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Andrea Aime



I can haz 6?



Java 5 has gone past it's used by date and is no longer easily available for the developer
community to work with. While we have had a large portion of our user community "stuck" with Java 5 in the past (in order to maintain enterprise edition applications) it is now time to move on.

This proposal is for:

  • updating trunk to use Java 6 immediately
  • make the life of trunk short (6 months at most)

This combination allows us to check out Java 6 issues early; while reducing the length of time we must back port bug fixes. Note this overhead is greater than normal due to the requirement to have two separate environments.


Voting is underway:



no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. (tick) aa: check build in Java 6 an apply eventual patches
    • (tick) Update pom to indicate 1.6 as a compiler setting
    • (tick) Exemplars used for image comparison tests will have to be updated
    • (tick) the tests were also modified to allow for differences in font metrics
  2. (tick) jd: Update hudson configuration
    • (tick) commit change to pom.xml
  3. Update developers guide build instructions
  4. Update user guide
    • (tick) Quickstart tutorial already advises use of latest JDK

Java 5 Volunteers

The GeoTools 2.7 has the option to grow into a "long term" support target (as was the case with GeoTools 2.2).

This is of course dependent on downstream projects continuing to require Java 5 support for their customers; and in turn receiving funding to make additional stable releases.

If this has happened to your project please join the development list and volunteer;
to make an additional release. The release process is well documented and we can help set you up with credentials for both maven and source forge.

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Developer Community feedback: