GeoTools 2.6.4 was created on May 18, 2010:

This is a bug fix release made in conjunction with uDig 1.2-RC3.

This release adds support for Oracle Georaster access as the result of a productive collaboration between Christian and Baskar. It is great to see developers from different organisations combine forces.

There are many small but interesting improvements in the release notes. I am exited by the new interpolate functions which will be very useful when styling maps, generated SLD files no longer write out "default" values which will make for a more readable result.

This release also features more documentation then normal; we have exported out the 2.6.4 documentation from our website and the users guide. It is nice to have archives of this material that match a specific release.

For more information please review the Release Notes:

For more information on GeoTools and the 2.6 series:

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