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Martin Desruisseaux


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The Sample Data Module provides a data repository for different formats (shapefile, gml, sql, ...) which will enable you to make your own tests with GeoTools libraries.

Using TestData

The data available in this module is accessed via the TestData class; this class is able to smoothly access and unpack data that has been bundled up into a jar; it is able to handle some of the platform differences that have cropped up over the years.

Example use:

InputStream in = TestData.openStream( this, "" );
Properties properties = new Properties( in );
assertTrue( properties.contains("something") );

For more information please review out developers guide entry:


Contributions of new data are welcome:

  • We do ask you to mind the file sizes committed into svn (please be kind).
  • Please relocate your JUnit test-data examples to this module
  • Please document what the data is on this page


Java utility classes that are useful when writing test cases.

  • FlatFeature - implementation of Features directly built in Java for inclusion in code


The following data is available when writing your own test cases.


SQL data


Well Known Text (WKT)


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