GeoTools : Allow build with Maven 2 or Maven 3


Cliff Broadbent






We increasingly have trouble with people downloading Maven 3 (as it is the latest and has been out a while) and failing to build GeoTools. Maven 3 is also built into the latest round of IDEs (NetBeans and Eclipse) and cannot be avoided much longer.

Finally Maven 3 is supposed to be faster allowing the build box to consume less resources.

I propose that the build script be updated to support both Maven 2 and 3.


Voting has started, the activity has been scheduled after the change to Java 6:



no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. (tick) AA - Write patch to allow build using Maven 2 and 3 and submit via Jira;
    • (tick) CB: Review patch
    • (tick) BD: Review and update patch
    • (tick) JG: Applied patch to trunk - see GEOT-3615
  2. (tick) Update the developers guide:
  3. (tick) Update the User Guide
    • Quickstart maven instructions
  4. JD: Update the build box environment to make Maven 3 targets possible (optional as works with 2 and 3)
    • Install maven 3 on the build box, update the trunk build targets to use Maven 3 environment
    • Apply the patch when ready
  5. JG: Release 8.0-M1 to test "How to cut a release" still works with Maven 3
    • How to cut a Release