This release is made in conjunction with a new user guide; available online and included as one of the above downloads.

This release features:

  • GEOT-4258 envelope returned by MemoryDataStore getBounds has no coordinate reference system set
  • added testcases for GEOT-4258
  • GEOT-4257 getBounds in MemoryDataStore throws NPE when store contains features with null geometries
  • moved getBounds tests to MemoryDataStoreBoundsTest
  • [GEOT-4264] Introduce SortBy Clause on ImageMosaicReader
  • setting debug flag for publish script
  • skipping step to remotely create main release directory
  • GEOT-4270 Made MouseDragBox constructor and methods public
  • [GEOT-4268] Build failure in gt-render LabelObstacleTest.testLineWithGraphicStroke with perceptualdiff
  • GEOT-4271 Create new arrow shape suitable for winds and currents
  • [GEOT-4262] imagemosaic incorrect handling of H2 database paths with spaces
  • GEOT-4273 updated feature tutorial to not use SimpleFeatureCollection
  • GEOT-4273 updated feature tutorial text
  • [GEOT-4275] Heatmap RT does not clip input points correctly
  • GEOT-4276 update jaitools dependency to 1.3.0
  • GEOT-4276: replaced use of static create method (not supported by jaitools 1.3) with JAI.create
  • GEOT-4278 - added flag to encode null feature attributes, patch contributed by Gerson Galang
  • Remove unused imports
  • Update IngresDialect not to use deprecated methods. (detail)
  • Give the build a chance on windows when the direct3d support is broken (like in VirtualBox)
  • Fix broken test
  • [GEOT-4279] NADCON grid shift factory does not release channels on grid files
  • [GEOT-4024] shapefile-ng build fails due to failing tests on Windows
  • Allow symbolic (string) port for Ingres connections.
  • Set autocommit_mode to multi.
  • Fix genreration of Ingres filter SQL.
  • [GEOT-4204] Intermittent JDBCJoinTest failures
  • WMS 1.3.0 Axis order GetCapabilities fix for GEOT-375
  • GEOT-4287: Anonymous types handling are broken in app-schema
  • Adapt PG raster online test
  • Use CRS.transform to handle bounding boxes correctly when served by Layer, or when added using GetMapRequest. Refactor out a common method for toServerCRS for consistent handling
  • Bringing Postgis raster documentation up to date
  • GEOT-4288: "Unsupported GML version" error when specifying swe schema in
  • [GEOT-4291] GeoTools cross module javadoc won't compile under jdk 7
  • Make profile names unique
  • Changed parameter names with blank spaces. This can cause problems when reusing them at an upper level to call processes (for instance, when using them as an argument name)
  • Reorganized geometry process.
  • Reorganized feature process.
  • Moved VectorToRaster process to vector category.
  • Reorganized feature process.
  • Moved barnes and heatmap processes to vector module.
  • eliminating condition that changes the lastFactory reference within a single call
  • added reset() method to reinitialize the ProcessFactory service registry
  • Some refactorying to make raster and vector process factories extensible.

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