GeoTools : 2.7-M0

GeoTools 2.7-M0 was created on May 18, 2010:

In keeping with the usability and quality theme of the 2.7.x series this release focuses on simplifications to the GeoTools api. While this is the first milestone release made to the public the branch has been ongoing for eight months resulting in an impressive number of resolved issues. As an example 158 issues were closed in the last 30 days.

This is a bug fix release made to solicit feedback from the geotools users list on several recent api changes:

  • Clean up Generics from DataStore and Query as Class present two simplifications offering an easier start for those using GeoTools for the first time.
    SimpleFeatureSource source = dataStore.getFeatureSource( typeName );
    Query query = new Query( typeName, filter, attributes );
    SimpleFeatureCollection features = source.getFeatures(query);
  • FeatureStore modifyFeature by Name allows features to be modified using a Name, rathern then requiring users to look up metadata prior to modifying content
    featureStore.modifyFeature( "date", new Date(), filter );

The download artefacts include examples for 2.7-M0 showing the use of SimpleFeatureCollection and SimpleFeatureSource.

For more information please review the Release Notes:

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