GeoTools : Geotools basic Symbol libraries

This section is an attempt to build a basic library used as reference by the geotools community ; inputs still needed!!!

The procedure we could follow is the following :
1) define the categories we want to use

  • Towns
    • roads
    • buidings
  • Water
    • rivers
    • lake
  • Lanscape
  • Military

2) Define for each category the symbols we want
-> buildings : church, hospital, ...

3) for each symbol define :

  • the graphical symbol used with a picture
  • the name
  • the ressource where we can find it (for instance a font file, an image, ...)
  • a gif, png image to be used into GUI

4) provide for each symbol the SLD file which could be used

5) provide a .zip with all these data

6) provide a tool if possible to help creating new symbols