GeoTools : Replace Vecmath

The vecmath jar was originally shipped as part of the java extensions for Java 3D. It is a pretty good library - that we use for matrix calculations in the gt-referencing module.

We are using the older version here on the 1.3.2 tag:

Unfortunately not technically open source. As shown by the above three links it has a Java Research License (JRL) for academics wanting to experiment or Java Distribution License (JDL) for commercial binary distribution.

With upgrading no longer an option there is a wide range of options:

There is some stack exchange discussion on performance of java matrix libraries which was inconclusive.

Official Fork is GPL

There is an official fork here Unfortunately it is has migrated (like the JRE) to using a GPL license making it unsuitable for use in GeoTools.

 See the use of LICENSE.txt on svn trunk:

We could drop back to an older version 1.3.1 tag which is on maven central (but still seems to be under binary distribution license).