GeoTools : Extended Release Schedule


Change to the release schedule:

  • Drop back to releasing every other month
  • extend the release schedule with a 6 month maintenance phase

This results in two release branches (stable and maintenance), we will still release every month - alternating between these two branches as appropriate. GeoTools updates will be less frequent, and will be available longer.

DateGeoTools 12GeoTools 11GeoTools 10
Jan 2014 11-beta10.4
Feb 2014(master)11-rc110.5
Mar 2014 11-rc2
Apr 2014  10.6
May 2014 


Jun 2014  


Jul 201412-beta11.2 
Aug 201412-rc1 10.8
Sep 201412-rc2
Oct 2014 11.3 
Nov 201412.1  
Dec 2014 11.4 
Jan 201512.2  
Feb 2015 11.5 
Mar 2015   
Apr 201512.3  


There is a google doc with alternate scheduled that were considered. The above schedule was the easiest to understand.



  1. Update developers guide release procedure
  2. Update release schedule
  3. Check if any changes are needed for release script
  4. Blog post explaining what is going on