GeoTools : Add a dispose method to DataStore API


Add a close method to DataStore API


Andrea Aime




The DataStore API is missing a dispose() method that would allow the various datastores holding some kind of resource reference to release it. Notable examples are:

  • ArcSDE and JDBC datastores, that hold onto a connection pool
  • caching datastore wrappers, that hold onto a in memory or disk based cache


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Andrea Aime

API changed based on BEFORE / AFTER


Andrea Aime

Provide an emtpy stub in datastore base classes so that most implementations aren't influenced by the change


Andrea Aime

Update JDBC data stores so that they close their connection pool


Saul Farber

Update ArcSDE data store so that it closes its own connection pool





Andrea Aime

Forward port above changes


Saul Farber

Forward port ArcSDE changes


Andrea Aime

Update demos/example and user guide

API Changes


Before datastore users could only release the connection and hope the datastore would clean up after itself somehow (usually letting the garbage collector tear down whatever resource was held into memory):

   DataStore myDataStore = ...;
   // use datastore
   myDataStore = null;
   System.gc(); System.gc(); System.gc(); // clean up pretty please!!!


The proposed change is:

public interface DataStore {
   * Releases all resources eventually held by this DataStore. The DataStore and all objects
   * generated out of it are not supposed to be working anymore after this method is called. 
   * This call provides no thread safety guarantees, making sure nothing else goes on while
   * closing the datastore is a responsibility of the client code.
   * Subsequent calls to this method will be treated as no-ops.
  public void dispose();

Sample use:

   DataStore myDataStore = null;
   try {
      myDataStore = ...;
      // use data store
   } finally {
     if(myDataStore != null) 

Documentation Changes

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User Guide:

  • Update examples to reflect changes to the DataStore API

User Manual:

  • Update examples to reflect changes to the DataStore API

Issue Tracker:

  • check related issues to see of problems are affected