GeoTools : Branch

Branches are something we break out for serious RnD development that effects the whole library. While creating a branch is hard work and merging it in after more then two weeks even harder.

If at all possible avoid creating a branch, working within the module system offers a more collaborative experience that is easier on everyone.

github branches

We also have developers using github as an alternative to an svn branch.

WFS2 / ResourceID / GeoGIT work:

CouchDB work:

Company specific staging area:


If you are checking out any of the above branches please be advised to pay attention to your .gitconfig file (in order to prevent encoding difficulties).

Here is an example of a test failure caused by an encoding difficulty (where "°" is expected rather than "<A1>"):

testestDirection(org.geotools.referencing.CRSTest) Time elapsed: 0.026 sec <<< ERROR! org.opengis.referencing.FactoryException: Unknow axis direction: "South along 10<A1>W".

The fix it to remove "core.autocrlf input" from your .gitconfig and redo your clone from scratch. Asking git to do any kind of line processing results in it tripping up over file encoding. Removing this setting asks it to just blindly copy the bytes into a file - this will mean windows users will need to edit from within Eclipse or some other editor like Notepad++ that can handle linefeeds.

You can check your configuration with:

git config -l