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Daniele Romagnoli


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Coverage plugin to decode Matlab files which adhere to version 5 of the format specification.

Module Status

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(star) IP Check: review.apt added, all headers are in place
(red star) Quality Assurance: test coverage is poor, we need to work on that and find suitable test data
(star) Stability: No planned API changes
(star) Supported: Documents available. Module maintainer does watches user list, answers email.


The aim of this plugin is to allow users to decode Matlab data file when encoded in version 5 of the format (the only one that is known to be open as far as it specification is concerned). We also look for a sibling world file (wld) and projection file (prj) to get access to the associated CRS and grid to world transformation.

Notice that the Matlab data format version 5 support many different types of datatypes, like Int32 and Double. For more information, please check the file format specification here .

Future plans

We plan to do what follows as time and funding permits:

  • improve decoding on uncompressed data by NOT loading everything in memory
  • add support for Complex (as in x+ j y) numbers
  • add support for more custom metadata formats for decoding georeferencing information
  • add support for writing to Matlab format 5

The Image I/O-Ext project

The Image I/O-Ext project leverages existing native APIs to extend the set of formats that the JAI ImageIO API can read.
Actual version of Image I/O-Ext is 1.0.5, but this plugin is leveragin on version 1.1 unstable.

Outstanding Issues

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug GEOT-3423 Datum mapping values are trashed if gt-jp2k is on the classpath Unassigned Joe Boese Major Open Unresolved Feb 10, 2011 Feb 23, 2011
Improvement GEOT-3135 JP2KReader should not depend on Kakadu to get the UUIDBox Daniele Romagnoli David Smiley Major Open Unresolved Jun 04, 2010 Jun 01, 2012
Improvement GEOT-2885 Add support for masking a specific color to all the raster plugins Simone Giannecchini Simone Giannecchini Minor In Progress Unresolved Dec 10, 2009 Sep 29, 2011
Improvement GEOT-1644 Add support for external overviews raster format Simone Giannecchini Andrea Aime Minor In Progress Unresolved Dec 27, 2007 Sep 29, 2011


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