GeoTools : 2.6.x

GeoTools 2.6.x looks to be focused on quality and performance.

As always the scope and timing of releases is set by you - the members of our community. There is a host of interesting "unsupported" modules that can make it into this release based on time and funding.

RnD and proposals completed for the 2.6.x branch:

No files shared here yet.






November 23rd

Bug Fixes


October 19tn

Final Released



The release candidate was a success with very few problems reported; GeoServer issued their own release candidate against it. Other communities ran into some trouble....

Two stoppers from the uDig community:

  • (tick) GEOT-2782 IndexedShapefileDataStore is returning Geometry as a String (even when you did not ask!)
  • (tick) GEOT-2783 WFSDataStore 1.0 is tripping up over FastBBOX filter. Thanks Gabriel for the fix!

Atlas Styler is waiting on the following patch:

  • (tick) GEOT-2785 Text Symbolizer Priority. Patch applied; thanks for including a test case - it makes all the difference.

And one problem reported with the build from source:

  • (tick) jp2kakadu module has 2.5-SNAPSHOT as parent; preventing a clean build. Change applied; we will wait for the release process to verify that no more issues of this nature pop up.

Looks like I will need to push this release out on Sunday in order to include it on a DVD for the GeoTools workshop. If the above issues are fixed the release will be 2.6.0; if not a second release candidate.


We are stuck on an ECW crash which we need to upgrade to iamgeio-ext 1.0.4 ( GEOT-2768 |]) in order to fix. It will take a day for the uDig team to test this change once it has been applied.

When this bug is done we should be in a position to make a release candidate.

  • (tick) Afabiani has updated WCS 1.1 EMF model.
  • (tick) Emily has supplied a rendering patch for GEOT-2766 that needs review.
  • (tick) Vitali has a good idea for a safety check on feature reader creation - but no bug report yet.
  • (tick) CRS Lab has stopped rendering when data is reprojected.

A couple steps are still missing from the previous milestone release:

  • We need to ensure the the jars can be rebuilt from the source download
  • Javadocs are not produced; the steps documented do not work for me
  • There is no location to publish the javadocs (will propose codehaus webdav?)


The EMF model in modules/unsupported/ogc has moved to modules/ogc in order to reflect the fact it is part of the library.

Stefan Kruger has upgraded Atlas styler from 2.4.x and has been a great source of QA and patches for this release. Thanks for your help Stefan.

jdbc aggregate function patch seems to be in full swing.

gt-swing is ready to go. Jody has sent an email asking move it to supported status.

Andrea has moved the shapefile renderer module to unsupported as most of the improvements have been folded into streaming renderer now

There are a couple release glitches discovered during the previous 2.6-M2 release.

  • (tick) unsupported modules were included (were were going to exclude them or gather them up into an unsupported folder). Apparently building clean and then assembly:assembly will sort it out.
  • (tick) build order trouble with gt-jdbc modules? No problems were found when making the 2.6-M3 release
  • (tick) build path troubles on win32 for shapefile testing are now resolved
  • (tick) source download was not produced - problem ended up being providing enough memory. We were unable to verify that the source download works.
  • (tick) image moasic api changed breaking udig; we have disabled the functionality requiring per tile channel control


(tick) Swing

We have tossed both gt-swing-widgets and gt-swing-widgets-pending in the bit bucket as their module maintainers have stepped down. We have salvaged a new gt-swing with s strict mandate to provide user interface classes for our demos; nothing too fancy - just enough that we are not wrecking out examples with user interface code.

User Guide:

We expect the render to gain additional capabilities as members of the public supply patches.

(tick) Chart symbolizers

Using the dynamic symbolizers framework and the Eastwood charts project allows to paint charts over a map using the Google Charts syntax for defining the chart properties and data.

(tick) Process API improvements

The process API, still in unsupported land, has been changed to allow integration of external libraries such as Sextante as plugins of the GeoTools process API. No Sextante integration module is available due to licensing issues (Sextante is GPL) but you can find a bridge in the GeoServer experimental WPS module


(tick) Next Generation JDBC

Thus far the "Next Generation" JDBC DataStore are worth being excited about, they are more maintainable, with a cleaner architecture and more even support of advanced features (aggregation functions or support for dates for example). These are also available on the previous 2.5.x branch.

(tick) Module Cleanup

Andrea has organised a module clean up aligning modules with a module maintainer; or deleting modules that are unused as required.

Thanks Andrea.


(warning) Filter Cleanup

Andrea Aime has been cleaning up one of the top issues on our technical debt page - cleaning up after the transition to GeoAPI filter done way back in GeoTools 2.3. The work is incomplete.

(warning) Symbology Encoding

We have updated out data model to support the constructs used by the symbology encoding specification; and in a few isolated cases received patches to hook them up to the render (such as Unit of Measure support).

(error) Technical Debt

There is a Technical Debt page with details of some "undone" work (often work left over when a commercial funding ended for a specific task).


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