New methods are based on calculation of regular 'control'  grid of shifts that is calculated form irregular pairs of positions. The grid then defines WarpGridTransform that encapsulates JAI's WarpGrid.

Here you can see the results of interpolation of controlling grid with these algorithms (images shows calculated shifts in x and y direction from 15 pairs of positions that were randomly generated, but are same for all three examples): 

  • Inverse distance weighted interpolation

IDW interpolation - shifts in x

IDW interpolation - shifts in y

  • Thin plate spline interpolation

TPS interpolation - shifts in x

TPS interpolation - shifts in y

  • Rubber Sheeting (Triangulation + affine transformation)

Rubber Sheeting interpolation - shifts in x

Rubber Sheeting interpolation - shifts in y


idwdx.tif (image/tiff)
idwdx.tif (image/tiff)
idwdx.png (image/png)
idwdy.png (image/png)
tpsdx.tif (image/tiff)
tpsdx.png (image/png)
tpsdy.tif (image/tiff)
tpsdy.png (image/png)
rubberdx.png (image/png)
rubberdy.png (image/png)