeoServer/GeoSolutions the focus is on GridCoverage formats:

  • Additional Formats (shared with 2.3.x branch)
  • (started) Definition of a API for Grid Covearge discovery and access
    • need to ensure Service/GeoResouce handle compatibility

For GeoServer/Social Change Australia (transitional work to revised FM):

  • need Factory injection situtation cleared up
    • delegate to "FeatureBuilder" interface

For TOPP/GeoServer the focus is again on quality:

  • QA and consistency to keep the library from falling apart

For Axios/GeoServer/uDig there are a few key fixes:

  • (done) Parsing support for common literal types (boolean, temporal, etc)

Unsponsored Goals

The following work is critical to the success of GeoTools but has not attracked sponsorship - if you can help out please jump on the mailing list and let us know.


Project Structure

We have changed the project structure .. the chief change is the creation of an "unsupported" directory:

  • modules for research projects
  • modules that do not meet project policies; such as user documentation or test coverage