GeoTools : GeoRest module

The GeoRest module is a plug-in for GeoTools to read a GeoJson based rest service. This is done by defining a new DataStore: GeoJsonDataStore. The actual service definition for this GeoJsonDataStore is defined by the Geomajas GeoJson plug-in, FeatureServer or MapFish server.

The idea behind this module started at FOSS4G 2010, where people from GeoTools and Geomajas sat together during the Code Sprint. Currently the first version is being created which will be a read-only DataStore - thus implementing the FeatureSource, not FeatureStore interface.

Technical aspects

This module provides the necessary interface implementations to support the GeoJson format through a GeoRest service. This part defines:

  • DataStore : class GeoRestDatastore
  • FeatureReader : class GeoRestFeatureReader
  • DataStoreFactory : class GeoRestDataStoreFactory
  • FeatureSource: class GeoRestFeatureSource
  • FilterVisitor: class GeoRestFilterVisitor - parses filters to URL properties.

The package used for all these classes is:

Current Status

Currently this module has not yet been committed.

Module Roadmap

These are the following steps to be taken for this module:

  1. Commit the first read-only version.
  2. Provide documentation.
  3. Provide tests for this first version.
  4. Move on to CRUD operations (second version)
  5. Provide more documentation and test for this second version.