GeoTools : 2.5.x

GeoTools 2.5.x is focused on switching to new feature model; we have a list of QA tasks to confirm the work is complete - but our scope has been met for this release.

Change proposals completed for the 2.5.x branch:

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Issues Summary

The following blockers represent steps that must be taken before 2.4 can go out the door.

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For the complete list of tasks scheduled for the 2.4.x release:



Technical Goals

The goals of the 2.5 release are:

  • (tick) Switch to the new Feature Model
  • (tick) Upgrade to Java 5

Sponsor Goals

The following represents sponsored work targeted for GeoTools 2.5:

  • (tick) ISO Geometry implementation available as a supported module

In many cases this work is available as an unsupported module for GeoTools 2.4.

Unsponsored Goals

The following work is critical to the success of GeoTools but has not attracted sponsorship - if you can help out please jump on the mailing list and let us know.

Acceptance Tests

(tick) GeoServer Acceptance

GeoServer has performed a round of profiling and has brought the new feature model within 10-20% of the prior performance.

(error) UDIG Acceptance

uDig trunk has returned to using GeoTools trunk; as such the following will need to be sorted out before 2.5.x can go out the door (the functionality was dropper or suffered code rot between GeoTools 2.2 and GeoTools 2.5).

We cannot release a version of uDig using 2.5.x until:

  1. (tick) Shapefile Deadlock - threading issues that prevented editing a shapefile while it was being read in a seperate thread. This prevents any GeoServer later that 1.4.1 working as a WFS-T backed by a shapefile (postGIs and so on work fine).
    • (tick) This issue was resolved as a complete rewrite by Jesse in January of 2008.
  2. Aggregate Functions - literally functions that operate on a FeatureCollection
    • (tick) Min / Max / Sum etc...
    • (error) Classification Functions (as used by uDig to power the Style Themer)

The following technical debt really effects the project (rendering some datastore useless):

  1. Filter 1.1 / GeoAPI Filter Transition: Use FitlerFactory2 etc...
    • SAX Parser
    • DOM Parser
    • XDO Parser
    • XML-XSD Parser
    • StyleFactory / SLD classes
  2. FilterVisitor Transition
    • (tick) Utility FilterVistitors (for Duplicating / finding Feature Ids etc...)
    • SQL Generation: PrePostFilterVisitor
  3. Feature Event Notifications from Feature Store
    • Shapefile
    • Postgis
    • Arcsde
    • Oracle
    • Property

(error) Technical Debt

There is a Technical Debt page with details of some "undone" work (often work left over when a commercial funding ended for a specific task).