GeoTools : Move to another Server


The refractions svn server has been under attack


Jody Garnett



is the server up?

This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above.


Refractions Research has been kind enough to host our svn since around 2004. At the time GeoTools was hosted on Source Forge and everyone was loosing a day a week due to Source Forge having growing pains.

In the last three months the Refractions server has been "under attack". It looks like a script starts up; downloads every link - and gets bored waiting for some of the larger files - and tries again! Now servers are pretty good at handling this kind of abuse; but in this case the script is poorly written and does not complete the HTTP protocol. In linux the operating system handles a few stages of these exchanges and is stuck waiting for a "CLOSE" message that never arrives; the Kernal has been compiled with a 2 minuet time out ... leaving us stuck.

We have three options available to us - we can consider the following options:

  • (error) Ask Refractions to upgrade there server (scrub it down; build a new kernal with a shorter timeout; etc...). Currently there is not enough sys admin time (because everyone is working hard for customers) to make this happen!
  • (tick) Move to CodeHaus - this has the advantage of single sign on with our wiki; and the ability to make use of their maven repository. The GeoServer project is making use of both these facilities so we can ask them if it is in fact a good idea. The CodeHaus servers are connected to the maven replication train - which will really resolve some of our distribution issues with
  • (question) Move to OSGeo hardware - this has the advantage of branding. We would need to run our own svn server - and could consider running our own confluence as well.


  • [~jive} I personally feel that OSGeo hardware has nice publicity - but the cost in time of running our own hardware is not worth it.
  • Jody Garnett This problem is not specific to the GeoTools project, I will bring these options up in the uDig meeting on Thursday as well.

Volunteers Needed!

Please understand we are running a couple of days downtime a month; I would rather spend two days up front to improve the situation (and thus be able to plan for it) then have my project deadlines in danger.


Voting for this proposal was carried out with the choice between OSGeo and CodeHaus hardware.




Andrea Aime



Ian Turton



Justin Deoliveira



Jody Garnett



Martin Desruisseaux



Simone Giannecchini



With this in mind the proposal is accepted with OSGEo hardware as the intended location for the move.


This section is used to make sure your proposal is complete (did you remember documentation?) and has enough paid or volunteer time lined up to be a success


no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

Moving svn repository to OSGeo:

  1. Email Paul Ramsey (who will apparently handle things?)
  2. Sign up developer list to OSGeo
  3. Confirm with checkout
  4. Update pom.xml files? Will not be needed if we can redirect

Moving maven repository:

  1. Update the pom.xml to refer to new locations (see BEFORE/AFTER below)
  2. Confirm build works
  3. Confirm deploy works
  4. Confirm assembly works

Updating the docs and communicating the change:

  1. Update the user guide links (mostly for sample code) Michael Bedward can help with this
  2. Update the developers guide svn checkout instructions Michael Bedward can help with this
  3. Update GeoServer and uDig builds (they can actually do that at anytime when they are ready)

API Changes



          <name>Web site for Maven reports</name>
      <name>Refractions Research - Maven 2 repo</name>



Move to osgeo servers:

   <name>GeoTools Repository</name>
   <name>Geotools Central Development Repository</name>


Documentation Changes

  • Home SVN checkout instructions need to be updated