GeoTools : Remove Assumption of org.geotools.filter.Filter

  1. Remove assumption of style from
    • (tick)┬áStyle Implementation
    • SAX Parser
    • DOM Parser
    • XDO Parser
    • XMS-XSD Bindings
  2. Copy existing Filter Implementations, and remove AbstractFilter superclass
  3. Package up as a FilterFactoryImpl
  4. Use a hint to try out existing test cases with FilterFactoryImpl
  5. When encountering geotools FilterVisitor; rewrite as a geoapi FilterVisitor (use DuplicatingFilterVisitor as an example)
    • For PrePostFilterVisitorSQLGeneratorMagicSuperClassThing a new super class is already available FilterToSQL
  6. When encoutering a geotools Filter or Expression follow the update instructions to search and replace the OpenGIS counterpart
  7. Move org.geotools.filter interfaces to "legacy" module