GeoTools : Public Domain GeoTiff plugin

A GeoTIFF reader for Geotools

I bothered a lot of people about GeoTIFF support a while back. I never committed my code because, well, I can't. There's also no module maintainer to give the code to, so I just kept it. But occassionally I see questions come across the development lists. So, rather than emailing a tarball to each and every person, I'll just post what I have, since it's relatively static. (NOTE: I'm not claiming relatively bug-free.)

An introduction for would-be-users


  1. It's a GridCoverageReader.
  2. This GeoTIFF reader supports read-only GeoTIFF access.
  3. It supports any coordinate system which can be given an EPSG code.
  4. It supports user-defined coordinate systems.
  5. The GeoTIFFException should do a pretty good job of capturing the tags and keys present in the GeoTIFF file.


  1. This GeoTIFF reader does not support write access.
  2. The API is not stable. The packages will be renamed whenever Geotools completely converts to their new referencing scheme and decides where GridCoverageReaders should live.
  3. You will be required to use deprecated classes/interfaces to make this code work. This is caused by the current "fluid" state of the Geotools library. This problem will be fixed whenever the new referencing scheme is complete.


  1. JAI and JAI Image I/O Tools from Sun
  2. Geotools 2.1.x development source (check it out from SVN or download the nightly build)
  3. geoapi-1.1.0alpha or better. If newer versions break the GeoTIFF reader, go back to this version.

Untested Instructions

  1. Download a nightly build or check the current code out from Subversion. (If you choose to build from source, please reference the other fine documentation on what tools are required.)
  2. Download the attachments to this page. If you are interested in just using the code, then you just need the jar (as long as it's in the classpath, it should register itself as a reader.) If you want source, download the attached tarball and unpack it.
  3. If building from source, install the geotools jars into your local maven repository. See developers guide. Then type "maven jar" in the geotiff directory.
  4. Write and compile your own code, putting the relevant jars in your classpath.

Developers note

Since it looks like I've wandered away from GeoTIFF development (at least for the moment), I'm going to stick this code here. I will be back eventually. Those who are interested can try the reader out and see if it's worth anything at all. I am completely open to suggestions, patches, bug reports, HELP, etc. But of course, it's public domain code so you can do whatever you want with it without asking for my permission.

Bug reports can go directly to me ( until the Geotools team says we can use their JIRA server.

This page will be updated as needed to correct my errors.

See also Flowchart for GeoTIFF Coordinate System Construction

Bryce Nordgren / Physical Scientist / USDA Forest Service


geotiff-2.1.x.jar (application/x-zip-compressed)
geotiff-2.1.x_javadoc.jar (application/x-zip-compressed)
geotiff-2.1.x-src.tar.gz (application/x-gzip-compressed)