GeoTools : Feature Model Letter of Support

To: SEEGrid Community
c/o Rob Atkinson of Social Change Australia

This is a letter of support for the work of Gabriel Roldán with respect to complex content. We would like to thank you for sponsorship of this necessary, but challenging, work. We are pleased with the resulting proposal and the the technical and collaborative opportunities it opens up for us.

Gabriel has submitted a proposal for the core GeoTools Feature APIs that agrees with your project goals and, happily, provide a way forward for a number of enhancements that have been desired by other developers.

As part of the review process this proposal has been reviewed though an open IRC meeting of interested parties, and by Jody Garnett of Refractions Research and Brent Owens of The Open Planning Project. Furthermore the proposal is being shared with a sister project, GeoAPI, for wider adoption.

The proposal, as you well know, has produced a healthy split between data, type and validation concerns. We have also taken the opportunity to fix several lapses in our previous efforts. These decisions have resulted in several key benefits:

  • a feature model capable of supporting complex content
  • support for "simple" with a reduced API
  • query languages, such as XPath, implementable based strictly of the provided type information

We do have open design discussions with respect to Associations and Restrictions. We are confident that these final details can be settled in due course.

Concerning collaboration with GeoAPI: GeoAPI adoption process takes longer then is typical for an Open Source project, its interfaces does go through a formal review with respect to OGC specifications. The benefit being wider adoption throughout the world, and feedback from OGC members. The GeoTools PMC is taking this opportunity to work with GeoAPI. This collaboration should in no way effect the time line of GeoTools development (we are happy to make milestone releases from the GeoAPI pending directory).

For more information:

Thank you again, we all look forward to this work being completed,

The GeoTools Project Management Committee


Some corrections/suggestions:

" several lapses in our previous efforts " => "several lapses in previous efforts"
" support for "simple" " => ?? simple features? what is "simple"
"based strictly of the provided" => "based strictly off(??) the provided"
" longer then is" => "longer than is"
" its interfaces does go through " => " its interfaces go through "

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