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For additional options on contacting the GeoTools Community please see our user guide for communication and support.


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The users list is for questions regarding the installation or use of the GeoTools2 library. Users of GeoTools2 are usually java developers building applications with spatial capabilities.

Sometimes, some small applications or server-side code will exist within the GeoTools code base (for example, a Web Map Service implementation or a conversion utility). If these have not yet found a project of their own, then questions about how to use them may be directed to this list.


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The developer list is used by the development team of GeoTools2 solely to discuss development issues. The list is exclusively for:

  1. current members of the GeoTools2 development team.
  2. those who are interested in joining the GeoTools2 development effort.
  3. those who wish to follow the discussions surrounding GeoTools2 development.

Please do not send general questions regarding the use of GeoTools2 to this list, but to geotools-gt2-users instead.


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The i18n list is meant to discuss making the GeoTools project available in languages other than English. This includes the website, the developers' guide and actual GeoTools GUI modules.


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A read only list to which all SVN (was CVS) commit statments are posted.


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This list is dedicated to users of an older version of GeoTools known as GT1 or geotools-lite.

Please do not ask questions related to versions of GeoTools 2.0 or higher on this list.