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Daniele Romagnoli


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Allows wrapping jai-tools operations as geotools operations.

Module Status

The code of this module has been previously used as a dependency of a custom GeoTools/Geoserver setup to compute zonal summary statistics.
As an instance, it allows to compute statistics like min, max, mean, median, standard deviation, variance and sum of the pixels contained within a specified zone of a coverage/image.
We are working to create a stable jai-tools 1.0.0 release to be used by that module. Our final aim is to include these operations in the coverage module, beside the other available (JAI-based) operations

Within the module, there is a standalone test class which allows to perform basic zonal statistics over a DEM sample data.

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Remember that the module maintainer is a volunteer, and if you can help test this module please jump on the developers list and help out. Patches may be attached to the above issues for review by the module maintainer.