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Page: 0 Where do I find the Source Code
The answer depends on which source code you are after. The Downloads page contains links to: Stable Release - strongly recommended Development Release - should not be considered stable Nightly Builds - latest and greatest Now the strange things about rele
Page: 1 General
Questions about the GeoTools project as a whole
Page: 1 November 1st
Conversation with #geotools at 2004-11-01 12:22:20 on (irc) (12:22:20) : The topic for #geotools is: (12:24:43) cholmes 1 November 1st entered the room. (12:30:35) jmacgill: hi all (12:30:49) polio: heya (12:30:58)
Page: 1 What is GeoTools 2
The following is taken from the first section of the GeoTools2 project overview: 'Geotools 2 is an open source, java GIS toolkit for developing OpenGIS-compliant solutions. It has a modular architecture which allows extra functionality to be added or remo
Page: 1 Where can I get more details on how to build GeoTools
Your best reference for this, and many other questions, is the developers' guide. Specifically, you will want to read the 2.5 Using Maven page.
Page: 10.x
RnD and Proposals completed for the 10.x branch:
Page: 11.x
RnD and Proposals completed for the 11.x branch:
Page: 12.x
RnD and Proposals completed for the 12.x branch:
Page: 13.x
RnD and Proposals completed for the 13.x branch:
Page: 2 Build
Questions about common problems when trying to build GeoTools from source
Page: 2 December 13 2004
polio heya cholmes woo hoo! I made it on, downloading mozilla to an internet cafe computer cholmes also note that when I use a : I mean a question mark, since my computer key board is screwy jgarnett jgarnett Hi Chris - did you get my plea for metadata he
Page: 2 November 8th
(11:42:53) jmacgill: we havent started yet... I think some people are still thrown by the time shift (11:43:07) jmacgill: anyone else from refractions about? (11:43:26) polio: jesse ... he's home sick (so will probably show around 12:30) (11:43:59) polio:
Page: 2 What is Maven and why do you use it
"Maven is a Java project management and project comprehension tool" (from the maven homepage). Maven is a build tool. In many ways it is like the well-known tool ANT, only even more powerful. (Maven uses ANT, so you can still do everything that you can do
Page: 2 What is the difference between FeatureSource, FeatureStore and FeatureLocking
FeatureSource is a set of "high-level" operations for read access. These operations are built on top of FeatureReader by default, although many implementations make use of optimizations (allowing PostgisFeatureSource, DB2FeatureSource and other RDMBS feat
Page: 2 What is the OGC
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is "an international industry consortium of more than 220 companies, government agencies and universities participating in a consensus process to develop publicly available geoprocessing
Page: 2.0 Downloads
Page: 2.0-B1
This release was created on September 22, 2003 : Readme http://prdownloads.sourceforg
Page: 2.0-B2
This release was created on March 8th, 2004 : Readme http://prdownloa
Page: 2.0-B3
This release was created on March 3rd, 2004 : Readme http://prdownl
Page: 2.0-B3 - 2.0-B4 API Changes
h4 DataStoreFactorySpi interface (added 1) public boolean isAvaliable() Some DataStores may be installed but not functional due to missing required support jars. A classic example is the oracle datastore which requires support jars to be obtained directly
Page: 2.0-B4
This release was created on April 22, 2004 : Readme http://prdownlo
Page: 2.0-B5
This release was created on May 16th, 2004 : Readme http://prdownlo
Page: 2.0-RC0
This release was created on July 2nd, 2004 : Readme http://prdow
Page: 2.0-RC1
This release was created on August 8, 2004 : Readme http://prdow
Page: 2.0.0
This release was created on January 6th, 2005 : Readme http://prdownlo
Page: 2.0.0-Pre
These are test archives containing potential releases. They are for final sanity checks by developers to make sure nothing stupid has been done in the release creation process. 2.0.0-Sanity Check 8 2.0.0-Sanity Check 9 2.0.0-Release Candidate 3 2.0.0-Rele
Page: 2.0.x
The 2.0.x series of Geotools represents a major restructuring and improvement over the 1.0 series of Geotools. Resources Downloads Avaiable 2.0 Downloads: 2.0 Downloads This series has now been retired, with the last stable release from this branch being
Page: 2.1 Downloads
Page: 2.1-M0
This release was created on Septemeber 13th, 2004 : Readme http://
Page: 2.1-M1
This release was created on October 12th, 2004 : Readme http://prdo
Page: 2.1-M2
Geotools 2.1.M2 was created on Jan 18th day, 2005 : Readme http://p
Page: 2.1-M3
This release was created on February 21, 2005 : Readme http://prdow
Page: 2.1-M4
This release was created on April 28th, 2005 : Readme http://prdown
Page: 2.1-M5
This release was created on May 21st, 2005 : Readme http://prdownl
Page: 2.1-RC0
This release was created on June 6th, 2005 : Readme http://prdow
Page: 2.1-RC1
This release was created on 15 June 2005 : Readme http://prdownl
Page: 2.1.0
Press Release This release was created on 17 July, 2005 : Readme h
Page: 2.1.1
Press Release This release was created on 26 January, 2006 Readme http
Page: 2.1.x
The GeoTools 2.1.x release is a stable branch no longer under active development. Resources Downloads Avaiable 2.1 Downloads: 2.1 Downloads Since this release is passing out of active maintence (you can always volunteer if you need a patch) we can only re
Page: 2.2 Downloads
Page: 2.2-M0
This release was created on August 1st, 2005 : Readme http://pr
Page: 2.2-M1
This release was created on November 2, 2005 : Readme http://prdown
Page: 2.2-M2
This release was created on November 16, 2005 : Readme geotools-src-2.2.M2.zi
Page: 2.2-RC0
This release was created on January 25, 2006 : Readme geotools-javadoc-2.2-
Page: 2.2-RC2
This release was created on 6 April 2005 : Readme geotools-javadoc-2.2.RC2.
Page: 2.2-RC3
This release was created on 29 May 2006 : Readme http://prdownloa
Page: 2.2.0
This release was created on August 14, 2005 : Readme http://p
Page: 2.2.1
This release was created on 12th October, 2006: Readme http://prdownl
Page: 2.2.2
This release was created on December 6, 2006. A new bugfix release for the 2.2 series. Bug fixes are really all over the place, rendering, Oracle, shapefiles and so on. You can find more informations here Readme
Page: 2.2.x
GeoTools version 2.2.x is the current stable release of the library. Resources Downloads Avaiable 2.2 Downloads: 2.2 Downloads GeoTools 2.2 At a Glance Who should be using 2.2? Most developers should be using 2.2.x. The only exception to this are people w
Page: 2.3 Downloads
Page: 2.3.0
This release was created on December 1st, 2006 : Readme http://prdownlo
Page: 2.3.0-M0
This release was created on September 27th, 2006 : Readme
Page: 2.3.0-M1
This release was made, it exists in the maven repository, but the binaries were never uploaded to the sourceforge mirror system. The newer 2.3.0 release is available.
Page: 2.3.0-RC0
This release was made, it exists in the maven repository, but the binaries were never uploaded to the sourceforge mirror system. The newer 2.3.0 release is available.
Page: 2.3.1
This release was created on April 12, 2007 : Readme http://dow
Page: 2.3.2
This release was created on June 5, 2007: Readme
Page: 2.3.3
created on August 2, 2007 This release was created on August 2, 2007: Readme gt2-src-2.3.3
Page: 2.3.5
created on October 30, 2007 This release was created on October 30, 2007: Readme
Page: 2.3.x
The GeoTools 2.3.x is stable , new releases will be made from this branch as required for bug fixes and additional format support. This release is being championed by the GeoServer project (thanks guys) and will see several long standing RnD concerns solv
Page: 2.4 Downloads
Page: 2.4-M0
This release was created on March 2nd, 2007 : Release Notes http://jira.codeh
Page: 2.4-M1
This release was created on March 30, 2007 : Readme http://downloads.sourceforg
Page: 2.4-M2
This release was created on April 30, 2006 : Readme http://downloads.sourceforg
Page: 2.4-M3
This release was created on May 31st, 2007 : README http://downloads.sourceforg
Page: 2.4-M4
The monthly release for June 2007, Geotools 2.4-M4 was released on June 28th 2007 . README gt2-2.4
Page: 2.4-RC0
This release was created on August 20, 2007: Readme http://downloads.source
Page: 2.4.0
created on February 11, 2008 This release was created on February 11, 2008: Readme htt
Page: 2.4.1
This release was created on February 29, 2008 : Readme
Page: 2.4.2
This release was created on April 8, 2008 : Readme gt2-2.4.2-bin-zip gt2-2.4.2-src-zip
Page: 2.4.4
This release was created on May 23, 2008 as a critical bug fix release after 2.4.3, that was removed from the downloads: Readme
Page: 2.4.5
This release was created on September 4th, 2008 : This release was created on Sept 4, 2008 as a bug fix release after 2.4.4. Readme http://downloads.sourc
Page: 2.4.x
GeoTools 2.4.x is currently under active development on trunk; and should be considered unstable. The GeoTools 2.4.x branch is focused on: Quaility Assurance – particularly for datastores Consistency – focus on consistent use of Factories The real goal he
Page: 2.5 Downloads
Page: 2.5-M0
This release was on September 4th, 2007: Readme http://downloads.sourceforge.n
Page: 2.5-M2
This release was created on May 8, 2008 : Readme http://downloa
Page: 2.5-M3
This release was created on August 4th, 2008: README http://dow
Page: 2.5-RC0
This release was created on August 22, 2008 : Readme htt
Page: 2.5.0
This release was created on 10 06, 2008 : Readme http://downloads.sou
Page: 2.5.1
This release was created on 11 03, 2008 : Readme
Page: 2.5.2
GeoTools 2.5.2 was created on 12 08, 2008 : Jira Version: 14662 SourceForge Version: 646036 Readme
Page: 2.5.3
GeoTools 2.5.3 was created on Jan 26, 2009 : Jira Version: 14778 SourceForge Version: 657448 Readme geot
Page: 2.5.4
GeoTools 2.5.4 was created on Feb 13, 2009 : Jira Version: 14940 SourceForge Version: 667911 Readme geot
Page: 2.5.5
GeoTools 2.5.5 was created on May 2, 2009 . This release contains some various bug fixes and improvements including: Improved support for sparse shapefile JDBC-NG improvements Support for case insensitive like comparisons WMS client timeouts New filter fu
Page: 2.5.7
GeoTools 2.5.7 was created on August 12, 2009 : This version has seen numerous bug fixes and improvements, including: ArcSDE improvements including version support, non-spatial tables and better performance. Fixes to filter condition evaluation. General s
Page: 2.5.8
GeoTools 2.5.8 was created on October 14, 2009 : This release includes a number of improvements and fixes, including: Fixes to the Geodetic Calculator  More robust shapefile locking Numerous improvements to image mosaic stability Jira Version: 15543 geoto
Page: 2.5.x
GeoTools 2.5.x is focused on switching to new feature model ; we have a list of QA tasks to confirm the work is complete - but our scope has been met for this release. Change proposals completed for the 2.5.x branch: Available 2.5 Downloads: 2.5 Downloads
Page: 2.6 Downloads
Page: 2.6-M1
GeoTools 2.6-M1 was created on Feburary 4th, 2009 :
Page: 2.6-M2
Was released to source forge and the maven repository.
Page: 2.6-M3
GeoTools 2.6-M3 represents the final milestone for the 2.6.0 series - in support of the uDig 1.2-M7 release. Most of the development effort for 2.6.x has occurred strictly with maven SNAPSHOTS.
Page: 2.6-RC1
GeoTools 2.6-RC1 represents our initial release candidate; 2.6.0 is now feature complete and this is a final check of the release process and your feedback is requested! Review the release notes for details; and thanks to Andrea for restoring javadocs to
Page: 2.6.0
GeoTools 2.6.0 released on October 19th, 2009. This release is timed with the FOSS4G conference in support of the Geospatial for Java tutorial. Downloads:
Page: 2.6.1
The GeoTools 2.6.1 release is now available for download:
Page: 2.6.3
GeoTools 2.6.3 was created on March 27, 2010 :
Page: 2.6.4
GeoTools 2.6.4 was created on May 18, 2010 :
Page: 2.6.5
GeoTools 2.6.5 was created on August 8th, 2010 :
Page: 2.6.6
GeoTools 2.6.6 was created on March 19th, 2010 :
Page: 2.6.x
GeoTools 2.6.x looks to be focused on quality and performance. As always the scope and timing of releases is set by you - the members of our community. There is a host of interesting "unsupported" modules that can make it into this release based on time a
Page: 2.7 Downloads
The 2.7.x downloads.
Page: 2.7-beta1
GeoTools 2.7-beta1 created on Jan 16, 2011 :
Page: 2.7-M0
GeoTools 2.7-M0 was created on May 18, 2010 :
Page: 2.7-M1
Second milestone release in the 2.7 series wraps up a refractor of the classes used to make maps. We are also gathering up our website and documentation in preparation for the 2.7 release. GeoTools 2.7-M1 was created on June 21, 2010 and is now available
Page: 2.7-M2
GeoTools 2.7-M2 was created on July 18, 2010 :
Page: 2.7-M3
Version: 2.7-M3 (example 2.6.5) Jira Version: 16572 (example 16493) Series Version: 2.7 (example 2.6) GeoTools 2.7-M3 created on Sept 2, 2010 :
Page: 2.7-M4
The GeoTools 2.7-M4 release is now available for download:
Page: 2.7-M5
Version: 2.7-M5 (example 2.6.5) Jira Version: 17022 (example 16493) Series Version: 2.7 (example 2.6) GeoTools 2.7-M5 created on 12 17, 2010 :
Page: 2.7-RC1
Version: 2.7-RC1 (example 2.6.5) Jira Version: 17076 (example 16493) Series Version: 2.7 (example 2.6) GeoTools 2.7-RC1 created on Jan 31, 2011 :
Page: 2.7-RC2
Version: 2.7-RC2 Jira Version: 17174 Series Version: 2.7 GeoTools 2.7-RC2 created on Feb 21, 2011 : geotools-2.7-RC
Page: 2.7.0
Version: 2.7.0 Jira Version: 17109 Series Version: 2.7 GeoTools 2.7.0 created on March 22, 2011 : geotools-2.7.0-project.
Page: 2.7.1
Version: 2.7.1 (example 2.6.5) Jira Version: 17255 (example 16493) Series Version: 2.7 (example 2.6) GeoTools 2.7.1 created on May 12, 2011 :
Page: 2.7.x
The GeoTools 2.7.x branch started out with a code sprint at FOSS4G 2009 addressing a number of items of Technical Debt and cleanup. RnD and proposals completed for the 2.6.x branch: Available 2.7 Downloads: 2.7 Downloads Usability Targets Documentation Ou
Page: 2004 05 May
May 2004 IRC Logs
Page: 2004 08 August
IRC Logs - August 30th IRC Logs - August 23rd IRC Logs - August 16th IRC Log
Page: 2004 09 September
September IRC Logs - September 14th Breakout Data/Query IRC IRC Logs - September 13th IRC Logs - September 6th
Page: 2004 10 October
Page: 2004 11 November
Page: 2004 12 December
Page: 2004-05-24 Weekly IRC
aaime: Hi<BR> jmacgill: Sounds like its a holidy in Canada, but I think Jody said he would be here...<BR> jeichar: hi a holiday it is<BR> ian: for what?<BR> acuster: fun<BR> jeichar: Victoria day? I think.<BR> ian: Ah I remember - we used to have that in
Page: 2004-09-27 September 27th
ianT_: hi aaim1: Hi Ian... aaim1: Jody started to speak about reprojection, then he disappeared... jive: Hi again jive: was trying to set up WMS w/ CRS information jive: So meeting time? aaim1: Guess so jive: 1) JTS 1.5 jive: 2) Reprojection - we need to
Page: 2004-10-04 October 4th
<jive> Hi Guys - I am not really here (I am in lurk mode). <jive> Oh - but I could give you an agenda item - 1) Go through Jira tasks and update (close a bunch) before the 2.0 release <cholmes> 2) Commit rights for Rob Atkinson <jive> +1 from me <ianT> +1
Page: 2004-10-11 October 11th
Start of #geotools buffer: Mon Oct 11 14:46:19 2004 * Now talking in #geotools Topic is '' Set by Abs|hiof on Sat Oct 09 16:10:46 <jive> Hi <jive> Happy thanksgiving (most refractions types won't be here today) <cholmes> Is it actually tha
Page: 2004-10-18 October 18th
<jive> hi everyone <cholmes_> Here they are. Let's get started - agenda? <jive> Just struggling with parameters w/ david - did not see the time go by <jive> Well there is lots of stuff <jive> I am away for a month so I would like some volunteers to cover
Page: 2007 Q1
2006 Q4 2007 Q1 2007 Q2 This report is written in the first quarter of 2007, and outlines community developement and research goals. Users Community GeoTools has started up production of m
Page: 2007 Q2
2007 Q1 2007 Q2 2007 Q3 This report is written in the second quarter of 2007, and outlines community development and research goals. Users Community GeoTools has kept up the the production of monthly milestone releases. The publication of milestone releas
Page: 3 I've just tried to build for the first time and it failed
With older versions of Maven there was a known problem with the build process which causes it to fail for the first time and when new versions of Maven are installed. The problem seems to be that Maven required a specific jar in order to work and, whilst
Page: 3 November 15th
Conversation with #geotools at 2004-11-15 11:43:18 on (irc) (11:43:18) : The topic for #geotools is: (11:43:25) IanS: yes, mostly, and I,er, mostly agree (11:43:31) cholmes: Cool IanS, would be great to have your th
Page: 3 Using
Questions about using the geotools library
Page: 3 What is the difference between Geometry and Geometry
org.geotools.renderer.geom.Geometry - used for rendering (implements Java2D shape) com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry - is defined by the Java Topology Suite (JTS) and is used by geotools to define the Geometry classed provided by the OGC Simple Feature
Page: 3 What is the relationship between the OGC and GeoTools
The Centre for Computational Geography, the home of the original authors of GeoTools, is a member of the OGC, as are a number of other individual developers. As a result, we are committed to implementing the standards set out by the OGC and, where possibl
Page: 3D Geometry and Rendering ideas
3D Geometry and Rendering ideas This page is supposed to hold ideas and goals for 3D rendering in GeoTools/GeoWidgets. This is a call for opinions and ideas. So please answer. Goals Allow threedimensional display of 3D geographical data. Look at Google Ea
Page: 3D Rendering Pipeline for GeoTools
A Google Summer of Code 2007 project. Abstract The 3D Renderer provides a three dimensional view of GeoTools geographical data. It will uses the normal 2D renderer for rendering the surface texture. It implements a level of detail based loading and cachin
Page: 3D Rendering Pipeline Status
2007-09-28 Tiled Map Renderer The FOSS4G conference has been great so far, and has given me a lot of ideas for how to continue the 3D renderer, as well as an idea of what other open source solutions exists within the same area. I'll get back to those in m
Page: 4 Maven is complaining that it can't download a specific jar
One of the most common and misleading errors you will see when building GeoTools is that a jar cannot be downloaded. This error can be given for one of four reasons and only one of them actually means that a jar is missing. It is important to note that we
Page: 4 December 27 2004
#geotools rschulz H (Rueben Schulz) #geotools cholmes H@ (New Now Know How) <rschulz> Merry Christmas Chris <cholmes> Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too. <rschulz> Looks like t
Page: 4 November 22nd
Conversation with #geotools at 2004-11-22 11:15:50 on (irc) (11:15:50) : The topic for #geotools is: (11:37:51) jeichar 4 November 22nd entered the room. (11:38:28) polio: james will be a couple min yet .. his linux
Page: 4 What is the difference between GridCoverage and GridCoverage
We are trying to track the change to the Grid Coverage specification - they changed coordinate reference systems on us. In summary, the old specification can be browsed here: http://geoapi.sourceforg
Page: 4 What's the difference between GT1, GT2, GeoTools and GeoTools-lite
GeoTools, as a project, has been around for approximately 7 years. It now exists as two separate versions; known as GeoTools 1 and GeoTools 2 (GT1, GT2). The current convention (especially on this site) is to refer to GT2 as GeoTools 2 or just GeoTools. T
Page: 5 I saw lots of error messages whilst building. What went wrong
Note: if this was your FIRST attempt at building GeoTools, take a look at the FAQ specifically on that issue (or, just try building a second time). Even a normal build which works properly produces a lot of output and even a lot of ERROR and WARNING messa
Page: 5 How can I tell the difference between GeoTools-lite code and GeoTools 2.0 code
If you are looking at some source code and you are not sure if it is old code from geotools-lite (GT1) or GeoTools 2.0 (GT2), take a look at the package statements at the top of each source file. If it looks anything like: package
Page: 5 November 28th
jgarnett Well we can start to set up an agenda, apparently James is trying to attend, this will give us something to do while we wait. rschulz I could mention referencing progress (Martin is likely still sleeping) jgarnett That would be nice, I notived EP
Page: 6 Can Geotools2 be used on Mac OS X
Yes! But, Geotools code uses two java extensions: JAI and JAI Image IO. See 2.2 Dependencies for information about how to install these on Mac OS X. With the JAI extension installed, most of the geotools codebase will build and pass tests, except for the
Page: 6 Difference between getSchema and getFeatureType
Q: What is the difference between DataStore.getSchema and Feature.getFeatureType This question was asked by Davis Ford (thanks!), here is what he is talking about: * AbstractDataStore.getSchema( String typeName ) * Feature.getFeatureType() First we have a
Page: 6 What version of Java do I need to run GeoTools
GeoTools 2.0 to 2.4 requires Java JDK 1.4 or higher. GeoTools 2.5 requires Java 5 or higher. GeoTools also needs some standard extensions. For full details on what you will need, see the Developers Guide on 2.2 Dependencies.
Page: 7 Can Geotools be built or used with a free or open source java implementation
This has not been tried, but it is unlikely to work right now. Geotools makes use of features in the Java JDK 1.4. Some of these features have not yet been implemented in GNU Classpath For current prog
Page: 7 FactoryFinder does not work when running in Eclipse
Q: FactoryFinder does not work when running in Eclipse? A: Yes. You will need to run all your geotools related code in the same plugin; GeoTools uses FactorySPI to locate your DataStore plugin (or the any "factory"). The Factory SPI system makes use of a
Page: 7 Why don't you support older versions of Java
The GeoTools project has a policy of tracking and taking advantage of the latest developments of the Java platform. However, we recognise that companies, groups and universities take time to adopt and install new versions of Java, either because of the ti
Page: 8 Can Geotools be used with mono or .NET
Thanks to the wonder of IKVM.NET it looks like most of geotools can be used from .net. please add details if you have them
Page: 8 Downloads
The 8.x downloads.
Page: 8 What free data sources are available
GeoTools does not offer map data. This is something that users must provide themselves. Here are some sites that offer free GIS data: USGS provide lots of GIS data. For example, have a look at the National Map viewer http://nmviewogc.
Page: 8.0-M0
GeoTools 8.0-M0 created on April 29, 2011 :
Page: 8.3
Page: 8.x
The GeoTools 8.x branch started out as 2.8.x with a quick proposal to change the project version number policy. The major technical direction is the addition of "live" documentation using sphinx. RnD and proposals completed for the 8.x branch: Available 8
Page: 9 How and where to communicate with us
See the 10 Communication and Support of the user guide, or 3 Communication page in the Developers Guide.
Page: 9.x
The GeoTools 9.x branch is currently being established, as such no technical direction has been set. RnD and proposals completed for the 9.x branch: Attachments: Usability Targets API We have a couple of drivers for API change, listed are some highlights


Page: A HowTo for beginners
A HowTo for beginners Note: Work in progress. This section is thought to contain task-oriented code snippets useful for beginners. Explainations should be kept simple and without too many details on specs and implementation internals. Each snippet shall h
Page: About
About GeoTools GeoTools is run by the Project Management Committee (PMC) (a group of volunteers who have made significant contributions to the project.) GeoTools is managed through an open development process, with public collaboration on new ideas . Proj
Page: Acceptance Review of JTS Wrapper
Executive Summary This page details the findings of the pre-acceptance code review for the GeoTools ISO 19107 implementation backed by JTS wrappers. This code was developed by the employees of Sys Technologies, Inc. and refactored into the GeoTools namesp
Page: Add a dispose method to DataStore API
Motivation: Add a close method to DataStore API Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: Description The DataStore API is missing a dispose() method that would allow the various d
Page: Add ability to remove feature types
Motivation: Complete the schema management API with a remove schema call Contact: Daniele Romagnoli Tracker: Tagline: We add, we update... we don't remove? Description The current DataAccess/DataStore API provides means to create and update a schema, but
Page: Add bundle information to jar manifest
Motivation: Geotools shall be usable in OSGi environments, particularly in Eclipse applications like uDig Contact: hwellmann Tracker: Tagline: OSGi deployment is hampered
Page: Add delete support on StructuredGridCoverage2DReader
Contact: dany111 Tracker: Tagline:   Children: Description This proposal aims on adding the capability to do a cleanup/delete of a coverageStore/GridCoverageReader. Some r
Page: Add hints support to Query object
Motivation: Allow result objects customization and general query behaviour settings Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: Query,Hint,Generalization,Fetch This page represents t
Page: Add partial support for geometries with circular segments
Contact: Andrea Aime Tracker: GEOT-4827 Tagline: Curves Children: Description GeoTools ad the moment provides not support for geometries containing arcs of circle, as described in GML 3 and supported by various sp
Page: Adding Tools to a Map
Adding Tools to a Map Currently this is basically the code to a working example with lots of comments. I will try to add more explanation as time allows-Casson* Tool Types I do not know how global the distinction is, but in ESRI products (ArcView) they ma
Page: Aggregating DataStore
Module: Aggregating DataStore Module Maintainer: shansen@lisasoft Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: Allow build with Maven 2 or Maven 3
Contact: djseverin Tracker: GEOT-3615 Tagline: Children: Description We increasingly have trouble with people downloading Maven 3 (as it is the latest and has been out a while) and failing to build GeoTools. Maven
Page: Allow inserts to use existing feature ID
Motivation: Insert features using existing FIDs Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: Insert using existing FIDs Description GeoTools data stores always generate a new feature
Page: Allow redirection to alternate logging API
Motivation: Allow redirection to alternate logging API Contact: aaime desruisseaux Tracker: Tagline: You are debugging GeoTools, in a J2EE application, do you know where y
Page: Alternative Use Commons Logging
Motivation:   Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: Use commons logging across the board This page represents a counter proposal to Allow redirection to alternate logging AP
Page: An ISO 19107 Cube Contest
Introduction The ISO 19100 series of standards, like many other GIS frameworks, emphasizes 2D spatial coordinates with various reference frames which are fixed to the rotating earth. There is, however, some nominal functionality defined to support 3D geom
Page: Android
LISAsoft was able to get a subset of GeoTools working on the Android platform. The following are some notes if you would like to repeat and extend the experiment. Factory Fixes The changes to factory are actually pretty straight forward. Pluggable Factory
Page: Annual Report 2007
GeoTools Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007 Contact name: Jody Garnett Key Accomplishments An amazing amount of software at FOSS4G was built around the GeoTools library; we were very happy with the community presence at this event We had a 3 day long
Page: Annual Report 2008
GeoTools Contact name: Jody Garnett Key Accomplishments We have graduated from the OSGeo incubation process. This is a major accomplishment given the maturity of the GeoTools library and the complexity of the questions raised over the course of our incuba
Page: Annual Report 2009
This has been a very productive year for the GeoTools project during which we really changed gears to focus on stability and documentation. This is a new direction compared to our previous emphasis on standards research. It has been accompanied by the dep
Page: Annual Report 2010
Key Accomplishments Releases: Four stable releases of GeoTools 2.6 and six development releases of GeoTools 2.7 with a beta finished up at the end of the year. Lots of great new features: in the referencing area: support for Mollweide, EckertIV, Winkel Tr
Page: Annual Report 2011
Key Accomplishments Releases: XX Stable Releases of GeoTools 2.7 XX Development Releases of GeoTools 8. Changes: Renamed 2.8.x branch (current trunk) to 8.x GeoTools 8 now requires Java 6 Lots of great new features: Support for building GeoTools with Mave
Page: API Module
Module Maintainer: jive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the API was created to isolate geotools interfaces from implementation. For the 2.
Page: ApplicationMetadataAndComplexTypes
Support of Complex Schemas with Application MetaData (AMD) Overview The Application Metadata framework developed at SIS allow us to describe simple FeatureTypes using the following metamodel (the names in brackets are the classes we use to store metadata
Page: ArcGrid
Module: ArcGrid Module Maintainer: simboss Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plug-in
Page: archsite.shp
This example ... The files can be found here
Page: ArcInfo ASCII Grid format
ARC ASCIIGRID refers to a specifc interchange format developed for ARC/INFO rasters in ASCII format. The format consists of a header that specifies the geographic domain and resolution, followed by the actual grid cell values. Usually the file extension i
Page: ArcSDE Installation Notes on Windows
I am taking a few notes as I set up ArcSDE 9.2 backed by Oracle 10.0.2 ... Oracle Installation Seems straight forward enough ... except Oracle Tweaks for ArcSDE ORA-12514: TNS:listener could not resolve SERVICE_NAME given in connect descriptor It seems th
Page: ArcSDE Plugin
Module Maintainer: groldan Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Plugin: DataStore Plug-in provides access to an ArcSDE server for both vector and raster data. Module Status The arcsde
Page: ArcSDE snippets
Sample direct usage: Simple example for connecting to an ArcSDE data source. This example was tested on Oracle8i. private DataStore store = null; private FeatureSource source = null; private FeatureResults fsShape = null; private FeatureType ft = null; //
Page: Articles
This page is for miscellaneous GIS and spatial topics: These articles are on topics of general interest that do not fit into the user guide or developers guide. While we often handle them as blog posts a few things such as the Annual Reports for OSGeo nev
Page: AtomicTypes
This is a scratch page - for ideas on how to map XMLSchema atomic types to the type system. decimal BigDecimal double double integer BigInteger int Integer ... ... Gabriels idea seems to be to create an Enumeration with the Bindings called AtomicTypes, th


Page: BetweenFilter
This shows how to create a Between Filter in code. It asks for all features with values between 5 and 15. This could also be done with a logic filter and PropertyIsGreaterThanOrEqualTo and PropertyIsLessThanOrEqualTo filters. FilterFactory ff = FilterFact
Page: Birthday Coders
The labelled coders: GeotoolsCoders.png
Page: Branch
Branches are something we break out for serious RnD development that effects the whole library. While creating a branch is hard work and merging it in after more then two weeks even harder. If at all possible avoid creating a branch, working within the mo
Page: Brewer
Module: brewer Module Maintainer: chorner Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Rece
Page: Bring Back FeatureCollection
Related pages: interface scratchpad Disscussion goes here: Bring back FeatureCollection! Abstract: This is from an email entilted 'Bring back the FeatureCollection!' In it Chris Holmes argues that a way our of our results/reader mess is
Page: bugsites.shp
This example... The files can be found here


Page: Caching Module
Overview This module provides an implementation of a feature cache. It started out as a Google Summer of Code project: SoC 2007
Page: Cascading Coordinate Systems
Andrea brought the following to my attention: Given a View produced by a Query - q And a Users request produced by a Query - Q We have the following:   q q w/ cs q w/ rcs q w/ cs + rcs Q   forced to cs reprojected to rcs cs reprojected to rcs Q w/ CS forc
Page: Catalog Improvements
Description The existing catalog interface has a description, the following is just for reference. Catalog: facility to locate (or search for) geospatial resources. This is just an interface and is often implemented against a remote web service. LocalCata
Page: CatalogAPI
So you want something to manage your datastores (rather then use singletons), and do cross datastore opperations. Summary: Backport the uDig Catalog API ... Future Work: Drop in extensible metadata Use Filter 1.1 to bring it in line with the current OGC s
Page: CDC Atlas architecture
Cancer CDC Project What will the paper talk about? The development of an interactive client for visualizing state cancer data. Whats special about it? It uses the OGC WFS spec to drive it It uses flash and is designed to be easy to use, good to look at an
Page: Change from vecmath to EJML
Contact: tyler Tracker: Tagline: matrix magic Branch: Children: Description We have a long standing technical debt to Replace Vecmath (see link for technical
Page: Change handling and stability keeping procedures
Motivation: make trunk hacking more controlled Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: Keep trunk stabled like an elephant This page represents the current plan; for discussion p
Page: Change to SimpleFeature
Motivation: We are tired of working with flat features. Contact: jive, jdeolive, groldan Tracker: Tagline: Expected refactoring, performed during the FOSS4G code sprint Th
Page: Charting with dynamic symbolizers
Introduction The dynamic symbolizers proposal opened the door to the possibility of developing custom, programmatic symbol generators that do accept feature parameters as inputs, be it in the category of marks or external graphics. This alone already prov
Page: Clean up FeatureEvents
Motivation: We need feature events to draw changes as they occur, and keep caches in sync. Contact: ~jeichar # Tracker: Tagline: What changed where This page represents th
Page: Clean up Generics from DataStore
Motivation: Try out Csv2Shp tutorial with someone new, now try it with someone new to Java Contact: username Tracker: Tagline: <SimpleFeatureType,SimpleFeature>> I have ha
Page: Cleaning up dependencies between various modules and coverage
Motivation: GeoTools codebas has some strange dependencies (main depends on coverage??) as well as some old unused code floating aroundl Contact: simboss Tracker: Tagline:
Page: Cleanup Style Interface Deprecations
Motivation: A previous withdrawn proposal introduced geoapi symbology encoding 1.1 interfaces to geotools. Contact: jive Tagline: Clean up deprecations in style interfaces Jira: GEOT-2468 used to report progress T
Page: Codehaus
We would like to acknowledge Codehaus for their donation of JIRA and Confluence Hosting to the Geotools project.
Page: Color blending and compositing
Contact: Andrea Aime Tracker: Tagline: Compositing and blending Children: Description This technical proposal discusses the addition of color compositing and color blendin
Page: Color Brewer
Taking the great ideas from and producing SLD styles .
Page: Committer Contact Letter Draft
This is a draft letter to send out to GeoTools committers (as an example James Macgill founded the GeoTools project): Dear James Macgill: We are contacting you on behalf of the GeoTools project because we believe you have committed code to the project. We
Page: Community Discussion
Summary This page summarizes the plans for coverage support from interested parties. This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything which can be done. Nor is it an exclusive list. If you'd like something that's not on the list, and you want it bad
Page: Community Schema Road Map
= Current mandate to perform task = No current mandate to perform task The contents of this page are out of date - needs clarification of the implementation status of ISO Feature model on geotools and geoserver trunk.  That said... community schema suppor
Page: Community Schema Support and Complex Types
Background to the ComplexDataStore project space, where you'll find information about the recently started project to incorporate complex features support to GeoTools Conversation Points: catalog.xml - want to be able to handle xml like this Introduction
Page: Complex Feature Roadmap 08
The Complex Feature plan updated to reflect the state of affairs as of 2008. Milestone 1: Simple Schema Mapping This first chunk of work involves introducing the concept of schema mapping into GeoServer. Essentially allowing for the following use case: Us
Page: Complex schemas - Business driver examples
This document compiles a set of sampling GML schema related needs, where available from real world uses, that the ComplexDataStore together with the GeoTools core product must address in order to easily deploy community-schema based projects. After the co
Page: Complex-Features Branch
The complex-features branch is actively used by the geoserver community schema branch; this branch contains the first two iterations outling our needs for a rich feature model.
Page: Complex-Features Business Drivers - Use Cases
This page sketches out a number of real world examples driving the Geoserver "Community Schema Enablement" project. This project arises out of a larger project, "Solid Earth and Environment Grid - Information Services"
Page: ComplexDataStore as unsupported module on trunk
Overview This page outlines the project for bringing the ISO Feature implementation laying on the GeoTools fm branch and the ComplexDataStore module laying on the GeoTools complex-features branch as unsupported modules on GeoTools trunk, which are meant t
Page: ComplexDataStore Documentation
ComplexDataStore documentation This page contains the documentation for use and configuration of a ComplexDataStore Author note: though this "Complex" datastore has born to provide complex features out of a simple features data source, it may be better ca
Page: ComplexDataStore project
Table of contents Overview Project Proposal Goal Scope Deliverables Risks and Rewards Main risks Target and benefits Project Plan Methodology Work breakdown structure and estimates Top level tasks and status Project deliverables Risk management Overview F
Page: ComplexFeature Parsing and Building Support
Motivation: Add support for ComplexFeatures. GeoTools should be able to parse a complex WFS response and construct a set of Feature objects from it. Contact: adambrown Tracker: ComplexFeature Parsing & Building Support
Page: Connection pool subsystem upgrade
Motivation: Have flexible, production ready connection pooling for JDBC data stores Contact: aaime Tracker: GEOT-1373 Tagline: Description Current Geotools JDBC data stores use a home grown ConnectionPool class wh
Page: ConnectionTester
This is a great little program to help you figure out what is gonig on, and more importantly what is going wrong To run this program: java ConnectionTester If you need to just look at a single "FeatureType": java ConnectionTester con
Page: Contact
The Geotools project has two principal forms of communication. #Mailing Lists #Internet Relay Chat Mailing Lists Mailing Lists Internet Relay Chat Internet Relay Chat
Page: Container Design
This page contains some of my random thoughts on what using a container could look like in geotools. Preamble First I think its good to seperate out two main concerns / requirements. Dynamically load instances of specific classes (ie. plugins) Managing de
Page: Coverage Branch
Simboss has been workingon the coverage branch for a great deal of time now ... and the rest of us would love to play? Why you ask? The current grid coverage support for world images fails one time out of six for no apparent reason? Apparently this and ma
Page: Coverage Branch Game Plan
Preliminar work There is some preliminar work or better a cyclic task to execute when having a branch, merging trunk back onto the branch. This is essential to stay aligned with the improvements made on other modules and plugins by other contributors. Occ
Page: Coverage Data Access Central
December 20, 2005 This page is outdated. I'm using it because it was a placeholder in the old wiki page schema and I was thinking to conserve namespace on the wiki. Currently, the only topic of merit is ISO 19123 progress and future plan. Come back later.
Page: Coverage Implementation Central
This page serves as a central point of contact to collect all relevant information pertaining to the implementation of ISO 19123 coverage types within GeoTools. A record of our motivation for doing so may be found here: Multidimensional Georegistered Grid
Page: Coverage Metadata Central
Definition and Introduction Coverage metadata is metadata which is known to be a characteristic of a given data source. It contains elements which are vital to the correct georegistration of data. It also contains elements which are implicit to the partic
Page: Coverage Module
Module Maintainer: simboss Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the coverage module has: fixed some show stopping reprojection bugs fixed some
Page: Coverage Module Redux
Module Maintainer: simboss Status: incomplete Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the coverage module has: fixed some show stopping reprojection bugs
Page: CQL Parser
Module: CQL Parser Module Maintainer: mauricio.pazos Email Help: Volunteer: Status: Model  CQL Parser Design; ECQL Parser Design User doc 14 CQL Gold Star Quality Assurance Chec
Page: CQL Parser Design
This package is dedicated to support the OGC Common Query Language, version 2.0.1, as a query predicate language inside GeoTools. The rest of this document describe the syntax rules and the parser design. Contents BNF The BNF is reproduced bellow to indic
Page: Create a filter from Text
Sometimes we want to build a complex filter quickly, not in XML and not by constructing it object by object using factories. Fortunatly GeoTools includes a parser that will turn simple text into complete filters. import org.geotools.filter.parser.ParseExc
Page: Create a Filter from XML
Say we have a bit of XML for a filter that we want to parse and get a Filter. First, we need a FilterHandler to receive the Filter from the parser. If we don't need to do anything else at that point, something like the following is sufficient: import org.
Page: Create filter from String
If you want to create a complex filter without writing extensive java code or xml then you need the, perhaps slightly missnameed, ExpressionBuilder to parse a plain text string. Quick Start To create a lessthan filter, the sum total of the code you need i
Page: Create MathTransforms
Create a MathTransform from source and target CRS's: import org.opengis.referencing.operation.CoordinateOperationFactory; import; import org.opengis.referencing.operation.MathTransform; import
Page: CreateAFeatureCollection
We need to add several features to a layer of a map for instance. It is then convenient to use the FeatureCollection mechanism for doing that. //feature attributes creation AttributeType[] types = new AttributeType[1]; types[0] = AttributeTypeFactory.newA
Page: CreateAFeatureType
Defining a feature type is like defining a java class... We need then to instantiate it. The code below shows how simple it is to create a feature type. // we create an attribute - like an instance variable in a java class // this attribute is a geometric
Page: Creating Features and Feature types
As you can see in the diagram, features, feature types and attribute types are just interfaces. This means that you cannot instantiate them directly, but also that you can provide your own specialized versions that wrap legacy objects you may have in your
Page: Critical Errors in OGC's GML 3.1.0
Preface This page was added prior to the release of GML version 3.1.1. At this point, the deficiencies described herein should be taken to warn unwary users away from any GML3 prior to 3.1.1. The last comment on this page is an early evaluation of 3.1.1 w
Page: CRS Authority Allowing Multiple Users
#Recomendation Use an ObjectPool of FactoryUsingOracleSQL Alternatives to consider: #Alternative Make FactoryUsingOracleSQL Threadsafe - Not recommended - would force us to provide a stratagy object to swap between connection management policies. #Alterna
Page: CRS Authority Cache Handling
The relationship between the FactoryUsingOracleSQL and the backpointer buffered is highlighted as a problem in most of the above alternatives. This section outlines some possible solutions. #Isolate Cache into a Separate Object and Inject - provides a cle
Page: CRS Authority Connection Use
There are several alternatives to consider: #Use Commons ObjectPool Lifecycle - Use life cycle methods as notification for cleaning up the connection #Swap out Connection for Datasource - not recommended #Use ConnectionPolicy Strategy Object - acceptable
Page: CRS Authorty Alternative Proposals
The issue ( is supposed to be used to track alternatives - but since it does not let me do pictures here we are. #Worker Pool - use an object pool to manage workers, and c
Page: Current requirements support report
Current requirements support report Simple types support report The goal of the following table is to expose if the current API is able of expressing the needed simple types. This evaluation does not takes in count if they check or not that the restrictio
Page: Curves in ISO19107
Introduction The ISO 19107 geometry specification has some constructs regarding curves which were counterintuitive to me. As I do not really understand anything unless I can explain it, this page represents an attempt to collate and digest some answers re
Page: Custom Symbols for MIL2525B and EmergencyResponse
One of the off-shoots of the OWS-3 was an understanding of how to hook smbology into our code base. This page is the result of a conversation with Theuns (who may be available for testing); written


Page: Data access basic
This basic tutorial is meant to get you started with the data access features that Geotools2 provides. It is intended for people wanting to learn the basics of data access such as reading and writing shapefiles, performing attribute queries or spatial que
Page: Data Access Design Goals
This section is usually a waste of space in a change proposal; but we are including it here so that additional data access APIs can be introduced into the library in a consistent fashion. Goals: Name: Identification should be handled using Name rather a s
Page: Data Files
A page to hold links to the pages with data:
Page: Data libraries
This section (inputs welcome!) intends to provide data(symbols, raster, ..) to simplify the development and build a community. Geotools basic Symbol libraries Different Symbol defined as fonts You can find misc font files to download : TTFSysmbols http://
Page: Data Module
Module Maintainer: jive, jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Data access api providing a common interface to several file formats and data sources. This code was revised for
Page: Data Reading
Reading data from a data store requires the following steps: get the feature type name of the feature type you want to read by using the getTypeNames() method; get a FeatureSource that allows you to read that feature type; perform a Query on the FeatureSo
Page: Data Writing
This page it out dated, for an updated example please see: 07 FeatureStore Shapefile Plugin 04 How to Read a Shapefile In this section you'll see code like: Feature f =; // get a feature Yes, the writer is also a reader. You read a feature
Page: DataAccess super class for DataStore
Motivation: DataStore allows access to SimpleFeature, we need to access Feature as well Contact: groldan, jive Tracker: Tagline: introduce org.opengis.geoapi.Feature This
Page: Dataset Axes Description
Summary This page describes a flexible method for indexing datasets. Central to this theme is the construction of axes which may or may not be described. If an axis is described, the description may or may not be understood by the client software. Default
Page: DataSource Hint for EPSG
Motivation: Use of an EPSG Authority implementation in a Java EE environment Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: Publish / Find / Bind for EPSG Authority This page represents
Page: DataStore
The basic capabilities of the DataStore interface are: Persistent store (data set) feature type extraction. Can manage multiple FeatureTypes per DataStore. This mean that a spatial database or a complex file format can be managed as a single data store. D
Page: Datastore caching
Datastore level caching This document tries to outline a datastore level caching for features, that should allow to increase the performance of both map rendering, WFS serving and analisys operations. At the moment this document is just a "brain dump" for
Page: Datastore Capabilities API
Motivation: There is a need for an extensible API to query the datastore about what it can do (and adding a delete method in the process) Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline:
Page: Datastore Snippets
Contains example code for working with DataStores , use this to figure out how to connect to and access/modify your spatial data.
Page: DataStoreFinder Parameters
this is a work in progress (incomplete) The DataStoreFinder is a generic method to use pluggable DataStores. See How to use a PostGISDataStore for an example of using this with the PostGISDataStore. The following is a list of parameters for the different
Page: Date Time handling
Problem: Mapping to Java Date is not specific enough Solution: Map to java.sql classes Scope: Update DataStore implementations; SQL DataStores should be easy Data Input Property Binding Data Ouput xs:dateTime http://xsdateTime java.sql.TimeStamp xs:dateTi
Page: DB2 Plugin Unsupported
Module: DB2 Module Maintainer: Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: DB2DataStore
The DataStore interface is general to all of the implemented DataStores. The following document describes the use of a DB2DataStore and is based on the How to use a PostGISDataStore. These docs have moved to the user guide: DB2 DB2 Spearfish Example for G
Page: Decomposition of Operations API into Process Control and Data
Unfinished I only had a few minutes while waiting to pick up my fiancee from the airport. I'll be back to edit this page later. Abstract This doc briefly summarizes a rationale for separating the Operations API into a process control part and a data flow
Page: Demo Code
The following is a list of small demo programs in the geotools svn, in the gt/demo directory. Some demos use data in the sample-data module in gt/module/sample-data and some require the latest unreleased geo
Page: Demo Mockup
This is a mockup of a demo app. geotoolsDemoMockup.png A three part mockup. Gtdemo-mockup2.png What each part does. My handwriting is a wee bit sloppy but you should be able to tease out the intent. The Geotools demo is a simple swing app, on the left a c
Page: Describe Function with FunctionName
Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: describe a function Children: Description The gt-opengis interfaces provide the concept of *FunctionName*. We currently make FunctionName
Page: Detailed Argument and Return Info for FunctionName
Tracker: Tagline: Modifying FunctionName to support detailed info about argument/return parameters. Children: Description Currently the FunctionName interface only represe
Page: Developer Tutorials
Tutorials that show you how to extend the capabilities of the geotools library. 0 Introducing PropertyDataStore Developing GridCoverage Formats How to add new projections Extending the JDBCDataStore Extending The XML Parser
Page: Development
Welcome to GeoTools Development - this page gathers up the work of the development community: Formal Proposals being planned, currently inflight, or withdrawn Completed features (organized by release) along with appropriate any design notes Finally Techni
Page: disy GISterm
disy GISterm at a Glance: With disy GISterm it is possible to evaluate results and aggregate tables presenting spatial-related information, to add further geo data and to display them on interactive maps. Benefit from a clear overview of all data with the
Page: Document Rendering
The rendering system is not currently documented in the User Guide. I have gotten stuck based on the amount of functionality overloading of the MapLayer class. I would like to see ...  Break MapLayer into parts (WMSMapLayer, FeatureMapLayer, RasterMapLaye
Page: Downloads
Stable Release 2.7.1 Development Development branch has not issued any releases; and is strictly limited to maven repository at this time. 8 DownloadsFor more details please review the 8.x page. Maven Repository The following repositories can be used: dow
Page: Dry Run at DataAccess Story
Introduction Over the years a number of efforts wanted to provide complex feature support with different levels of success, and lead to the definition of the new GeoAPI interfaces and an implementation sitting as an unsupported module for some time now. T
Page: Dual License Request
Description We have a received a request on geotools-devel to relicense a subset of the codebase under the apache license to facilitate collaboration with the apache sis-dev community. The code contribution agreement, cited below, clearly allows contribut
Page: Dynamic SLD Graphic objects
Motivation: SLD 1.0 and SE 1.1 do not address a range of common symbolization needs. We need ways to extend the SLD Mark and ExternalGraphic capabilities in a pluggable way Contact: aaime Tracker: http://jira.code


Page: ECQL Parser Design
This document describes the new query language, called ECQL. It is a CQL Like language which offers a more flexible syntax in order to support all filter and expression possibilities. ECQL Grammar In this section are presented the ECQL's syntax rules. EBN
Page: EDIGéO module
The EDIGéO module is a Geotools plugin to read EDIGéO format files. The module implements a Geotools DataStore responsible for files with the .thf extension. There are also many others classes responsible of all other EDIGéO files (.scd, .dic, .vec). The
Page: EFeatureDataStore
Module: EFeature Module Maintainer: kengu Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: none (not commited) Plug-in: EFeatureStoreFactory The EFeature module adds support for spatia
Page: EFeatureDataStore Build
Dependencies issues EFeature module depends on the following Eclipse plug-ins and classes (artifacts in standard repos in brackets): org.eclipse.emf.query [org.eclipse.emf:query] -> org.eclipse.core.runtime -> org.eclipse.emf.ecore [org.eclipse.emf:ecore]
Page: Efficient support for multiple coverages in GridCoverageReader
Contact: dany111 Tracker: Tagline: GridCoverageReader API Children: Description The current implementation status of the GridCoveargeReader normally associates a single re
Page: Enhancement requirements
Enhancement requirements Supporting all the features mentioned above seems like a lot of work. We have, though, a driven specification that will help limit scope. Actually it's an OGC discussion paper, but is what the project stakeholders are interested i
Page: Enhancements proposal
Enhancements proposal This is an API change proposal to address the previously stated needs. Feature API architecture proposal ProposedAttributeTypeAPI.png Refer to the Feature Model Design Discussion document, and specially to the Discussion section for
Page: EPSG extensions
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Additiona
Page: EPSG-Access
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Connection t
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Connection to
Page: EPSG-Oracle Plugin
Module Maintainer: jive Status: Construction of a epsg-oracle CRSAuthority that will work in a Java EE environment Email Help: Plug-in: CRSAuthority User Docs: EPSG Oracle Plugin Research The epsg-oracle plugin is an experiment fo
Page: EPSG-PostgreSQL
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Connecti
Module Maintainer: jive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Contains a Property fil
Page: Error - Incompatible argument to function...
When I tried to connect my PostGis Spatial DB and I got that message. Have anyone helps me fix that error?
Page: Evaulating Modeling Options
Table of Contents Introduction Modeling How to Evaulate #id #access #collection #super #schema #access #content Comparison Reference #review #formats Introduction Geographic Information Systems have an interesting problem domain, much like with programmin
Page: Events for Styles
Ideas Right now it is very hard to track changes that are made to objects in a style tree. There are a number of solutions to this: 1) Modify all the existing styling objects to have an event mechanism (probably one that notifies parent objects) 2) Redesi
Page: Exploring an elevation standard
Introduction The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) of the US Government is currently proposing a seven-part standard to represent various common feature types. Called Information Technology - Geographic Information Framework Dat
Page: Expr Examples
Have the first cut of a progamatically doing Joins at an API level between DataStores... My test for sucess is: Can make SQL out of this for Postgis Can postprocess this for Shapefiles Can do cross DataStore opperations Can do Catalog Queries Others have
Page: Expression Improvements
This page captures ideas for improving expression handling over the course of 2.4.x development. Filter Brainstorming at Refractions: Filter-Brainstorming (2006_11_08) Literal Expressions Literal expressions (and the Filter/Expression) system are "semi-ty
Page: Expressions
An Expression is an object that can perform some kind of calculation on a Feature and provide a result (that is, a generic Object, meaning that the result can really be anythi
Page: Extend DataStoreFactorySpi.Param
Motivation: Allow client code to query more DataStore parameter metadata Contact: groldan Tracker: Tagline: DataStore parameter isPassword? isUser? This page represents th
Page: Extended Release Schedule
Description Change to the release schedule: Drop back to releasing every other month extend the release schedule with a 6 month maintenance phase This results in two release branches (stable and maintenance), we will still release every month - alternatin
Page: Extensions
The GeoTools library also hosts the following extensions. These Extensions provide additional services build ontop of the core library .
Page: Extention of CQL to match abilities of Filter (ECQL)
Motivation: CQL is limitied to its specification; we need a text format for filter and expression Contact: jive mauricio.pazos Tracker: Tagline: We need a text format for
Page: ExternalGraphicsJava
We can define in java the use of external graphics too. Here is a code to do this (thanks to Hervé) : StyleBuilder sb = new StyleBuilder(); PolygonSymbolizer sym; Style highLightStyle; ExternalGraphic icon; Graphic graph; PointSymbolizer iconSym; icon = s
Page: ExternalGraphicsSLD
This example shows how render different feature, and especially how to use an external graphics for this. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <sld:NamedLayer xmlns:sld="" xmlns:ogc="" xmlns:gml="http:


Page: FAQ
Moved to user guide:
Page: Feature API
Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: What? Yes you heard me, there is no migration path if you use Feature directly in your application! What can you do about it?
Page: Feature API Overview
Feature API Overview (from 2.2M0) On the next chapter, we're going to refer to some core GeoTools classes, so lets make a general overview of what those classes are and how they inter-relate. This overview will be quick, since this document intended audie
Page: Feature definitions
Features represent the geographic data you may want to manage or analyse with a GIS: they may be houses, roads, streams, surficial geology, lakes, states and so on. Every Feature is made up of a geometry and attributes: surely you will recognize that Feat
Page: Feature List
This document outlines several key features of the Geotools toolkit . Geotools development is active and there are many ideas for future development. The features on the following page refer to current development on the SVN trunk. For features included i
Page: Feature List for Geotools 2.0
The following are some of the features in the Geotools 2.0.0 release. Data Formats Geotools tries to support as many data formats as possible. The DataStore interface is used to access vector data. DataStore Data formats supported are: Shapefile - an ESRI
Page: Feature Model Attribute Access Design Use of a Qualified name, or an actual AttributeType object when in Object-Oriented land seems to be the only way to go. The AttribtueType will need to have knowledge of its QName for document g
Page: Feature Model Branch
This is the subject of active development on the GeoAPI Feature Model interfaces . For details of the API please review the nice pictures here: GeoAPI Feature Model live from svn (*checkout*/geoapi/trunk/pending/src/
Page: Feature Model Complex Design
Most of the discussion has centered on the debate of if FeatureType is an AttributeType or not (specifically a ComplexAttribute). Argument For FeatureType as a ComplexType: Feature represents content that can be navigated by xpath in exactly the same mann
Page: Feature Model Design Discussion
Table of Contents: Introduction Aspects of a Feature Model ID Design Attribute Access Design Super Type Design Collection Type Design Simple Type Design Complex Type Design Multiplicity Type Design Discussion Proposal Letter of Support Introduction This d
Page: Feature Model Discussion
This discussion has resulted in a Feature Model Proposal resulting in the following work: Feature Model (API including nice diagrams) Feature Model Branch implementation status of the fm branch This discussion is the subject of development in 2.3.x. Discu
Page: Feature Model FeatureCollection Design
The OGC overview document clearly indicates that Collections are a "derived" Feature from their contents. Without contents a Collection cannot exist. In addition FeatureCollections are actual Features with FeatureTypes in their own right. Because of this
Page: Feature Model Game Plan
This spreadsheet outlines a plan for getting the Feature Model branch onto trunk. The idea is to get the Feature Model branch so that it will have the same functionality as trunk currently has. Although we are not yet concerned with getting all plugins wo
Page: Feature Model ID Design
A Feature ID in a GML document is required to be unique. However in the OGC Feature model a Feature ID is supposed to always to refer to the same physical construct in the real world. The "effiel tower" is unique and there is only one actual thing refered
Page: Feature Model Implementation
Simple Feature Model The FM branch contains an implementation of the simple component of the geoapi feature model. This implementation can more or less
Page: Feature Model IRC Chat 1
Summary:{excerpt}Gathering of Fridays meeting into confluence, and separation of Schema from Type{excerpt} jgarnett hello? jgarnett Hi Gabriel groldan Hi Jody jgarnett Check it out - I finally got Complex type support! groldan ? where? jgarnett http://doc
Page: Feature Model IRC Chat 2
Summary: Review of Gabriels proposal, assoications are reversed groldan hi jgarnett Hello jgarnett just got back from coffee jgarnett I got to work on some other stuff today jgarnett but I wanted to walk you though how the "Why we don't want ft to extend
Page: Feature Model IRC Chat 3
Summary: New picture Agree to meet: 9:30 am PST Idea to split multipli
Page: Feature Model IRC Chat 4
Summary: GeometryAttribute complex or not? AssociationType Super and extention/restrictions vs Override jgarnett but geometry is something you want to have an ID on right? Two features can literally share the same geometry (say for a line end point?)... g
Page: Feature Model Letter of Support
To: SEEGrid Community c/o Rob Atkinson of Social Change Australia This is a letter of support for the work of groldan with respect to complex content. We would like to thank you for sponsorship of this necessary, but challenging, work. We are pleased with
Page: Feature Model Multiplicity Design
Remember this is a description of schema, no chantes to Attribtues are required. The fact that none are needed is a verification we are on the right track. It is very tempting to make SequenceType extend AttributeType and provide a sequence() method, I am
Page: Feature Model Preparation
Much of the api for building features has been deprecated on geotools trunk. The TypeBuilder and FeatureBuilder interfaces developed on the fm branch are intended to be used as the alternative. So in preparation for the new feature model, these classes ca
Page: Feature Model Proposal
This proposal has been accepted and is the subject of the following active development: Feature Model (API including nice diagrams) Feature Model Branch implementation status of the fm branch This proposal was completed in the 2.2.x time frame, and is the
Page: Feature Model Simple Design
Gabriel would like to capture the mapping of XMLSchema Atomic types to known java interfaces: AtomicTypes We considered making a SimpleAttribtue with helper methods for dealing with Interger, String and so on. We will wait to see how Gabriels need for Ato
Page: Feature paging and Query capabilities
Motivation: Allow efficient paged access to features Contact: groldan Tracker: Tagline: Access a million of features... one page at a time and efficiently too... This page
Page: Feature-Pregeneralized
Module: Feature-Pregeneralized Module Maintainer: Christian Mueller Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.
Page: FeatureCache
import; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Hashtable; import; import; import org.geotools.feature.Feature; import org.geotools.feature.FeatureCollection; import
Page: FeatureCollection Clean up Motivation
Viewpoints We have several viewpoints on the problem (each has an interface in GeoTools past that is similar to what is needed): Implementors: Really need to return a Feature and get out of the way, of central importance is the ability to recognize when a
Page: FeatureCollection cleanup
Motivation: FeatureCollection is not a java.util.Collection Contact: jive,mbedward,aaime Tracker: Tagline: remove methods that assume in-memory model This page represent
Page: FeatureCollection Descriptor for FeatureMembers
Motivation: Ben noticed that our use of Name was inconsistent, we need to fix that up. Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: a rose by any other name? type or instance This page
Page: FeatureCollection for Java 5
Motivation: To come up with a better api for FeatureCollection Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Additional tasks needed This page is being placed under GeoTools 2.5 to reflect w
Page: Features
In this brief tutorial we will see how vector data is handled in memory by the GeoTools library. Since the geometric component of the vector data is based on the JTS library, familiarity with JTS classes is re
Page: Features class diagram
The following class diagram shows all of the classes you should be aware of when working with Features.
Page: FeatureStore modifyFeature by Name
Contact: username Tracker: Tagline: modifyFeatures(Name,Value,Filter) This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above. Descriptio
Page: FeatureType Super Type Design Support for extention of a parent super type. Resulting feature should be made up of attribtues of both the super type and the sub type. Sub types have an oppertunity to further restrict in
Page: FeatureType Survey
Table of contents #Introduction #Goals #Schema mapping essentials #Current API overview #Feature related architectural layers #Feature API #AttributeType class diagram #XML/GML Schema support requirements #XML Schema simple types that needs to be supporte
Page: FeatureTypes for GML
Proposal for GeoTools Features to more fully handle GML Schemas Prepared by: Chris Holmes, The Open Planning Project and David Zwiers, Refractions Research Introduction The GeoTools Feature model was written with the thought of dealing with the full compl
Page: FeatureVersioning interface api
Contact: Walter Deane Tracker: Tagline: Children: Description This is a request for an addition to the GeoTools api to provide a framework for FeatureVersioning. This is b
Page: FeatureVisitor
Now that we have a decent FeatureCollection interface (well not indecent, you could take it home to meet mom), and more importantly a FeatureCollection interface that is used - it's time to have some fun. There are two ways to go about hacking at features
Page: Fid-exp Branch
Fid-exp is some great work done by Andrea Aime to fix a few issues with our DataStore implementations. The specific aim was to change featureids (fids) from Strings to an Interface. This way fids will not be as easily confused. I believe it also allows fo
Page: Filter API
Maintainer: chorner Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development and Status Status on 2.2.x For the stable 2.2.x branch the Filter module has: QA Check: FilterFactoryFinder
Page: Filter data store based on geometries in another
This little snippet shows an example of using the content of one DataStore to filter a second. As DataStores don't support this nativly it has to be done as a two step process. public FeatureCollection relate(DataStore a, DataStore b, Filter filter, short
Page: FilterFactory cleanup
Motivation: FilterFactory2 causes some confusion Contact: jive Issue: Tagline: Pull up methods from FilterFactory2 Children: Description Out of discussion with Micheal B
Page: Filters
A Filter is a generic way to get features that satisfy certain criteria. In general, a Filter object takes a Feature and reports whether the Feature is contained in it (that is, i
Page: Filters and Expressions
Expressions and filters are the basis for data querying, but they are also important as generic tools which are used heavily in SLD styling (see the Maps and styles tutorial for more details). Expressions Filters
Page: Fix the Docs
This page documents steps taken to improve our GeoTools documentation for users (aka those programmers who use geotools as a library). This page was started in April 2006 around the 2.2.RC2 version of Geotools.  The following work has been started: User M
Page: Fixing compilation errors
The transition to Java 5 allows us to add generic types in GeoTools code base. This addition is usually transparent. However there is a few cases where it may cause compilation failures. This page list the errors and how to fix them. Compilation errors re
Page: FlatFeature
This example... LOGGER.finer("creating flat feature..."); AttributeType geometryAttribute = AttributeTypeFactory.newAttributeType("testGeometry", LineString.class); LOGGER.finer("created geometry attribute"); AttributeType booleanAttribute = AttributeType
Page: FloatRasterDemo
A simple demo computing a WritableRaster raster and displaying it.The raster uses <code>float</code> data type with arbitrary sample values.At the difference of DoubleImageDemo, this demo consider the image as one and only one tile. Consequently, sample v
Page: FM DataStore Port Guide
Copy DataStore Plug-in from Trunk In order to minimize missing out on improvments and bug fixes from trunk, before beginning a data store port you should copy the latest and greatest version from trunk. Be sure to make that trunk itself is in sync with th
Page: FM on trunk proposal
A proposal for bringing full FM branch functionality to trunk This is just a starting point for a true proposal, do not take any of this page content as to be accurate Proposal to bring community schema support into Geotools Trunk Overview I'm pretty lovi
Page: FM on trunk proposal 2
Motivation Motivation for supporting a new feature model is described very in this proposal, lets call it proposal one. So why an alternate proposal? Proposal 1 is technical sound, and good enough to allow people to start working community schema support.
Page: Focus FeatureSource around FeatureReader and FeatureWriter
Motivation: The current api is a mess Contact: jdeolive Tracker: for GeoTools 2.5.x tasks Tagline: Cleaning up data store / feature access api This page represents the cur
Page: Formal Correspondence
From time to time the GeoTools Project Management Committee is asked to produce a "letter of support" typically in support of a bidding process. The following letters have been written at this time: Feature Model Letter of Support The GeoTools project fol
Page: Fried Egg
logo-friedegg.png The Fried Egg module provides the Geotools library with support for the creation and manipulation of the geometric objects defined by various realizations of the abstract ISO 19107 spatial schema. Status: 2008.05 Design work started. No
Page: Function lookup using qualified Name
Contact: username Tracker: Tagline: a function by any other name Children: Description We have officially reached the limits of function lookup using a simple String. This


Page: GeoAPI Temporal Implementation
Module: GeoAPI Temporal Implementation Module Maintainer: Alessio Fabiani Status:   Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt htt
Page: GeoGit DataStore
This is an RnD page as we explore design ideas for a GeoGit DataStore. Reference: This
Page: GeomeryFactoryFinder Proposal
Motivation: Introduce GeometryFactoryFinder and GeometryBuilder API Contact: gdavis Tracker: Tagline: Do you know where your geometry is? This page represents the current
Page: Geometry
Module: Geometry Module Maintainer: gdavis, sanjayjena Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: Geometry Branch
A branch has been (created by bryce?) to work on implementing ISO Geometry using simple JTS wrappers. The branch is available here: This is a full
Page: Geometry transformations in SLD
Introduction This page provides some background of the concept of geometry transformations in SLD, a tool that can be used to improve the rendering abilities and address some commonly requested rendering abilities. Rendering chain and transformations The
Page: Geometryless Configuration
Introduction  Geometryless Data Store allows features to be created from data stores with no special spatial geometry data types. This includes the very common cases of separate latitude/longitude numerical columns and also the ability to serve data objec
Page: Geometryless JDBC Data Store
Module: geometryless Module Maintainer: ~rob_cto_sco Status: ... Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: GeoRest module
The GeoRest module is a plug-in for GeoTools to read a GeoJson based rest service. This is done by defining a new DataStore: GeoJsonDataStore. The actual service definition for this GeoJsonDataStore is defined by the Geomajas GeoJson plug-in, FeatureServe
Page: GeoServer
[GeoServer | is the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) reference implementation . It also provides an integrated WMS, WCS and web administration tool.
Page: GeoServer Style Editor
People Student: Anthony Manfredi Primary Mentor: Andrea Aime Other Contacts: Tim Schaub, Saul Farber, Jody Garnett, Chris Holmes, Corey Horner, Cameron Shorter, Vincent Heurteaux Goals of the Project To design and implement an editor for SLD files with us
Page: GeoSolutions
We would like to acknowledge GeoSolutions for providing nightly-builds to the 2.3.x branch of the Geotools project.
Page: GeoSpatial for Java Tutorial
mbedward and jive are putting on a GeoTools tutorial at FOSS4G 2009; this is a checklist of the tutorial content and progress made. done needs testing stuck To help out please email mbedward or jive and we can send you a draft of one of the tutorials to t
Page: GeoTiff
Module: GeoTiff Module Maintainer: simboss Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plug-in
Page: Geotools 2.0 Tutorials
The main difference between Geotools 2.0 and 2.1 is the change of CoordinateReferenceSystem. Unfortantly MapPane is based on this construct and nobody has had time to upgrade it. Coordinate Transformation Services for Geotools 2.0 0 Introducing PropertyDa
Page: GeoTools at FOSS4G 2007
GeoTools was really well represented at this years Free and Open Source Geospatial conference. One of the advantages of being a library is that we can really be everywhere. The downside is that even if you attended the conference (wasn't it great!) you co
Page: Geotools basic Symbol libraries
This section is an attempt to build a basic library used as reference by the geotools community ; inputs still needed!!! The procedure we could follow is the following : 1) define the categories we want to use Towns roads buidings Water rivers lake Lansca
Page: GeoTools Contributor Status
The following people have indicated via email if they will sign, or cannot sign (or were late), need more information or are waiting for permission: If two ids are given the second one refers to the osgeo user id. SVN Arbonaut Vitali Datchkov (vitalus) Ax
Page: GeoTools filter cleanup
Introduction GeoTools classes and tests still use the old org.geotools.filter.Filter class a lot, despite it being deprecated for at least two years. We must put an end to this. The rough idea is relatively simple: find and kill any usage point of the old
Page: GeoTools Handout
Geotools handout The following is content for a handout that will be given out at the Vancouver GIS Users poster presentation April 7, 2005. Now (March 30, 2005) sent off to Refractions marketing guru. It follows the same layo
Page: Geotools Legal Review
This page attempts to summarize the work being done to formalize the legal status of the Geotools library prior to acceptance as a formal project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. The page was started summer/fall 2007. Overview Geotools started as
Page: GeoTools Provenance Review
This page gathers up the provenance review performed from 2006-2008 on the geotools library. This work was undertaken as an OSGeo incubation requirement. Summary We removed ArcSDE and Oracle support from the library due to difficulties distribution the ja
Page: GeoTools Report 2012
GeoTools Contact name: Jody Garnett Key Accomplishments The project has switched from subversion to git and is now hosted at GitHub GeoTools 8.0 was released First major release after a 1.5 year drought Amazing release with Java 6, join support, temporal
Page: GeoVISTA Studio
GeoVISTA Studio - Codeless visualization and model building environment GeoVISTA Studio at a Glance: Home: Status: Beta License: LGPL
Page: GIS J2EE Framework using Geotools
Actually i'm developing a GIS J2EE Framwork using geotools, but not only works with J2EE technology, but also can be used with a desktop application. In may plans also there is a server for maps, sucha s ArcGIS. I developed the engine for map, layers, leg
Page: GML Schema support requirements
XML/GML Schema support requirements To support the mapping of a GML schema, the FeatureType API needs at least to support the basic XML Schema types. XML Schema types can be simple or complex: Simple data types: simple types defines XML elements that have
Page: GML3 DataStore
Target A DataStore capable of serving GML3 content conforming to the Simple Profile Level 0 providing support for "simple" application schemas. Motivation Geotools lacks GML3 support. GML support is not well maintained and has been an "unsupported" datast
Page: GMLDataStore
Data can be also stored into XML. It is GML in the geotools world. GMLDocumentFilter reads in an arbitrary XML file, extracts all GML-namespace associate elements, and translates them into primitive geometry calls, handled by the GMLGeometryHandler. Essen
Page: Going Forward
We made some recomendations for long term handling of plug-ins and extensions. Here is what that looks like under the cold hard truth of a repository structure. Repository:
Page: Google Summer of Code
Welcome Google Summer of Code Students! This page collects ideas for your consideration or inspiration. We are only in position to accept applicants that have sent an email introduction to the geotools-devel email list. We are a distributed team we need t
Page: GPX module
The GPX module is a Geotools plugin to read, and eventually to write, Global Positioning System exchange (GPX) format files. The module implements a Geotools DataStore responsible for files with the .gpx extension. The module has been added to Geotools in
Page: GPX2 Improvement Ideas
Here are a list of some ideas for improving the unsupported GPX2 module: Remove use of JDOM and repleace with a streaming xml-pull parser library like sjsxp, Sun's StAX implementation. Implement a GPX
Page: Graduate from OSGeo
Motivation: OSGeo graduation Contact: jive acuster Tagline: The last step for OSGeo graduation Resources: GtCopyright http://wiki.osgeo
Page: Graph
Module: graph Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: ... Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt R
Page: GRASS ASCII Grid format
GRASS ASCII grid can be used as DEM (Digital Elevation Map) with a file extension .arx. It is a simple file format to represent gridded (or raster) data, for example, digital elevation data. The following is a description of the GRASS ASCII format: north:
Page: Grassraster support
Module: gt-grassraster Module Maintainer: moovida Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: Grid Coverage
Captures raster information
Page: Grid Coverage Exchange Design
Overview This is a implementation for Grid Coverage Exchange used as a driver for GeoTools 2.1. This work is now complete. A followup project is available here: Community Discussion Initial Idea for an API GridCoverageExchange peer of DataStoreFactoryFind
Page: Grid Coverage Update
This work is now complete and is present in GeoTools 2.1 Content A refactoring of org.geotools.gc. When the refactoring will be finished, org.geotools.gc will be removed. There is the problem: The OpenGIS "Spatial Referencing by Coordinates" specification
Page: GridEnvelope subclasses replacing deprecated GridRange subclasses
Motivation: being sick of deprecated and/or duplicated classes Contact: username Tracker: Tagline: This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the t
Page: gt-swt
Module: gt-swt Module Maintainer: mooovida Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: GTopo30
Module: GTopo30 Module Maintainer: simboss Status:   (*)  Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plug-in: Gr
Page: GUI Architecture
This page is for a general discussion of a new GUI architecture. (Under construction, feel free to add random thoughts) Overview It should be remembered that GeoTools2 exists to allow the creation of applications. It is not intended to actually be one. Be
Page: Guide how to build Transformations
Here is basic example how to make transformation and apply it on raster sources /* Open the file with Image */ WorldImageReader reader = new WorldImageReader(url); Operations operations = new Operations(null); GridCoverage2D coverage = (GridCoverage2D) re
Page: Guide to standalone usage of interpolations
Interpolations algorithms can be also used as standalone functions. Here is the example:   // TODO: Need package names here so we can find them, at least for TPS... ... // We use a single Coordinate Reference System CoordinateReferenceSystem crs = Default


Page: Handling of Unsupported Modules
Motivation: Clarity of purpose Contact: username Tracker: Build Change Developers Guide
Page: Hidden Layer(How change two layer?)
How change two layer?
Page: Hide Function Implementations
Many Function implementation classes are public; causing confusion when users go to look for how to do things. Change function implementations to be package visible; so test cases and factory instances can still work with them Any function that requires i
Page: History
GeoTools 8 (unreleased) (development branch) Wiki 8 Downloads source code This is the current development branch with an initial focus on documentation. GeoTools 2.7 (2009 - Present) (stable branch) Wiki 2.7 Downloads
Home page: Home Welcome to the GeoTools wiki. GeoTools Web Resources: website blog issue tracker
Page: How to add features data into MySQL
This example shows how to add new feature data into a MySQL database. First you have to create the mockup database and then the roads table with the following script # Host: localhost # Database: mokup # Table: 'roads' # CREATE TABLE `roads` ( `width` int
Page: How to create a custom MapLayer -- jdk 1.5 geotools 2.1.M4
An example of how to create your own MapLayer. I adapted the original How to create a simple FeatureCollection from Scratch example by knudsen, because it no longer compiled with 2.1.M4, which I was using. This example creates a custom Feature, creates a
Page: How to create a simple FeatureCollection from Scratch
What if you're just testing or you want to dynamically create features using only Java code? There is no need to load data from a file or other DataStore . Here's a handy-dandy little example that creates a custom MapLayer with a FeatureCollection contain
Page: How to Help
There is a lot of work to do on a project the size of GeoTools but it is often hard for new developers to work out where they can help. At any one time we have a large list of tasks which need doing but many of them are not assigned to anyone in particula
Page: How to render a shape file, style with SLD, zoom, pan -- jdk 1.5 geotools 2.1.M4
The example I wished I had had when I started to work with Geotools. It tries to show the basic things needed to render a shape file. I adapted the example. This example reads polylines from a shape file, uses a LiteRenderer to rend
Page: How to run GeoTools in an applet
Could someone please fill this in? The mailing list archives have this issue a number of times. Applet security problems Introduction There are a series of problems related to Applet security, not directly related to GeoTools, but that are interesting to
Page: How to run the Spearfish demo
This page was started by Anusorn Swasdee to help other Geotools novices run the Spearfish demo from the Maps and styles , and get started using Geotools. Requirements As listed in the 2.2 Dependencies section of th
Page: How to run the Spearfish example with MySQL
The spearfish example has been ported to MySQL from the code available for PostGIS. It is done as un attached file to this page. best regards
Page: How to use a Compare Filter
Here's the source code needed to create a filter that will, using GeoTools, find only show cities with a population greater than 100,000, in a shapefile . In this example we will use the citiesx020.shp file from the National Atlas (
Page: How to use a PostGISDataStore
The DataStore interface is general to all of the implemented DataStores. The Data access basic described how to use a DataStore, using a ShapefileDataStore as an example. The following document extends this to using a PostGISDataStore created with a DataS
Page: How to use the MySQLConnection class
Shell for JDBC transactions of all types. This provides a base class to the database transactional classes. Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger("com.correlane.geotools"); // the database mockup and the users must be created before! db = new MysqlConnection (


Page: IconBundle
All gui swing classes uses the IconBundle class to get there icons. This class is managing ImageIcons to avoid having two times the same image loaded in memory, if the image has allready been loaded it will return you the same reference. Isn't it a little
Page: idgen support for WFS 1.1 transaction request
The problem  The WFS 1.1 allows for multiple key generation strategies, and asks the server to implement at least one: "A specific web feature service implementation must support one of these methods of assigning features identifiers to new feature instan
Page: IDL Process
Module: gt-idl-process Module Maintainer: dany111 Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: Image Mosaicing Pyramidal JDBC Plugin
Module: Image Mosaicing Pyramidal JDBC Plugin Module Maintainer: Christian Mueller Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP
Page: ImageCollection
Module: gt-imagecollection Module Maintainer: dany111 Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: ImageIO-EXT GDAL
Module: gt-imageio-ext-gdal Module Maintainer: dany111 Email Help: Volunteer: Status: IP Review: review.apt
Page: ImageMosaic
Module: ImageMosaic Module Maintainer: [~simboss] Status:   Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: ImagePyramid
Module: ImageMosaic Module Maintainer: [~simboss] Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: Implementation of An Interactive GeoRSS tool in uDig
Page: Implemented algorithms
New methods are based on calculation of regular 'control'  grid of shifts that is calculated form irregular pairs of positions. The grid then defines WarpGridTransform that encapsulates JAI's WarpGrid. Here you can see the results of interpolation of cont
Page: Improve CRSAuthority Concurrency Caching and Connection Use
Motivation: Allow concurrent access to a CRS authority with caching support Contact: jive chorner Tracker: Tagline: Got CRS? This page represents the current plan; for dis
Page: Improve support of RGB coverages
Motivation: Need better cohabitation between geophysics and photographic views Contact: desruisseaux Tracker: TBD Description Status This proposal is currently under construction (it was listed against 2.5.x but has no history). Tasks API Change BEFORE cl
Page: Index
Page: Inflight
The following proposals have been accepted (or not!) and are in the process of effecting the code base. In many cases the proposals seem stuck waiting on documentation tasks.
Page: Internet Relay Chat
Joining the IRC channel If you are new to IRC, you will need to find an IRC client. The later versions of Netscape and Mozilla have IRC built in, and you can connect to a GeoTools meeting simply by using the URL: irc:// irc://irc.
Page: Introduction of getInfo
Contact: jive, eclesia Tracker: Tagline: What is this? No really... This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above. Description
Page: Investigation of JSR-73
Introduction What follows is the result of my investigation of JSR-73 as a potential Operations API. I needed to implement buffering really quick and wanted to see what JSR-73 was all about since it was mentioned in
Page: IRC Breakout Number 1
Here was the agenda: 1) Goals 2) Sample 3) Expr/Query 4) GML Production 5) What we want for next IRC meeting But we lost the IRC. So I am hoping RobA/Chris can fill in the details that I am sure I have missed. One of the big things to do is provide a comm
Page: IRC Logs
Many of the decisions regarding future directions are discussed and decided during a weekly IRC session. 2005 2004 12 December 2004 11 November 2004 10 October 2004 09 September 2004 09 September (blog)
Page: ISO 19123 progress and future plan
Research This section contains background research into the standards performed in order to make the implementation phase go smoothly. The documents referred to in these sections are available for download as attachments to this page. Coverages A coverage
Page: ISO Geometry Integration
Check out the bottom of ISO Geometry Research for the details ... Add a converter from ISO Geometry classes to Java Shape (and then stand back and watch renderer do its magic) Review the spatial function code and make sure it delegates to the ISO Geometry
Page: ISO Geometry Research
There are two implementations available on trunk: Geometry - an experimental module implementing ISO 19107 (a.k.a. Topic 1 - Feature Geometry). This implementation is a project of Prof. Dr. Jackson Roehrig and Sanjay Dominik Jena of the University of Appl


Page: J2EE and Connection Pools
Right now GeoTools makes use of JDBC Connections in the following scenarios: EPSG Authority implementations (for Postgres, HSQL, Access and soon Oracle) DataStore implementations (for PostGIS, Oracle, HSQL, H2, MySQL, etc...) We need to ensure that GeoToo
Page: J2SE IIOMetadata
ImageIO Metadata Support Evaluation. In this brief chapter I would like to investigate a bit more in depth the opportunity given by the Java ImageIO package to handle data sources metadata using XML. First of all let's provide the definition of metadata i
Page: JAI-EXT integration in GeoTools
Contact: n-lagomarsini, dany111 Tracker:   Tagline:   Description This proposal would like to integrate JAI-EXT project into GeoTools. JAI-EXT is an open-source project developed by GeoSolutions team for replacin
Page: JAI-Tools
Module: gt-jai-tools Module Maintainer: dany111 Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: Java 6
Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: I can haz 6? Children: Description Java 5 has gone past it's used by date and is no longer easily available for the developer community to
Page: Java 7 try-with-resource compatibility
Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: try-with-resource Children: Description Reading the Java 7 planned try-with-resource syntax I am convinced that supporting the Closable i
Page: JAXB annotations
Motivation: Map metadata from ISO-19139 to existing classes Contact: desruisseaux, cedricbr Tracker: TBD Attachment: jaxb-metadata.xml (example of marshalled XML) Description Java objects can be binded to XML using annotations. Many frameworks exist and J
Page: JColorPanel
JColorPanel.png JColorPanel This panel can be used for creating SLD editor panels. It handle the color for SLD use. It's also a bean, so you can add it in the Swing Palette of NetBeans Matisse WYSIWYG for example. How to use it ? JColorPanel guiStrokeColo
Page: JContextTree
jcontexttree.png JContextTree As you can see the JContextTree isn't a JTree nore a JTable, It's a JXTeeTable from library SwingX. This component is the second most important after the JMapPane. This tree is an independent widget, it's also a bean, so you
Page: JContextTreePopup
JContextTreePopup.png JContextTreePopup Like the JContextTree, the JContextTreePopup is a frame class. It's not a JPopupMenu (well.. yes at the end it will be a JPopupMenu, but you cannot access it directly). It's not just a popup menu, this one is dynami
Page: JDashPanel
JDashPanel.png JDashPanel This panel can be used for creating SLD editor panels. It handle a few possibilities of the SLD Dashes object. It's also a bean, so you can add it in the Swing Palette of NetBeans Matisse WYSIWYG for example. How to use it ? JDas
Page: JDBC DB2
Module: jdbc-db2 Module Maintainer: Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: JDBC H2
Module: jdbc-h2 Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plug
Page: JDBC Module
Module: JDBC Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Core support mo
Module: jdbc-mysql Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: JDBC PostGIS
Module: jdbc-postgis Module Maintainer: aaime Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: JDBC SpatiaLite
Module: jdbc-spatialite Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: JDBC SQL Server
Module: jdbc-sqlserver Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: JDBC Teradata
Module: jdbc-teradata Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: JFillPanel
JFillPanel.png JFillPanel This panel can be used for creating SLD editor panels. It handle a few possibilities of the SLD Fill object. It's also a bean, so you can add it in the Swing Palette of NetBeans Matisse WYSIWYG for example. How to use it ? JFillP
Page: JLineCapPanel
JLineCapPanel.png JLineCapPanel This panel can be used for creating SLD editor panels. It handle the possibilities of SLD Linecap. It's also a bean, so you can add it in the Swing Palette of NetBeans Matisse WYSIWYG for example. How to use it ? JLineCapPa
Page: JLineJoinPanel
JLineJoin.png JLineJoinPanel This panel can be used for creating SLD editor panels. It handle the possibilities of SLD Linejoin. It's also a bean, so you can add it in the Swing Palette of NetBeans Matisse WYSIWYG for example. How to use it ? JLineJoinPan
Page: Join Support
Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: Adding joins to query api Children: Description Joins are a powerful construct for analyzing relationships among datasets. In the geo d
Page: JP2K Plugin
Module: jp2 Module Maintainer: dany111 Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: JPOX Extension
Introduction JPOX-Spatial allows the use of JPOX as persistence layer for geospatial applications in an environment that supports the OGC SFA specification. It defines type mappings to let JPOX know how to persist a number of differen
Page: JStrokePanel
JStrokePanel.png JStrokePanel This panel can be used for creating SLD editor panels. It handle most of the possibilities of the SLD Stroke. It's also a bean, so you can add it in the Swing Palette of NetBeans Matisse WYSIWYG for example. How to use it ? J
Page: JTileCache
Page: JTS Wrapper
Module Maintainer: Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Gold Star Quali


Page: Kickoff meeting notes
Notes. Simone gave a history of his involvement with Geotools and the development for the NATO project. This should be placed on the Coverage plans page. OSSIM is interested in working with us. This perhaps makes the transition to ISO19123 more urgent. Ma
Page: KML DataStore
Target A DataStore capable of reading the data from KML files and serve them as simple features (ignoring the style information). Motivation Users may want to use data inside kml files as input for a data store. Approach Geotools supports parsing KML file


Page: lakes.xfmap
The files can be found here
Page: LeftHeader GeoTools The Open Source Java GIS Toolkit
Page: Library
The GeoTools core library . The library layered into several dependent modules, each of which captures an idea or specification.
Page: Licenses Investigation
Geotools dependencies Licenses   The aim of this page is collecting any information related to licensing involved in GeoTools dependencies. The following table depicts the actual state of the investigation on the situation about licenses. (Actually, the t
Page: LiteRendering
import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.awt.Rectangle; import java.awt.event.WindowAdapter; import java.awt.event.WindowEvent; import java.awt.geom.AffineTransform; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; impo


Page: Mad Staging Area Idea
Recent email and blog activity have brought out the hardest area to collaborate on: Data formats. It seems silly that we are stuck on what should be a simple task; and most of the reason we are stuck is over arguments on what makes a good feature model. E
Page: Mailing Lists
For additional options on contacting the GeoTools Community please see our user guide for communication and support geotools-gt2-users Subscribe
Page: Main Module
Module Maintainer: jive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.4.x branch the main module has been broken into seperate modules. Module Status The main modu
Page: Map charting module
Module: gt-chart Module Maintainer: aaime Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plug-
Page: Map, Layer, Data and Rendering Architecture
Currently GeoTools and uDig use different frameworks for defining maps and map layers, and they have different concepts for rendering and access to the data. In general, GeoTools is more straightforward and intuitive, whereas uDig introduces some interest
Page: Map2D structure
JDefaultMap2D structure JDefaultmap2D.png A layered structure A : The all set of layer will result in interactive widget map B : The Decoration group, you can control all layer in here C : The MapDecoration group, this one only accesible within the class,
Page: MapContext Refactor
Motivation: MapLayer is doing too much Contact: username Tracker: GEOT-3136 GEOT-3150 GEOT-3565 Tagline: the map is back This pa
Page: MapLayerArchitecture - 1_Goals
General design guidelines and goals Division of tasks The purpose of the three mentioned projects is clear enough to have a good division of work between them. I suggest following: GeoTools Contain the interfaces (API) and standard implementations of the
Page: MapLayerArchitecture - 2_PriorArt
Prior art - An evaluation of what exists in GeoTools, GeoAPI and Udig GeoTools Maps and map layers GeoTools map interfaces and implementations reside in There are two interfaces, MapContext and MapLayer. The default implementations are D
Page: MapLayerArchitecture - 3_Concepts
Specific proposed concepts This section shall hold our more specific(technical) thoughts and whishes for the new architecture. Which object interfaces should exist? There exist several possible concepts: Map and map layer. This is the current approach in
Page: MapLayerArchitecture - 4_Progress
A picture emerges - Visual progress This page shall contain an update of where we are and where the journey might be going. Map framework API UML diagram The UML diagram below shows with what we have come up so far. A prototype of the depicted model is in
Page: MapLayerArchitecture - 5_Rendering
Work on the rendering framework. On this page ideas specifically for a new rendering framework are to be found. For goals see also this page. General goals for the rendering framework It should b
Page: MapLayerArchitecture - 9_Status
Requirements for GeoWidgets and their status Work on this MapFramework is crucial for GeoWidgets. On this page I give an overview about what has to be done in which order to continue development on GeoWidgets. Sub components of this RND project Note that
Page: MapLegendViewer
Load and display a shape file. At the difference of the MapToolViewer demo, this demo use MapPane with the Renderer J2D renderer. package org.geotools.demo.gui; import com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.LineString; import com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.MultiLineStr
Page: MapPane
Module: MapPane Module Maintainer: ianturton Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: Maps and styles
This brief tutorial discusses how to build a map out of a set of feature sources and styles and display it on the screen or save it as an image. You will learn how to use the MapContext class for building maps, the SLD(Styled Layer Descriptor) styles to s
Page: MapToolViewer
The shapefile to view is given as an agument for this class. If no arguments are given, a shapefile from sample-data is used. package org.geotools.demo.gui; import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Dimension; import java.awt.ev
Page: MapViewer
Load and display a shape file. At the difference of the MapToolViewer demo, this demo use MapPane with the Renderer J2D renderer . package org.geotools.demo.gui; // J2SE dependencies import; import; import; im
Page: MarkTestSLD
<StyledLayerDescriptor version="0.7.2"> <!-- a named layer is the basic building block of an sld document --> <NamedLayer> <Name>A Random Layer</Name> <title>The title of the layer</title> <abstract> A longer and some would say less random peice of text t
Page: Matlab file version 5
Module: matfile5 Module Maintainer: dany111 Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt
Page: Maven Central
Contact: rfecher Tracker: Tagline: Publish to Maven Central Children: Description I'm interested in publishing geotools artifacts to maven central.  The maven central guid
Page: Meta Information Infrastructure
Meta Information Infrastructure proposal Prepared by: Paolo Rizzi & Luca S. Percich, AMA - Agenzia Mobilità e Ambiente Milano (Italy) see also SIS Meta Infrastructure current software and ApplicationMetadataAndComplexTypes Introduction We are building wha
Page: MIF Plugin
Module: MIF Module Maintainer: MIF Plugin Status: unknown Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plug-in: D
Page: MIFDataStore
The DataStore interface is general to all of the implemented DataStores. The Data access basic described how to use a DataStore, using a ShapefileDataStore as an example. The following document extends this to using a MIFDataStore created with a DataStore
Page: Migrate shapefile to shapefile-ng
Contact: AndreaAime Tracker: GEOT-4444 Tagline: Clean up shapefile store implementation Children: Description The current shapefile datastore is based on AbstractDataStore, a base class that while not deprecated,
Page: Misc Geometry WKT
LineString LINESTRING (80 360, 520 360, 520 40, 120 40, 120 300, 460 300, 460 100, 200 100, 200 240, 400 240, 400 140, 560 0) LINESTRING (60 380, 60 20, 200 400, 280 20, 360 400, 420 20, 500 400, 580 20, 620 400) MultiLineString MULTILINESTRING ((80 360,
Page: Module Matrix
Each of the following pages describes the current status of a module in GeoTools. The pages have a link to the list of known issues, and a few notes from the developer with respect to future plans. The status is reflected as a series of "stars" in keeping
Page: Module Merge
So we have the go ahead to slice and dice the module structure that has been used by Geotools for the 2.0 stream. Research To provide a guideline for this merge process we are sorting modules into three camps: main: core geotools2 library plugins: modules
Page: Module renaming
Motivation: Get nightly site and javadoc builds Contact: desruisseaux, cedricbr Tracker: GEOT-995 Attachment: none Proposal Complete. The modules have now been renamed. Jars often start with 'gt-' as in 'gt-main'.
Page: Modules cleanup
Introduction This page has been created to reorganize the Geotools modules, in particular to establish: which modules have been abandoned, and should be removed from the codebase which unmantained modules can get a new mantainer, which ones should be move
Page: Move to another Server
Motivation: The refractions svn server has been under attack Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: is the server up? This page represents the current plan; for discussion please
Page: Multidimensional Georegistered Grid
For Review and Comment: Coverage Plugin Use Cases Design and Implementation: A chart of personnel and a list of major tasks: OpenOffice or PDF Summary This effort can be defined as an attempt to provide a unified data access API to an n-Dimensional datase
Page: Multidimensional Grid Motivation and Scope
Why do you want more? There exists a set of applications which require a toolkit which works with n-Dimensional data, where n is greater than 2. This set of applications have traditionally been the domain of data visualization packages. These packages per
Page: MyMaps
MyMaps is designed for Java developers who are just getting started in GIS.  Built on top of Geotools, the project makes it easy to add mapping capabilities to Swing applications. Home Page:


Page: Naming policy for GeoAPI implementation classes
Motivation: Make GeoAPI implementation class names consistent Contact: desruisseaux Tracker:   Tagline:   Implementation of GeoAPI classes have different naming pattern in different modules. In the referencing module, they are prefixed with Default or Abs
Page: NetCDF and Grib plugins
Module: gt-coverage-multidim Module Maintainer: dany111, n-lagomarsini Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: Added review.apt for each module to support. The aim of this mod
Page: New ILIKE statement
Motivation: Case insensitive search need to be improved to take advantage of store implementations Contact: mauricio.pazos Tracker: Tagline: improving the search condition
Page: New Transformation Algorithms for GeoTools and uDig
Abstract GeoTools Referencing module has been becoming one of the most powerful tools focused on coordinate system transformations in JAVA GIS world in recent years. Referencing module in conjunction with Coverage module presents a really strong tool for
Page: News
Page: Next Generation JDBC DataStore
Motivation: Improve quality and maintainability of jdbc data stores. Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: Next generation architecture for JDBC datastores. This page repres
Page: Nightly Builds
This release is under development - live 2.2.x branch (development) : Readme nightly builds - by date (discontinued!) source code


Page: Objects, Interfaces and Factories
GeoTools loves its interfaces - this drove me mad when I first started using the toolkit. One of the things about an interface is that you still need a way to create objects, and that is where a factory comes in. A factory is simply a class with a create
Page: OGC WMS 1.3.0 as example of Portrayal Service
Introduction ISO 19117 specifies the interface and associated classes for a portrayal service. In true "abstract specification" form, this interface is so general it's really very hard to think about without having a concrete example to mull over. I think
Page: OGR Data Store
Module: OGR data store Module Maintainer: aaime Email Help: Volunteer: Status: Model  OGR Data Store design User doc OGR Data Store user guide Gold Star Quality Assurance Check:
Page: OGR Data Store design
This page will host some considerations about the OGR data store design
Page: OnlineTestCase support for failure on failed connection
Motivation: Some people like their unit tests to fail on failure Contact: bencaradocdavies Tracker: Tagline: OnlineTestCase support for failure on failed connection This p
Page: OpenGeo
We'd like to thank OpenGeo for the Hudson continuous build server
Page: OpenOffice
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Provides s
Page: Operations
Operations / Tasks We need a generic API for handling 'operations' or 'tasks' (actually, a Task API may be a better name...) The operation api will be the key location for developers wanting to plug in additional functionality. It covers almost any proces
Page: Opperations API - IM
cholmesny: Hey rob. rob_cto_sco: hi ya! jodygarnett: I am afraid ext/view is a bit of a mess, I have been hacking hard to try and get my thoughts in order. jodygarnett: I think I have a bit of a plan though. rob_cto_sco: Do you want me to try voice? rob_c
Page: Oracle-Spatial Plugin
Module Maintainer: mrisney Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Plug-in: DataStoreFactorySPI Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the Oracle module has: Fixed several issues with t
Page: oraTest
Page: interface scratchpad Interfaces The e-mails discussing the various data interfaces (DataStore, FeatureCollection, etc) get pretty lengthy. Hopefully this page can serve as a summary of what the interfaces might look like with the most current suggestions. No
Page: OSGeo Membership
2006 Geotools decides to join OSGeo In 2006, the Project Management Committee (PMC) governing the Geotools project decided to join the newly formed Open Source Geospatial Foundation, known informally as OSGeo. OSGeo currently aims to


Page: Pain Free GeoTools
This article is in response to an excellent observation made by Martin Fowler here: Humane Interface - design the interface so that it's really easy to do the common case Minimal Interface http://martinfo
Page: Papers and Presentations
A collection of papers and presentations that have been published / given or which are still being written.
Page: Parameter Interaction
This page is a follow up to geotools-devel discussion asking the important question: How to represent parameters that are expected to capture an interaction? Examples: Parameter supplying an Attribute, needs to know which Parameter is supplying the schema
Page: Partial 3D data support
Motivation: Stepping up from a pure 2d world to partial 3d support, the OGR,PostGIS,MapServer way Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: Handling 3d data in a 2d world This page
Page: Planning
Where do we go from here - check the dates some of these will be old.
Page: Plugin
The following plugins are modules suplementing the functionality of the core library . These plugins are optional, although you are advised that many data plugins will require at least one of the epsg plugins to on the classpath in order to function prope
Page: Plugins for multidimensional raster data sources
As part of the Google Summer of Code initiative I would like to propose myself for working with Open Source Geospatial Foundation on one of the ideas mentioned on the GeoTools project page ( h
Page: PostGIS Plugin Unsupported
Module: PostGIS Module Maintainers: jdeolive cholmes Rob Hranac Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.4.x branch PostGIS has ... ... IP Review IP review is
Page: PostGIS2
Module: PostGIS2 Module Maintainer: jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Pl
Page: Powered By This banner is avialable to projects that are "powered by" the geotools library. Geotools is used by a fair number of projects both open source and commerical. Many of these pr
Page: Process
Module: Process Module Maintainer: jive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: The Process module's purpose is to have a low level interface to handle a very simple kind of operations o
Page: Process API
The process api is used to capture GeoTools processes so they can be run in a nice threadsafe fashion Table of Contents: Sub pages; Reference: Process Module Matrix Page GEOS-4706 Cut over to GeoTools port of GSProcess implementations http://jira.codehaus
Page: Process API Design Alternatives
One long standing request of the GeoTools code base is to offer an operations api for working on Features (similar to what is available for grid coverage). The idea here is to have a low level interface to handle a very simple kind of operations on data.
Page: Proposal to assign our copyright to OSGeo
We propose to reach consensus on the following points: To pick OSGeo as the organization to hold copyright in geotools. To use the copyright assignment document recently approved by OSGeo and available in here. To ourselves fill out and sign the document
Page: Proposals
The following are proposals considered by the GeoTools community, following our change proposal procedure The pages are the proposal in their final form, if you wish to explore the discus
Page: Provide Parsers in a consistent fashion
Motivation: Be consistent about parsing. Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: lexify this (bad object pun) This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check th
Page: Public Domain GeoTiff plugin
A GeoTIFF reader for Geotools I bothered a lot of people about GeoTIFF support a while back. I never committed my code because, well, I can't. There's also no module maintainer to give the code to, so I just kept it. But occassionally I see questions come
Page: Publish to Maven Central Repository
Motivation: User list confusion over the number of geotools repositories available during a web search Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: repo where art thou? Children:
Page: Putting everything together
The following tutorial will only work with GeoTools 2.1; StyledMapPane has been removed. The replacement is called "JMapPane" and is only intended for examples. Sample use available FOSS4G 2006 Presentation here. Note: the ArcGridDataSource used below is


Page: Query as Class
Motivation: Why bother Contact: username Tracker: Tagline: Query vs DefaultQuery This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above.
Page: QuickLinks
Downloads | Development | About | Reference


Page: Random Data Access
Goal The uDig project (an OpenGIS based gt2 client w/ WFS+WMS support) is expected to provide an influx of JUMP developers used to an Array based in memory Feature model. Our streaming approach will threaten to isolate them, and in general itterators are
Page: Raster Symbolizer support
Motivation: Improve GeoTools support for the SLD Raster Symbolizer. Contact: Simone Giannecchini, Alessio Fabiani Tracker: Tagline: Refactoring the actual Raster Symbolize
Page: Refactor OpenGIS
Contact: jive Tracker: Children: Description GeoTools is currently using GeoAPI 2.3-M
Page: RefactorIT
For the offer of free Open Source licences for refactoring GeoTools.
Page: Referencing Module
Module Maintainer: Martin Desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the referencing module has: @completed goal@ Module Status The refe
Page: Referencing3D
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Transforms
Page: ReferencingFactoryFinder incompatible change
Motivation: Fix the "URN factory not found" bug Contact: desruisseaux Tracker: Implementation was attempted and we realized that it leads to confusion. It was not always o
Page: Refractions
We would like to acknowledge the support of Refractions Research in their donation of svn hosting facilities to the Geotools project.
Page: Released Modules
merge module Description main core defines interfaces   default core default Factories/implementations   cts-coordtrans coordinate transformation   filter filter support   data shared code for DataStore writing   data.jdbc Shared code for Database access
Page: Remove Assumption of org.geotools.filter.Filter
Remove assumption of style from  Style Implementation SAX Parser DOM Parser XDO Parser XMS-XSD Bindings Copy existing Filter Implementations, and remove AbstractFilter superclass Package up as a FilterFactoryImpl Use a hint to try out existing test cases
Page: Remove DataStore getView method
Motivation: Removing a seldom used method from the core API Contact: mbedward Tracker: Tagline: Remove DataStore.getView method This page represents the current plan; for
Page: Render Module
Module: Render Module Maintainer: Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: RendererLite
Introduction LiteRenderer is the simpler and smaller one. It is simple and lean, with low memory overheads since it works in full streaming mode, that is, it loads and processes only one feature at a time from the persistent storage. This is also its Achi
Page: Renderers and map panes
A Renderer is an object that draws a map described by a MapContext onto a Graphics2D object. You can get a Graphics2D object from the paint event of a JComponent, or from the printer objects, or from a BufferedImage so that you can save the map as an imag
Page: Rendering Optimization
This summary of several ideas that have been floating around the commiity for a while. If I touch on your favorate idea and mange to totally mess up the explaination please jump in and fix and comment. Throughput, Number of bits/features/transactions per
Page: Rendering transformations
Motivation: Transform the entire dataset before rendering it to achieve both fun and profit Contact: aaime Tracker: Tagline: Because transforming datasets is more powerful
Page: Replace Contribution Agreement
Contact Jody Garnett   Tracker: Replace Contribution Agreement Tagline: contemplating contrubution Children: Description In the last year we have had a bit of confusion
Page: Replace Vecmath
The vecmath jar was originally shipped as part of the java extensions for Java 3D. It is a pretty good library - that we use for matrix calculations in the gt-referencing module. We are using the older version here on the 1.3.2 tag: LICENSE.txt https://ja
Page: Replacing the OLD GCE interfaces
Motivation: The Grid Coverage Exchange specification is dead; we need a replacement along the lines of DataStore Contact: simboss, jive Tracker: Tagline: GCE is dead, lets
Page: ResourceId
Contact: username Tracker: Tagline: who what where when Children: References: OGC 09-0261r1 OpenGIS Filter 2.0 Encoding Standard Description As part of the WFS 2.0 specifi
Page: Resources
Click to Add a Page to the list.
Page: Retire IRC Meetings
Motivation: The change process is working; and has removed the need for weekly meetings Contact: jive Tagline: what time was the meeting again? This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above. Description We intro
Page: Review referencing factories and transform builders
The old EPSG factories design (thread-safe through blocking synchronized statements) has been replaced by concurrent EPSG factories, thanks to Refraction work. However the old implementations have not yet been deleted. We need to review the classes, make
Page: RnD
The following ideas are being thought about, when a developer actually makes a branch they will be sorted under their expected release. Archived Ideas Idea GUI Architecture   idea Process API JAI for Features Idea Meta Information Infrastructure   Idea Wo
Page: Road Map to 2.1
This is a DRAFT Geotools 2.1 roadmap - the Geotools community has yet to formally adopt this plan in an IRC meeting. Please add comments to this page for discussion. Geotools 2.1 Here is a timeline for Geotools 2.1 (release follows tag by 1-2 days): 2.1.M
Page: roads.shp
This example.... The files are here
Page: roads.xfmap
The files can be found here
Page: rstrct.shp
This example... The files can be found here
Page: Running Cruise Control as a Windows Service
Running Cruise Control as a Windows Service There are a number of solutions to get cruise control running as a windows service, but I found it the easiest to download Java Service Wrapper ( http://wr


Page: Sample Data Module
Module Maintainer: Martin Desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: The Sample Data Module provides a data repository for different formats (shapefile, gml, sql, ...) which wi
Page: Screenshots
(this section is a place where putting some screenshots - the most beautiful if possible - of what we can do really nice with Geotools... Please contribute) Click here to Add a Snapshot  
Page: Second IRC Meeting
Time The meeting time has been changed to 2000Z Tuesday, August 30, 2005.
Page: SEEGrid project scope
h1 SEEGRID Project Scope notes: The SEEGrid community is progressing a project to extend GeoServer to support "Community Schemas". Please see the Use Case document for more information on why. This is a smal
Page: Separate general complex feature classes from gt-app-schema
Contact: Niels Charlier Tracker: GEOT-4344 Tagline:   Children: Description The idea is to split the app-schema module in three: The first part would contain everything that helps with complex features in general
Page: SerializableFeatures
Serializable Features: How to Transfer Feature Objects The following classes provide Serializable wrappers around Feature and type objects. There are some comments in Geotools data classes like "// TODO consider serialization". But just marking Feature Se
Page: SerializationConsiderations
Expanding upon the Feature serializers mentioned in SerializableFeatures, there may be a need to serialize a Style, say to send it over RMI. One way (probably a bit slow) is simply to encode it in XML and place it in a String. Example static Style xmlToSt
Page: Shapefile Index Support
From's Dave's email: (see Random Data Access) You can access an individual row in a shapefile in O(1) time if you know the shapeid (ie. row number). a) open up the .shx file for random access. Its a constant size per row, so you can grab the row you want
Page: Shapefile Plugin
Module Maintainer: Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Recent Deve
Page: Shapefile Renderer
Module Maintainer: Shapefile Renderer Status:   Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Recent Develo
Page: ShapeReaderWriter
Basic reading/writing abilities demo: open a file, get the feature type, read the features and output a subset to a new shapefile. The hard-coded field 'HOUSHOLD' requires using the shapefile org/geotools/sampleData/statepop.shp package org.geotools.demo.
Page: ShapeReprojector
Basic reading abilities demo: open a file, get the feature type, read the features and output their contents to the standard output. package; import; import; import; import jav
Page: Simple Feature Model
In order to maintain backwards compatability ( for the most part ) with the rest of the library, the old feature model will be made to extend the new one. The new feature model contains a &quot;simple&quot; component which maps closley to the old model. S
Page: SimpleFileFilter
A simple file filter implementation that allow to specify one or more file extensions package org.geotools.demo.gui; import; import javax.swing.filechooser.FileFilter; /** * @author wolf */ public class SimpleFileFilter extends FileFilter imp
Page: simpleGeometries.shp
This examples ... The files can be found here
Page: SimpleMathExpression
Simple math expression which processes a simple add on two integers. MathExpr one = new LiteralMathExpr( 1 ); MathExpr two = new LiteralMathExpr( 2 ); MathExpr add = one.add( two ); Expr value = add.eval(); System.out.println(value); LiteralMathExpr sum =
Page: SimpleSLD
It has two 'buildings' and two roads. The roads meet at a junction and a river runs under them. There is a boundary of some sort roundone part of the map that includes one but not both of the buildings. One road and the river run through the zone. <Styled
Page: SIS Meta Infrastructure current software
Current Software Prepared by: Paolo Rizzi, AMA - Agenzia Mobilità e Ambiente Milano (Italy) download from here Module explanation I tried to divide up source code and jars with respect to
Page: Skip GeoTools 3
Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: GeoTools 8-SNAPSHOT This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above. Children: This proposal do
Page: Snippets
Snippets are small, incomplete code samples demonstrating a specific feature of Geotools or a particular method to use the library. These samples are especially useful to document complex issues of the library. These samples do not have to be fully develo
Page: SoC 2007 Caching data
This page documents my Google Summer of code project "Caching Data in uDig". You can read my projet proposal at Here I will try to keep track of ideas, de
Page: Spearfish.shp
This file contains the following features (tbd).... It can be found here
Page: Spearfish.sql
This release was created on Month day, 2005 : Readme http://prdownload
Page: Sphinx Documentation Process
Motivation: Finalize sphinx documentation practice Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: Sphinx documentation process This page represents the current plan; for discussion p
Page: Split up unsupported modules
Motivation: User confusion about what unsupported means Contact: mbedward Tracker: Tagline: split up unsupported This page represents the current plan; for discussion plea
Page: SQL Encoding for LikeFilter
Problem: Case insensitive LIKE filter supported was added for WFS 2.0 and the JDBC-NG datastore implementations not updated Issue: GEOT-2426 Support case insenstive like searches in jdbc-ng http://jira.codehaus.or
Page: SQLEncoder Upgrade to GeoAPI Filters
A small step on the long road to internal use of GeoAPI Filters There's a long road to internally using GeoAPI filters rather than Geotools filters. This is just a little piece of the work. My motivation: I was itching to get the ArcSDE datastore plugin m
Page: Stable Branch Example
Here is an example of grabbing a set of changes from trunk over to the 2.1.x stable branch. You need a checkout of the stable branch: mkdir stable svn co sta
Page: statepop.shp
This example... The files can be found here
Page: Streaming Renderer Maintainability
dblasby sent in the following request.... (sending this out quickly for the IRC meeting) Okay, I've been fixing up the StreamingRenderer the last little while, and here's what I think needs to be done. Most of these are just little clean-up to get rid of
Page: streams.shp
This example... The files can be found here
Page: Structured grid coverage readers
Contact: Andrea Aime, Daniele Romagnoli Tracker: Tagline: Structured grid coverages, multidimensional rasters Children: Description Exposing structure The current grid c
Page: Style API
Maintainer: chorner Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development and Status Status on 2.2.x For the stable 2.2.x branch the Styling package has: Been brought into agreement
Page: Styling
Module Maintainer: chorner Status: stable Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the styling module has: been provided with an event system, this allows
Page: SubNodeGroup
Lets see how we can modify nodes in the tree. How to use it? Here is another interesting thing about the JContextTree, making your own nodes without having all the problems of the JTree. And more than that, this can handle dynamic node creation. Thoses ne
Page: Summer of Code 2007
Last year (2006) we were pleased to take part in the Google Summer of Code program, and would like to thank Refractions Research for being our sponsoring organization. This year we are teaming up with the Open Source Geospatial
Page: Summer of Code 2008
We are teaming up with the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and our contact person is _wolf_. For more information: Proposed Id
Page: Summer of Code 2009
We are teaming up with the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and our contact person is Wolf Bergenheim. For more information: ht
Page: Support for three-dimensional envelopes and bounding box filters
Contact: Niels Charlier Tracker: GEOS-5148 Tagline: bbox 3d  Children: Description The goal is to enable a geoserver WFS request with a 3D bounding box so that we receive only geometries not disjoint with that 3D
Page: Support GetGMLObject
Motivation: Support GetGMLObject operation of WFS 1.1 Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker li
Page: Support Multi-Valued Attributes in Filter Comparison Operators
Motivation: X-path expressions can return multiple values. Comparison operators on values (=, <, >, etc) and geometries (overlaps, intersects, etc...) in the filters currently do not handle multiple values as input. Contact: Niels Charlier Tracker: http:/
Page: Supporting Hacks and Versions
Supporting Hacks and Versions Architecture Astronauts Alert -If you have a low BS tolerence tune out now If you want a hint at how geotools plans to support the next big thing - that is easy we write it! It is the next small thing that has me worried - a
Page: Svn Cleanup 2008
Motivation: Cleanup SVN repository Contact: acuster Tagline: SVN CLEANUP This proposal is now complete! The SVN has been cleaned out and refactored as of revision 30258. The new SVN repo went live on 2008-05-14. All commits should appear sequentially as o
Page: Swing module branch
What's going on The swing module, which contains a small collection of GeoTools GUI components, is being rewritten. The work is happening on the swing-refactor branch which will be merged back into trunk to become part of the GeoTools 2.7 series. The wish
Page: Swing Planning
Planning for the gt-swing module; Micheal has been working on consolidating what we have with a view to promoting swing to supported land... Reference: JIRA Swing Component GTRenderer http://docs.geotoo
Page: Switch from JSR-108 to JSR-275 for Units
Motivation: JSR-108 has been replaced Contact: desruisseaux Tracker: Tagline: JSR-275 is ready Description We make use of a Units library for keeping track of the differen


Page: Tasks for 2.2.0 release
Changes required before 2.2.0 release actual release (1 day of effort) Already done deprecated classes from Geotools-2.0 need to be removed (scan the javadocs and compare deprecated classes and existing ones -- approx 3 days effort) (JIRA-GEOT-885 http://
Page: Team
Martin Desruisseaux - GeoAPI Admin, Geotools PMC The GeoAPI release process, Helps talk us through specifications, Impementing CRS & Reprojection in Geotools Andrea Amie - Geotools PMC Answers our lite renderer questions, recreationally rewrites entire ge
Page: Technical Debt
In a library as old as GeoTools we have managed to accumulate some technical debt over time; this is often work that was undone or incomplete. For all of these the developers involve feel pretty bad; chances are they were out of time (or were on a branch
Page: Technical Report for the Geometry Module ISO19107 
Technical Report for the Geometry Module ISO19107
Page: Temporal Filter Support
Scratchpad to discuss implementing temporal filter support in GeoTools. Motivation The WFS 2.0 / FES 2.0 specs add support for temporal filter operators for which we don't have any way of representing in geotools. How does WFS 2.0 / FES 2.0 compare to the
Page: Temporal Filters
Motivation: Temporal filter support based on FES 2.0 spec Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: Temporal filter support based on FES 2.0 spec Children: Description The new v
Page: Test Plan for JTS Geometry
Introduction The JTS Geometry module is an implementation of ISO 19107 as specified by the GeoAPI interfaces. Implementations of the GeoAPI interfaces should obey the Liskov Substitution Principle. As suc
Page: Testing snippet capability
This is a test snippet from SVN: {snippet:lang=java|id=getSchema|url=} This would make writing up-to-date tutorials eaiser and ensure that the cod
Page: TextTestSLD
Example of text in different size according to different rules <!-- Automatically generated on Wed Nov 21 14:40:01 EST 2001 --> <StyledLayerDescriptor version="0.7.1"> <NamedLayer name="GEONAMES:cgns"> <UserStyle name="Filter by scale"> <Title>Filter by s
Page: Thanks
Page: The Balloon Project
The Balloon Project The Balloon Project is a virtual globe desktop application developed in Java. It allows load, render and animate GIS information in real time and is based on a Core API easy to understand and exten
Page: The Map
In short, you can think of a Map as an ordered list of Layers, where each layer is rendered on top of the previous ones according to the data it contains (the feature source) following certain painting rules (the style). The map is represented by the MapC
Page: The shapefile filter tool Example
If the above information is a little overwhelming, don't worry. The following example should help illustrate how this can be accomplished. Let's look at a simple demo app that allows the user to write a new shapefile from the result of filtering an input
Page: Tiger Plugin
Module Maintainer: Julian Ray Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Plugin: DataStore Recent Development Stable IP Review
Page: Tile Server Client
What is a Tile Service? We are starting to see implementations of servers that are "something" like a web map server. What is that something? view of the world split up into tiles tiles avaiable in a single projection tiles available at known zoom levels
Page: Timed Release
Contact: jive aaime Tracker: Tagline: is it time? Children: Description Switch to a timed release cycle for GeoTools. The expected benefits are: reducing the delay betwe
Page: Topology Framework
Topology Framework Status of the document This document is for now just a skeleton. Please feel free to modify and extend it. Aim and objectives Building a topology framework for handling topological relationship using a SimpleFeature model Keeping the fr
Page: Topology SIS Use Cases
Topology Use Cases from the SIS experience Status of the document Just a firts skeleton Aim of the document Describe the different kind of topology relationships which are needed for dealing with a street database, yet trying to keep the discussion as gen
Page: TOPP
We would like to acknowledge the support of the The Open Planning Project in their donation of Web Hosting facilities to the Geotools project.
Page: Transformation through EPSG
The best way to make a transformation (when it is possible), is to use the EPSG database for performing it. The EPSG database ( contains many information like : the existing CRS in the world the main conversion between two CRS (for instance f
Page: TransformationConsole
An example of application reading points from the standard input, transforming them and writting the result to the standard output. package org.geotools.demo.referencing; // J2SE and JAI dependencies import*; import org.geotools.units.*; import j
Page: TransformationCoordinateFilter
A coordinate filter that can be used to tranform each coordinate in a geometry. This is applied to each individual coordinate, so it does not work well when the polygon goes accross 180 + central lat or 90 + lat of origin. There are also some problems wit
Page: TransformData
A simple demo to transform the geometries in a shapefile from the source coordinate system (CS) to a target coordinate system. Source and target CS's are given here as well know text (WKT) strings. The default output path is the users home directory. pack
Page: Transition to GitHub
Contact: jive Tracker: GEOT-4156 Transition to GitHub Tagline: git ready Children: As per our blog post on the topic Hi all, th
Page: Transitioning to FM
2.3.xwill contain a major change to the core of GeoTools - its model of what a Feature is. This will correct many difficulties in previous versions and greatly enhance the functionality of Geotools. We are looking to fix two important things in geotools 2
Page: TreeTableColumn
Lets see how we can modify columns in the tree. How to use it? Here is what is really interesting about the JContextTree, making your own columns. You perhaps allready experienced the hard work related to creation of columns in JTable ... so you think the
Page: Tutorials
These tutorials include code for various different versions of Geotools including 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. Some of the code might still work in recent versions of Geotools but, then again, these examples might not work. We are working (Summer 2006) to clear up t
Page: TXT BNF Design
TXT Grammar (work in progress) In order to analyze the language extension and its relation with CQL we make this grammar using EBNF conventions. h5. Search conditions <sequence of search conditions> ::= <search condition> |<sequence of search conditions>
Page: TXT Language Analysis
This page is used to generate the BNF grammar for the new proposed TXT format (an extension of CQL). To generate a stable BNF we are going to do the following: some examples (this is going to be the a user document), to reduce the work we could add only,


Page: uDig
User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (UDIG) is an open source spatial data viewer/editor, with special emphasis on the OpenGIS standards for internet GIS, the Web Map Server and Web Feature Server standards. uDig will provide a
Page: uDig plugin - screenshots!
Here are few screenshots from uDig plugin that is based on new functions. This plugin is available through uDig update manager from this site: Note: Plugin is  developed against tru
Page: Unrelased Modules
A few modules are not included in our current release: component main plugin extra kill resources         algorithms X       docs X       j2se-demos     X   mapinfo         svgsupport         imagedatasource         vpf         wmsserver       X utils    
Page: Unsupported
The following modules have not yet met the requirements for inclusion in the library. The following are modules for early feedback and collaboration .
Page: Update Style Interfaces to use GeoAPI Filter
Motivation: Avoid deprecated messages using Style interfaces Contact: Jesse Eichar Tracker:   Tagline: Keeping stylish This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above. Description Avoid deprecated messages "Style"
Page: Upgrade master to Java 7
Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: upgrade master to java 7 Description It is time to upgrade to Java 7 (since Java 6 is no longer receiving security updates). Status This
Page: Upgrade Style to SLD 1.1
 Deprecate (or just remove) the Style event notification code; it is broken unused and a bad idea Upgrade GeoTools style classes to match SE 1.1 in place via a proposal Rename org.opengis.sld to org.opengis.stlye and update with the interfaces matching Ge
Page: Upgrade to 2.0
Upgrade to 2.0 Upgrade to 2.1 Upgrade to 2.2 #Major library restructuring #New library focus on OGC standards #Integration of SEAGIS code for georeferencing and coordinate transformation Major library restructuring GeoTools 2 can be considered an entirely
Page: Upgrade to 2.1
Upgrade to 2.0 Upgrade to 2.1 Upgrade to 2.2 #Implementation of the CRS based georeferencing system #Deprecation of all classes still using the older CS system into the legacy module Implementation of the CRS based georeferencing system A new georeferenci
Page: Upgrade to 2.2
Upgrade to 2.1 Upgrade to 2.2 Upgrade to 2.3 #Removal of the Legacy Modules #Make your own JMapPane Removal of the Legacy Modules The removal of the legacy modules included the loss of all the modules which depended on the legacy georeferencing system. Mo
Page: Upgrade to 2.3
Upgrade to 2.2 Upgrade to 2.3 Upgrade to 2.4 The following is needed when upgrading to 2.3: Transition to FeatureCollection #Transition to GridCoverageRenderer Transition to FeatureCollection FeatureResults was deprecated for the 2.1 release, and it is pa
Page: Upgrade to 2.4
For instructions on upgrading please check out the user guide:
Page: Upgrade to 2.5
For details on how to upgrade please review the user guide:
Page: Upgrade to 2.6
For upgrade instruction please visit the GeoTools user guide:
Page: Upgrade to 2.7
Upgrade to 2.6 Upgrade to 2.7 Check the Users Guide for upgrade information:
Page: Upgrade to 8.0
Check the users guide for upgrade information:
Page: Upgrading styles with GeoAPI Interfaces
Motivation: Upgrading styles for more functionalities Contact: eclesia Tagline: Style Upgrade Description Currently, GeoTools styles package is based on OGC SLD 1.0.0. This proposal will upgrade GeoTools style package to follow newer specifications : OGC
Page: USC Geology
We would like to acknowledge the support of USC Geology with their donation of Maven Host Facilities to the Geotools project.
Page: Use
Geotools focuses on being a Java code library, not an application. The library provides methods to manipulate geospatial data. While the library facilitates the creation of maps, by default, Geotools provides almost no Graphical User Interface (GUI) funct
Page: Use of FilterCapabilities
Motivation: Make use of FilterCapabilitiesImpl Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: what filters are available? This page represents the current plan; for discussion please che
Page: UseSWT
If you want to build an Eclipse plugin with Geotools, you might need to encapsulate SUN UI libraries into Eclipse compliant ones like SWT. You need to use the swt-awt-win32-3111 and swt-win32-3111 dll, and also the libraries swingwt.jar and swt.jar in you
Page: Using a bounding box Filter
This page is out of date - please see: 02 Filter Given an area of interest stored as an envelope the following code will limit the features returned to those which are not wholy outside the bounding box. // // "Where" road BBOX envelope // FilterFactory f
Page: Using Grid Coverage
may want to wait until geoapi interfaces are implemented before adding code examples here. Describing the concepts can start now Coverage The essential property of coverage is to be able to generate a value for any point within its domain. How coverage is
Page: Using Grid Coverage Exchange
work in progress (please help) Introduction To access a Grid Coverage (rasters described in the Using Grid Coverage) in geotools you need to use the new GridCoverageExchange interface. See the GridCoverageExchange design notes for some more information th
Page: Using WFS plugin to access a Web Feature Service.
The link below provide a report describing the work carried out at NURC by Ramona Georgescu. This document is an investigation on the state and capabilities of WFS datastore inside GeoTools which should allow a developer to fully manipulate features on an


Page: Validation Extension
Module Maintainer: bowens Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development For the 2.2.x branch the validation module has: @completed goal@ Module Status The validation module
Page: Vector grids
Motivation: Provide for easy creation of vector grids Contact: mbedward Tracker: Tagline: Promote gt-grid module to supported This page represents the current plan; for di
Page: Version Differences
GeoTools evolves rapidly and each release leads to incompatible changes compared to previous releases. Upgrade to 2.5 Upgrade to 2.4 Upgrade to 2.3 Upgrade to 2.2 Upgrade to 2.1 Upgrade to 2.0
Page: Versioning datastore design
Introduction This little design documents talks about the software design of the versioned datastore, hoping to ease the job of whoever tried to hack against the versioning postgis datastore, maybe to port it on top of another jdbc datastore (db2, hsql, a
Page: Versioning datastore user guide
Introduction The versioning postigis datastore allows to version enable one or more feature types so that all edits are versioned the same way as in a source code version control system. In fact, much of the external interface is inspired by Subversion op
Page: Versioning Postgis
Module: Versioning Postgis datastore Module Maintainer: aaime Email Help: Volunteer: Status: Model  Versioning datastore design User guide  Versioning datastore user guide Gold
Page: VersioningDataStore API
This RnD page is set up to explore the pandora's box opened by the postgis-versioned module; and see it it can be cleaned up as a more general purpose solution suitable for use by geogit, arcsde, oracle and postgis-versioned. Table of contents: Children:
Page: Views Management removal
Contact: n-lagomarsini, dany111 Tracker:   Tagline:   Description This proposal aims on removing the Views Management on the GridCoverage2D class. ViewsManager machinery has been introduced to deal with packed coverage data whilst, in the vast majority of
Page: VPF Plugin
Module Maintainer: jyutzler Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Plugin: DataStore Recent Development Version  2.1.1 is stable. Versions 2.2.0 and 2.2.1  are broken for VPF feature ty


Page: Web Resources
Issue Tracker SVN Repository Source Forge GeoTools Geotools CIA Maven Repository
Page: Websites
The Geotools project is now using a Confluence wiki (hosted by Codehaus for most of its documentation. Besides this wiki, Geotools also uses the following websites: http://www.geotool
Page: WFS GML DataStore
WFS DataStore Design Prepared by: David Zwiers, Refractions Research Introduction For the upcoming uDig project we intend to create a WFS DataStore following the GeoTools DataStore API. This document outlines an overview of the design for the proposed Dat
Page: WFS 1.1 DataStore
This page outlines the current project to develop a WFS 1.1 capable Overview We're going to develop a DataStore for WFS 1.1 servers. There is currently a WFS DataStore though. The problem with it is it's fairly unmaintained and hard to maintain, is built
Page: WFS Plugin
Module Maintainer: groldan, jdeolive Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.apt Rec
Page: What is a FID
A "FID" is a "Feature Identifier" as defined by the GML2 specification. (For GML3 they simply called this an "id" but the concept is still the same). General Feature Model Identification In the general feature model a feature it is actually supposed to id
Page: Wide World Services
We would like to acknoledge Wide World Services for the support in providing Cruise Control Hosting for Geotools.
Page: Widget-tools list
tools ANALYSE GEOMETRIE clip buffer convex hull difference group intersect join - spatiale join - data merge (two layers in one) union split skeletonize DATABASE CONVERT CREATE FILE CONVERT reproject
Page: Widgets-Swing
Module Maintainer: desruisseaux Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt ovides
Page: widgets-swing-pending
Team Johann Sorel (AlterSIG Project) Quick presentation This module is the integration of project AlterSIG Toolbox. Every component is cleanup and once ready will move to the "extension/swing-widgets" module. This module offers several Swing components li
Page: Wiki Signup
Everyone is welcome to edit this wiki; but we need to ask you to sign in first. Sign up to Confluence Sign up to The Codehaus Confirm your Personal Details https://xircles.codehau
Page: Withdrawn
The following proposals have been withdrawn:
Page: WKT and weather symbols for marks
Module: mark-wkt Module Maintainer: ~lmoran Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt Plu
Page: WMS Module
Module Maintainer: rgould Status: Email Help: Volunteer: Recent Development The WMS module has been stable since 2.2.x. Module Status The wms module is stable, we would like som
Page: World Dataset Projection
Issue Currently when we project geometries, we are projecting the coordinates one by one. When data is outside the valid range of a map projection (or crosses a map boundary), invalid geometries are created. Approach Use the valid area of a map projection
Page: WorldImage
Module: WorldImage Module Maintainer: [~simboss] Status: Email Help: Volunteer: IP Review: review.txt
Page: WPS Module
Module: WPS Module Module Maintainer: gdavis Status: Email Help: Volunteer: The WPS module's purpose is to create a light weight Web Processing Service. The goal is to get the b


Page: XML-XSD To Supported
Motivation: Supporting the new xml parser Contact: jdeolive Tracker: Tagline: This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above. De
Page: XMLEncoder and SLDTransformer
You can encode in XML a style by using the XMLEncoder Below is an example on how to perform this task : // we create a style ; here by reading an already existing sld file S
Page: XPath NamespaceSupport
Motivation: Styling and Query need a hint to understand xpath namespaces Contact: jive Tracker: Tagline: xpath across deep waters This page represents the current plan; fo



Page: ZoomPaneDemo
Demonstration application displaying a triangle and a rectangle in a zoomable pane. The class <CODE>org.geotools.swing.ZoomPane</CODE> take care of most of the internal mechanics. Developers must define only two abstract methods: <CODE>getArea()</CODE>, w