GeoTools : Upgrade master to Java 7


Jody Garnett



upgrade master to java 7


It is time to upgrade to Java 7 (since Java 6 is no longer receiving security updates).


This proposal is under construction.

Voting has not started yet:


  1. jody: Upgrade the user guide build instructions
  2. Fix Java 7 Build issues
    1. justin: GEOT-4761 - Create Spatialite DataStore with Java 7
    2. volunteer: Rendering failure reported against Open JDK 7 (works with Oracle JDK 7 )
  3. justin: Setup linux build box with:
    1. master building against OpenJDK 7
    2. (tick) stable and maintenance using Oracle Java 6
  4. aaime: Upgrade windows build box
    1. master building against with Oracle JDK 7
    2. (tick) stable and maintenance using Oracle Java 6

Documentation Changes

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