GeoTools : Tasks for 2.2.0 release

Changes required before 2.2.0 release

  • actual release (1 day of effort)

Already done

  • deprecated classes from Geotools-2.0 need to be removed (scan the javadocs and compare deprecated classes and existing ones -- approx 3 days effort) (JIRA-GEOT-885)
  • user guide and sample code need to be updated/checked/removed (1 day of effort) (JIRA-GEOT-886)
  • add the demo module into the build (1-4 hours of effort). This is finished, unless there are specific changes someone wants to make to this module.
  • deprecated classes and methods from Geotools 2.0 removed in referencing, coverage and widgets-swing modules. The remaining deprecated methods are from Geotools 2.1.

Comments: Docs Deprecations

Posted by jive at Jul 10, 2006 14:36