GeoTools : 2.5-M3

This release was created on August 4th, 2008:

This release tracks GeoAPI 2.2-M1 and contains improvements to Feature to the feature model performance (thanks Andrea) and usability improvements thanks to community feedback.

The big news for this release is the project graduating from the OSGeo incubation process. This means the headers have been updated and we have a record of the code base license use. Thanks to Adrian Custer for much of the hard work to make this happen.

This represents an initial release from the 2.5.x branch - we expect a release candidate shortly when GeoServer CITE tests have passed. This milestone release had been made simply to ensure the branch has been made correctly.

This release also marks the appearance of the User Guide for separate download - thanks to Jody Garnett and the user list for putting this together over time.