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Many of the decisions regarding future directions are discussed and decided during a weekly IRC session.

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Blog: IRC Logs - October 18th (GeoTools)
... IRC Logs are now posted. Migrated to Confluence 4.0
Oct 18, 2004 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs - November 28th (GeoTools)
... November 28th IRC logs are available. Agenda: 1) CRS progress 2) Metadata unprogress 3) ...
Jul 12, 2006 - Blog
Blog: Nov 1st IRC log online (GeoTools)
... Logs available Migrated to Confluence 4.0
Nov 08, 2004 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs November 12 (GeoTools)
... aaime aaime: pong? aaime: logger? Martin is working on that aaime: he moved the Logging class into another package Eclesia: org.geotools.util.logging.Logging.getLogger(JMap2DInfoBar.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); aaime: right right aaime: I did not notice ...
Nov 12, 2007 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs 17 January 2005 (GeoTools)
... Topics covered in IRC Logs for Jan 17 Non complient servers treat as broken, or be forgiving? 2.1 ...
Jan 27, 2005 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs - September 5th (GeoTools)
... jgarnett MattiasB, cholmes ? Anything else our should we gather up the logs? cholmes I'm done. Informal Chat MatthiasB Hi all, maybe some ...
Sep 05, 2005 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs, September 8th (GeoTools)
... thought it was produced with a tool. jgarnett okay I can post the very short logs; thanks everyone. Migrated to Confluence 4.0
Sep 08, 2008 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs Breakout on Iccubation (GeoTools)
... one already set, but I find it quicker to do it by hand) jgarnett: anyone logging this meeting? seven: Hrmpf. Are you not logged yet? groldan: acuster: yes, sorry. I've set M2REPO acuster: our ...
Oct 15, 2007 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs - June 20th Open Source Geospatial 05 (GeoTools)
... I need to update docs. jgarnett So should we post this as the IRC log jgarnett So should we post this as the IRC log? jmacgill don't see why not jgarnett Your connection has been up ...
Jun 20, 2005 - Blog
Blog: IRC Logs Oct 27th (GeoTools)
... community I can scare up jgarnett I may be reduced to reading logs. jgarnett in anycase we do not need to decide this week; and next week I ...
Oct 27, 2008 - Blog



IRC Logs exist on the old website prior to this date - see Websites for more information.