GeoTools : 2.6-M1

GeoTools 2.6-M1 was created on Feburary 4th, 2009:

Release Notes
GEOT-2107 - Remove old filters/expressions usage from xml-xsd
GEOT-2116 - Remove old filter usage from the validation module
GEOT-2091 - Trunk build broken by geoapi-2.2-SNAPSHOT
GEOT-2096 - net.opengis.ows10.DomainType.getValue() has wrong multiplicity.
GEOT-2097 - XSAnyURIBinding bound to causes parsing problems, it should be bound to java.lang.String
GEOT-2098 - net.opengis.wfs.FeatureTypeType.getOtherSRS() has wrong multiplicity
GEOT-2266 - CRS.toSRS doesn't work if the WKT or HSQL factory.
GEOT-2272 - V1.0.0 Commit sometimes fails to resolve schema when encoding xml commit
GEOT-2075 - Allow Square Bracket in search condition
GEOT-2109 - JDBCFeatureSourceTest cannot work with DB2 Spatial Extender
GEOT-2224 - JDBCFeatureReader should ensure CRS is set for geometries returned
GEOT-2226 - Improve spatial filter performance with Prepared Geometries
GEOT-2273 - ability to not turn on/off feature bounds in encoded features
GEOT-2275 - Support FeatureType in FeatureTypeCache
New Feature
GEOT-2080 - Allow bindings to declare their contents should not be parsed further
GEOT-2129 - Allow third party objects to perform custom encoding in selected places
GEOT-2132 - WPSCapabilitiesType missing the xml:lang attribute
GEOT-2133 - Validating WPS caps responses using Parser fails
GEOT-2136 - Some WPS model objects are missing the xml:lang attribute
GEOT-2138 - WPSCapabilites.version does not get encoded
GEOT-2141 - WPS ProcessDescription.processVersion does not get encoded
GEOT-2281 - Reserve Areas of the Screen from the Labelling process
GEOT-2067 - Make sure it's possible to compute bounds out of a view
GEOT-2268 - Change TXT by ECQL