GeoTools : GIS J2EE Framework using Geotools

Actually i'm developing a GIS J2EE Framwork using geotools, but not only works with J2EE technology, but also can be used with a desktop application.

In may plans also there is a server for maps, sucha s ArcGIS. I developed the engine for map, layers, legends, and map overview and of course the most frecuently tools used in GIS, such as identify, select by geometries, bufefrings and others.  The final goal is to develope a map server, that uses the Framework and all this combine it with Spatial OLAP, so that this could be a very very useful solution. for business process.

My name is Miguel Angel Vega Pabon, i'm student of the Computer science college in La Paz Bolivia (UMSA Universidad Mayor de San Andres). but now i'm developing this frameqork for a GIS consulting company. Dacorp is a company with a lot of knowldege and capabilities to build GIS, and other kind of computer systems, now estabilished in La Paz Bolivia.

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Hi Miquel:

Currently GeoTools is used in the GeoServer J2EE application; over the last year this application has moved to the use of Spring in combination with our GeoTools adaptive parsing technology. These two together form a J2EE framework. We also have the uDig application holding down the client side making used of GeoTools in an Eclipse RCP setting.

Posted by jive at Jan 08, 2007 11:34