GeoTools : Annual Report 2011

Key Accomplishments


  • XX Stable Releases of GeoTools 2.7
  • XX Development Releases of GeoTools 8.


  • Renamed 2.8.x branch (current trunk) to 8.x
  • GeoTools 8 now requires Java 6

Lots of great new features:

  • Support for building GeoTools with Maven 3
  • Support for encoding GML 3.2.1
  • app-schema performance, memory, and correctness improvements
  • Partial app-schema support for WMS


  • A great showing at FOSS4G with ...


  • A large effort on improving documentation and introductory tutorials - thanks Michael and Jody

Areas for Improvement

  • We continue to do poorly in involving "downstream" projects dependent on GeoTools.

Opportunities to Help

The GeoTools community would like to thank contributors that provided parches, our users for their feedback and the companies providing sponsorship to fix bugs and add new features. Thanks to our development team for making this a great year. If you would like to join any of the above activities stop by our email list - you are welcome to take part.

A few specific call outs:

  • Does your project use GeoTools? Please get involved, we would like to get your voice involved in the future direction of the library.
  • As always patches make open source great, please contribute in code!

Outlook for 2012

GeoTools is shaping up for an excellent year in 2012, you can get a sneak peak by viewing the change proposals already underway.

  • The long awaited GeoTools 8 release with full docs will be released