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Aggregating DataStore

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Stefan Hansen


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A data store that aggregates the responses of other, cascaded WFSs in
one response.

The datastore uses the WFS-datastore to communicate with the cascaded
WFS (therefore, it is restricted to WFS 1.0). From the WFS-datastores
it retrieves responses to a request and aggregates them into one
response, which is then passed on.

So far the aggregation part of the datastore is rather limited. Apart
from making sure the features match the common schema (ie. removing
attributes that are not part of the schema and mapping the
FeatureTypeName if necessary), they are passed on without being

The FeatureTypes provided by the datastore are defined in a
config-file as well as the configuration of the cascaded WFS. The
configuration of the WFS contains at the moment the URL to the WFS,
the supported FeatureTypes and the mapping of the FeatureTypeNames
(This is for example necessary, if other Geoservers are cascaded).

The Aggregating DataStore is supposed to be used within Geoserver
1.6. Hence, it has been implmented as a GeoTools 2.4.x module.

Recent Development

The next step is to test the datastore in real life.

Module Status

The project is still in an early stage. Most of the required
functionality has been implemented, but so far we haven't had the
opportunity to do run too many tests.