GeoTools : Coverage Branch

Simboss has been workingon the coverage branch for a great deal of time now ... and the rest of us would love to play? Why you ask? The current grid coverage support for world images fails one time out of six for no apparent reason? Apparently this and many other things have been improved...

Branch From 2.4

The branch is available here:

This branch is defining additional coverage plugins, often hand in hand with the imageio-ext project.

Branch From 2.3 (Completed)

Branch From

The coverage branch is periodically aligned with the trunk of GeoTools (2.3.x). Our work has been focused on packages and plugins where usually nobody else works, with the exception of the streaming renderer and the coverage package. It should therefore be quite straightforward to merge back onto trunkĀ  since conflicts should be very few and in very limited areas.


The GridCoverage branch is now completed, we are still waiting the formal release of 2.3.0 to make this work avaialble to the public.