GeoTools : Data libraries

This section (inputs welcome!) intends to provide data(symbols, raster, ..) to simplify the development and build a community.

Geotools basic Symbol libraries

Different Symbol defined as fonts

You can find misc font files to download :

NRCS Symbol Palette described as True Type Fonts

You can use fonts for describing a symbol. Below you can find some font files for this purpose... Put them in your c:/windows/fonts directory, and you can use them directly by the ascii code.

Help needed to convert some of these symbols into svg, png or gif images which could be used in SLD files too instead of fonts or ,better, to build button images in the GUI.

The NRCS Symbol Palettes include line and marker symbols for Soil and Natural Resource mapping including the specific symbols for the SSURGO data. There are three separate Palettes, NRCS Planning, NRCS SSURGO and NRCS Adhoc. This converts the symbols from the original NRCS Symbol Extension that was developed for ArcView 3.x to the ArcGIS environment. All line and marker symbols can be customized (size and color) as the user needs.

NRCS Planning

The font file : NRCS Planning
The file content description : NRCS Planning word documentation


The font file : NRCS SSURGO
The file content description : NRCS SSURGO word documentation


The font file : NRCS ADHOC
The file content description : NRCS ADHOC word documentation


nrcsplanning.ttf (application/octet-stream)
nrcssurgo.ttf (application/octet-stream)
Nrcs-adhoc.ttf (application/octet-stream)
PlanningSymbols.doc (application/msword)
SUrgoSymbols.doc (application/msword)
adhocSymbols.doc (application/msword)
geog.ttf (application/octet-stream)