GeoTools : Coverage Module Redux

Module Maintainer:

Simone Giannecchini



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Recent Development

For the 2.2.x branch the coverage module has:

  • fixed some show stopping reprojection bugs
  • fixed some performance issues (used to burn memory, now it slightly singes it)

Module Status

The coverage module is incomplete but may be used for light work. You are warned however.

The coverage api is proceeding on a branch and may be progress is visiable based on the geoserver WCS branch. The uDig project is limping along based on what is in 2.2.x right now, but the result is only of limited utility, and they are exploring working with the OSSIM project.

The OSSIM project has binding as is interested in hooking in behind the new coverage API, giving everyone the best of both worlds (pure java, JAI, and straight C++ bindings).

If you have a chance to volunteer check out the coverage branch, I am sure simboss would love feedback from early adopters.

Outstanding Issues

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