GeoTools : Road Map to 2.1

This is a DRAFT Geotools 2.1 roadmap - the Geotools community has yet to formally adopt this plan in an IRC meeting. Please add comments to this page for discussion.

Geotools 2.1

Here is a timeline for Geotools 2.1 (release follows tag by 1-2 days):

2.1.M3 Feb 11th released

2.1.M4 April 28th released

(error) VirtualFeatureSource (or Query2) (dblasby)
(tick) FeatureType revision to provided "facets"
(tick) FactorFinder revision to allow application control

This release is a matched set with GeoServer1.3.beta-3.

2.1.M5 May 23rd released

This release is a matched set with GeoServer1.3.beta-4;

2.1.RC1 June 1st

(tick) Branch from trunk (May 28th)
(tick) FeatureCollection / FeatureResults merge (jody)
(error) FeatureType issues resolved (cholmes dzwiers jgarnett)
(error) FactoryFinder Hinting system at the DataStore level (jody martin)

2.1.RC2 June 10th

(question) Bug fixes

This release should be matched with a GeoServer 1.3 and a uDig 1.0 release.

2.1.0 June 27th

(question) Deprecations in order
(question) Experimental code removed from branch

Geotools 2.2 July 1st

Here is a timeline for Geotools 2.2 (pending):

  • GeoAPI Geometry interfaces as volunteer support provides


  • This is a proposal it has not been formally adopted by the Geotools PMC and Module maintainers
  • For reference here is the GeoServer Roadmap and uDig Schedule
  • The offical geotools road map is captured by Jira here, The Nightly Builds page contains a summary.