GeoTools : 2.7-RC2

Version: 2.7-RC2
Jira Version: 17174
Series Version: 2.7

GeoTools 2.7-RC2 created on Feb 21, 2011:


This release features:

  • ability to extract massive data sets from mosaics without incurring heavy memory load (due to improved ROI management)
    increased mosaic flexibility, which can now be fed the set of tiles programmatically
  • mosaics can now handle tiles with different projections/resolutions
  • support for labels with mixed bidirectional layout
  • use a provided charset when parsing the DBF header (not just the contents)
  • native support for unique visitor in JDBC data stores
  • the developer guide has been translated to Sphinx and is now available on
  • For more information please review the Release Notes:
  • Release Notes.

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