GeoTools : GeoTools Contributor Status

The following people have indicated via email if they will (tick) sign, or (error) cannot sign (or were late), (warning) need more information or are waiting for permission:

If two ids are given the second one refers to the osgeo user id.


(error) Arbonaut

  • (error) Vitali Datchkov (vitalus)

(tick) Axios: cre of Miguel Angel

  • (tick) Mauricio Pazo (mauricio.pazo)

(tick) CSIRO:

  • (tick) Rob Atkinson (robatkinson), work formally done at Social Change Online was written for the public domain
  • (tick) Ben Caradoc Davies (bencaradocdavies)

(tick) Geomatys

  • (tick) Martin Desruisseaux (desruisseaux)
  • (tick) Adrian Custer (acuster)
  • (tick) Cedric Briançon (cedricbr)
  • (tick) Johann Sorel (johann.sorel)

(tick) Geosolutions care of Simone?

  • (tick) Simone Giannecchini (simboss)
  • (tick) Alessio Fabiani (afabiani)
  • (tick) Daniele Romagnoli (danieler)

(error) Google

  • (error) James Macgill (jmacgill) - work previously done not covered
  • (error) Mark Risney (mrisney) - work previously done at Oracle not covered

(warning) IBM - generally contributes to open source but retrains copywrite

  • (warning) David Adler (dadler) - IBM owns (c) has forwarded document to legal department

(tick) Institut für Technologie in den Tropen

  • (tick) Jackson Roehrig (jroehrig) - reportedly away travelling
  • (tick) Sanjay Jena (sanjayjena) - needs to contact Dr. Jackson above, assumes it is okay

(warning) IVU Traffic Technologies AG - pending review?

  • (warning) Tim Englich (tim.englich) - will need to wait for his chief to approve

Leica Geosystems:

  • (warning) Jeff Yutzler (jyutzler) for work done while at Ionic - needs more time as Ionic has been purchased by Leica Geosystems

(tick) Lisasoft: signed by Cameron Shorter

  • (tick) Jody Garnett (jgarnett|jive)
  • (error) Stefan Hansen (shansen) - will check with Cameron.
  • (tick) Mark Leslie (mleslie)
  • (tick) Cameron Shorter (camerons)

(warning) MassGIS: Saul has asked for some more time for his employer to review

  • (tick) Saul Farber (saul.farber)

(tick) Open Planning Project care of Chris Holmes

  • (tick) Andrea Aaime (aaime)
  • (tick) Chris Holmes (cholmes)
  • (tick) Gabriel Roldan (groldan)
  • (tick) Justin Deolivera (jdeolive)

(tick) Penn State: care of Ian Turton

  • (error) Garry Shepard (shepshep), covered as part of Penn State?
  • (tick) Ian Turton (ianturton)
  • (tick) Jamison Conley (jfc173)

(tick) Refractions Research care of Jeff Lounsbury

  • (tick) Amr Alam (aalam)
  • (tick) Graham Davis (gdavis)

(tick) Camptocamp care of Jesse Eichar

  • (tick) Jesse Eichar

(error) US Forest Service - cannot legally sign all work belongs in the public domain

  • (warning) Bryce Nordgren (bnordgren) - see above, acuster was going to talk to him?

Members at Large:

  • (error) ckl - email address needed
  • (error) seangeo - email address needed
  • (error) jjray - email address needed
  • (error) dledmonds - email address needed
  • (error) Ian Schneider (ianschneider) - email address failed
  • (tick) Richard Gould (rgould), previous work covered by Refractions
  • (tick) Brent Owens (bowens), previous work covered by Refractions / Open Planning Project
  • (error) David Zwiers (dzwiers), previous work covered by Refractions. "As previously stated I have no intention of granting copyright; this should be a non-issue as the code/contributions are currently licensed as LGPL."
  • (tick) Paul Ramsey (pramsey), previous work covered by Refractions
  • (error) Debasish Sahu (debasishs) - email address failed
  • (error) jakefear - email address needed
  • (error) knutejoh - email address needed
  • (error) crotwell - email address needed
  • (error) tnolli - email address needed
  • (error) jmeagher - email address needed
  • (error) proshun - email address needed
  • (tick) Pati Tozer (ptozer), previous work covered by Refractions
  • (error) lpercich - email address needed
  • (error) prizzi - email address needed
  • (tick) Cory Horner (chorner), previous work covered by Refractions Research
  • (error) gaoang - email address needed
  • (error) Dap - email contact needed
  • (error) vmpazos - email contact needed
  • (error) eauvinet - email contact needed
  • (error) lilirui26 - email contact needed
  • (error) chrisr - email contact needed
  • (tick) Jan Jezek (jezekjan)
  • (tick) Hans Haggstrom (zzorn)
  • (error) czerwonka - email contact needed
  • (tick) Bolla Péter (buci)
  • Christian Mueller (christian.mueller)
  • (error) dblasby - cannot sign for himself, expects to be covered by Open Planning Project


From Source Forge: bulk email sent out ...

  • (error) Alexandre Djioev (adjioev) - SF email bounced
  • Andrew Hallam (ahallam)
  • (error) Alistair Walder (alistair) - SF email bounced
  • (error) Andy Turner (andyt) - SF email bounced
  • (error) Michael Becke (becke)
  • (error) Cruisecontrol User (ccuser) - all take and no give
  • (error) Christiaan ten Klooster (ctenklooster)
  • (error) Erik Engstrom (eman) - SF email address failed as spam (from erik.engstrom at
  • (error) John Fereira (fereira)
  • (error) Jeff Turner (jeff_turner)
  • (error) Juliet L (jluiz) - SF email address failed with (error from jluiz at
  • (error) Karen Eliot (karen_eliot)
  • (error) Artur Hefczyc (kobit)
  • (error) M Faulise (lefty2shoes)
  • (tick) Liu Zehua (liuzh)
  • (error) Linda Oxnard (loxnard)
  • (error) Nigel Davis (ndavis)
  • (error) Nathan G. Freier (nfreier)
  • (error) Oliver Duke-Williams (oliverdw)
  • (error) Ray Gallagher (omyar)
  • (error) Peter Paul Catalasan (pcatalasan)
  • (error) Steven Citron-Pousty (poobear) - SF email bounced
  • (error) Rob Hranac (robhranac) - covered by Open Planning Project
  • (error) Frank Warmerdam (warmerda) - cannot remember what he did; records show ant build.xml files
  • (error) William Stockhausen (wtstockhausen)
  • (error) Roh Gyeong-Min (zensource) - email appears to have bounced; trail ends with spam bot hating me