GeoTools : Tutorials


These tutorials include code for various different versions of Geotools including 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. Some of the code might still work in recent versions of Geotools but, then again, these examples might not work. We are working (Summer 2006) to clear up this situation and develop a good set of tutorials for the 2.2 release.


Tutorials to get you started coding with Geotools.

Background on Geotools

Instant Gratification

The Geometric Model

The Georeferencing Model

The Feature Model

The Query Model

The Data Access and Storage Model

The Display Model

Advanced Geometry Model

  • Graphs - defines the concept of a graph (or network)

Demonstration Code

Extending Geotools

Tutorials that show you how to extend the capabilities of the geotools library:

Geotools 2.0 Tutorials

The main difference between Geotools 2.0 and 2.1 is the change of CoordinateReferenceSystem. Unfortantly MapPane is based on this construct and nobody has had time to upgrade it.

(star) indicates a tutorial where a 2.1 version is needed