GeoTools : 2004-10-04 October 4th

<jive> Hi Guys - I am not really here (I am in lurk mode).
<jive> Oh - but I could give you an agenda item - 1) Go through Jira tasks and update (close a bunch) before
the 2.0 release
<cholmes> 2) Commit rights for Rob Atkinson
<jive> +1 from me
<ianT> +1
<jyutzler> I forget. Do board members get to vote for commit rights, or is it anyone?
<cholmes> Anyone
<cholmes> well, any current committers
<cholmes> three positives, zero negatives
<aaime> Hi
<jive> such as andrea
<aaime> ?
<jive> (voting on commit rights for Rob A)
<cholmes> Hi Andrea
<aaime> +1 (smile)
<jive> Well that probably has it - I am doing a bad job of lurking.
<cholmes> that cinches it. I'll send an email.
<jive> Andrea that was 2)
<jive> 1) Go through Jira tasks and update (close a bunch) before the 2.0 release
<aaime> Ok, I'll have a look at them
<jive> Chris it sounds like you still have your ArcSDE bug to kill before the 2.0 release?
<cholmes> Killed it
<cholmes> Or rather, am killing it.
<cholmes> cleaning things up right now.
<cholmes> Should have it done today.
<aaime> Jody, I'm wondering what you're made of... you did sleep 4 hours, did you? (wink)
<cholmes> Didn't really figure it out, but recycling connections, forcing the pool to find new ones,
seems to have worked.
<jive> 2 (smile)
<jive> Stay on target stay on target ....
<aaime> Kinda release predator...
<jive> speaking of which david is reminding me I am supposed to lurk (smile)
<polio> yup, he is
<jive> 3) Find a home for and recover the IRC logs
<polio> oh, and andrea ... we don't update anything commited after 2am ... ussually broken
<cholmes> Looks like James isn't making it...
<jive> slam
<cholmes> (he just sent apologies on email)
<aaime> polio, I don't follow you...
<polio> when jody stays up late, he has a tendency of committing extra bugs (wink)
<aaime> Well, everybody has a tendency to commit flaky code when working overtime... we're just human...
<polio> it's a running joke here, don't think were overly converned
<polio> *concerned
<aaime> So, what about those IRC logs?
<polio> webDav?
<jive> Anything - they are completly gone right now. Along with our logo.
<polio> well, they could probably go there if anyone has a copy ... but james isn't here so next week?
<aaime> Yes, I guess we will have to wait
<aaime> So, next topic?
<jive> IRC Logs Missing is listed as a blocker (we need to refer to
them for GeoAPI)
<jive> 1) Go through Jira - please.
<cholmes> Most all the JIRA tasks are unscheduled...
<cholmes> I'm looking at rc2 right now, closing a few...
<aaime> Ah, Jody, should we look only for tasks scheduled for 2.0.x or is the idea to add a target release to
those that have none?
<jive> My main concern was that many of our bugs are fixed - and we have not told Jira about it.
<jive> I was hoping to get an "acurate" release notes for 2.0.0 (or the next 2.1 release)
<cholmes> But yeah, let's go ahead and schedule the unscheduled bugs, that will get them in line for the next
<jive> That is smart
<jive> For those following along.
<jive> I see at least five pages - everyone take a page - talk on irc when you have a question
<jive> I have page 5
<polio> jody ... you are lurking (wink)
<aaime> There are 6 pages
<jive> I will just do this one page - needed to get the ball rolling.
<cholmes> I'm taking rc2 and 2.0.0 bugs
<aaime> Regarding GEOT-69... it does not make sense anymore, isn't it?
<aaime> Since for grid coverages we don't use data stores
<jive> It is hard to schedule some of these things - some of them (like embded EPSG database) does not have a
<aaime> Regarding that issue, I'm wondering if there is really some difference between an embedded database and
your property file.
<jive> close and resolve GEOT-69
<aaime> In the end, we are not using all of the epsg tables anyway...
<jive> none just implementation
<jive> (and data duplication, and speed)
<rschulz> aaime, there is more info in the epsg database that we plan to use in the future
<rschulz> specifically info about datum transformation methods
<cholmes> If they really are unscheduled then leave them unscheduled.
<aaime> But it seems to me that there is less info in the property file than the one we will be using in future.
<aaime> Take for example the Gauss-Boaga italian system. It's not taken into consideration because the
transformation is not direct, it's a two stage transformation
<jive> I am tempted to make a 2.1.0 release target - so we can say we want this fixed in the 2.1 timeframe?
<jive> I am going to do that.
<rschulz> I am not familliar with Gauss-Boaga
<aaime> Take GEOT-21... working on this one really depends on the interest on j2d... and we should need a renderer independent map
pane, or maybe just to take the udig one...
<cholmes> Yeah, 2.1.0 sounds like a good idea
<jive> I called it 2.1.x - to agree with 2.2.x we all ready had going.
<cholmes> Anyone know if GEOT-260 is done? There was lots of talk about it...
<cholmes> oh wait, actually it may be waiting on me...
<ianT> chris haven't you done 225
<cholmes> It's waiting on 260
<jive> Geometry data store - Rob A - he made progress on this. Are we just waiting on
commit access?
<aaime> I'm seeing various issues that are marked for 2.1 M0, but I highly doubt someone will work on them unless Martin D. does...
(for example GEOT-80)
<jive> @cholmes should GEOT-241 be against 2.0.x or 2.1.x?
<cholmes> 2.1.x
<jive> Change GEOT-80 to 2.1.x then ...
<jive> Remember you can do bulk updates (smile)
<rschulz> is GEOT-81 finished (mysql geometry support)?
<aaime> No idea... I did not see any notice from the maintaner for a long time
<cholmes> Yeah, it's finished.
<jive> Quick question GEOT-273 - does World+Image even have a CRS?
<jive> Or is it always lat/long...
<jive> GEOT-75 JDBC FeatureWriter remove skips - is this not fixed?
<jive> I though part of the fid update fixed this bug...
<aaime> It is
<jive> so I can close & resolve it.
<aaime> Of course
<jive> GEOT-198 MySQL SQLEncoder - do we have a status for it?
<cholmes> Yeah, I was about to close geot-75, go for it jody.
<jive> GEOT-74 Improve Feature ID for adding features
<aaime> Well, at least the SQLEncoderMySql is there with bbox encoding code. Don't know if it works...
<jive> Andrea you did fix this for JDBC DataStore - but as I understand it everything else still has trouble?
<aaime> Well, the bbox encoding is not my, was provided by someone else... Proshun I guess
<aaime> No Debasish Sahu, sorry
<aaime> At least, AFAIK...
<cholmes> Yeah, I did GEOT-198
<cholmes> On 2.0.x
<cholmes> (rolling all my 2.0.x stuff forward is going to suck (sad) )
<jive> As a guide anything that says implement GeoAPI I am writing down as 2.2.x ... all the geometry and feature and Go-1 stuff.
<jive> DataStore issues 2.1.x
<jive> Anyone else got any rules of thumb - say for rendering?
<aaime> About GEOT-102... it still refers the docbook documentation. I guess Jody has already moved all of it to confluence, so we
can close it?
<aaime> Rending is a mighty mess
<jive> resolved and close!
<aaime> Done
<rschulz> jody, geoapi referencing and grid coverages hopefully will be in 2.1
<aaime> Seriosly, we should do something for the poor state of the rendering code...
<ianT> jody - whats the state of play on GEO-239
<aaime> But I can't do all the needed work on my own...
<jive> DbaseFileHeader bug in attribute class assignment - any word of progress? The bug
report includes a patch
<jive> I am waiting on testing
<jive> does the latest 2.0.x or 2.1.x fix the problem
<jive> If so I will perform the change everywhere.
<aaime> I can fix this one. I'm the old shapefile mantainer, and since IanS said nothing, I'll do it (smile)
<aaime> Jody, if you are ready, go for it
<jive> (w/ respect to GEOT-239
<aaime> Yes, if you want to, fix it, I don't want to take out the pleasure (wink)
<jive> Confused
<jive> I was talking about GEOT-239 Oracle SDO polygon encoding bug
<aaime> Argh... I've written 239 but really mean 267
<aaime> Ok, I will fix 267 now
<aaime> Hum... I can commit the code but I don't have a test case... waiting for a test file to close the issue
<ianT> andrea what do you want to do about GEOT-135?

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    <aaime> Not me for sure... we have plenty of other problems to solve before that one..
    <jive> Okay I have done my "Page" - off to lunch back in 20min
    <aaime> Wait wait... I'm going away me too
    <aaime> ianT, what would be a good release target for GEOT-135 in your opinion?
    <aaime> We totally lack coordination, it's pretty much impossible to make an estimate for an issue I'm not willing to solve in a
    short time... especially when the isssue is an improvement and not a bug...
    <aaime> Hello?
    <jyutzler> There isn't much of a way to respond to your last comment. :|
    <ianT> sorry - got distracted closing other stuff.
    <ianT> I'm not sure - I think Jody summed it up quite nicly, the question is how much would you like it?
    <aaime> For the moment, I'm not willing to work on it.
    <ianT> no I meant if its important to you we'll leave it there, if not I'll move it back a release
    <aaime> I have reprojection, JTS CoordinateSequences, and I also should find a way to create a MapPane for lite rendering since
    nothing seems to be happening on the j2d side
    <aaime> Oh... move it back, it's not a blocker for the moment.
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    <ianT> what needs doing on MapPane?
    <aaime> MapPane is working only for the j2d renderer, which has not seen any development in the last months.
    <aaime> Both Geoserver and udig use Lite, but I need an interactive pane to test it, just generating static images is not enough...
    <aaime> Probably the easiest thing would be to just use the udig components, but they have a completely different design than the
    ones available in geotools
    <ianT> I see
    <ianT> I only use lite as a static generator
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    <aaime> It's getting too late... I'm going away. Any last minute question?
    <aaime> None. Well, see you then. You can find me on the mailing list if you need
    <aaime> (smile)
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    <jive> Hi Guys good meeting?
    <jive> I guess I will gather the logs (smile)
    <rschulz> good bye - I need to get back to work