GeoTools : API Module

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Jody Garnett


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Recent Development

For the 2.2.x branch the API was created to isolate geotools interfaces from implementation.

For the 2.3.x branch some modification was made to support the use of Expressions against more then just features.

Module Status

Here is what the module can tell you right now about GeoTools:

  • the API here is pretty good, based on a specification and so on
  • for work like Filter or Styling you will see a migration plan to stable geoapi interfaces
  • for work like DataStore it represents an API we are happy with

And here is what you will not see:

  • Any "FactoryFinder" or any geotools "glue" code that covers for lack of consistency
  • Code that patches the API usability - such as DataUtilities

Specifications Covered