GeoTools : 3 What is the difference between Geometry and Geometry

  • org.geotools.renderer.geom.Geometry - used for rendering (implements Java2D shape)
  • com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry - is defined by the Java Topology Suite (JTS) and is used by geotools to define the Geometry classed provided by the OGC Simple Features for SQL specification.
  • org.opengis.spatialschema.geometry.Geometry - is in the process of being defined by GeoAPI and will be based on the GML 3 Level 0 specification. As with most things GeoAPI based geotools will transition when the interfaces are ready. This transition is the focus of Geotools 2.2.
  • org.geotools.geometry.Geometry - Base class for GeoAPI's Geometry implementations in Geotools.