GeoTools : New Transformation Algorithms for GeoTools and uDig


GeoTools Referencing module has been becoming one of the most powerful tools focused on coordinate system transformations in JAVA GIS world in recent years. Referencing module in conjunction with Coverage module presents a really strong tool for raster operations like re-projecting and transforming. One of the frequently required operations in GIS is to fit rasters like scans of maps or remote sensing images that have unknown coordinate reference system into the real world coordinate reference system. In GeoTools there are already few possibilities to do so. The aim of this project is to add other algorithms for that purpose and then to make a simple GUI for uDig to apply these new functions.

These new algorithms are:

  • New interpolation-based methods - inverse distance weighted (IDW) interpolation, bilinear interpolation.
  • Thin-plate Spline method (TPS).
  • More general piecewise transformation.

First draft of  the project is available in community repository. You can get it using svn by typing:


Implemented algorithms

Guide how to build transformations

Guide to standalone usage of interpolations

uDig plugin - screenshots!