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GeoAPI Temporal Implementation

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Alessio Fabiani



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Temporal Schema ISO 19108


  • Needs basis to define temporal feature attributes, feature operations, feature associations and temporal aspects of geographical metadata.
  • Anticipates the future Date / Time APIs, which will be based on Joda-Time and hopefully included in the Jdk 7.
  • Many Java Server Faces components need to be generalized with the ISO 19108 standard. For example the TimeLine component.


  • Full implementation of the ISO 19108 Temporal Schema. 

Recent Development

The main classes of ISO 19108 have been implemented. Please see the attached UML schema.

there are two main packages :

  • time.object : represents the package Temporal Objects, it defines temporal geometric and topological objects that shall be used as values for the temporal characteristics of features and data sets.
    The temporal position of an object shall be specified in relation to a temporal reference system.
  • time.reference : this package provides elements for describing temporal reference systems.

Future Development

  • The Temporal topological objects and Temporal aspects of geographic information are not implemented yet.
  • Some methods for manipulating time objects need to be implemented. 

IP Review

IP review is underway - known issue:

Module Status

At this time several tests are running on this module for a better stability.

UML Schema


time-ref.png (image/png)
time-object.png (image/png)