GeoTools : Upgrade to 2.2

Removal of the Legacy Modules

The removal of the legacy modules included the loss of all the modules which depended on the legacy georeferencing system. Most notably, this cleanup included the loss of all the classes presenting simple GUI classes such as the popular MapPane swing class.

For this release, users must implement all of the GUI objects on their own without any examples. This is unfortunate and the GeoTools team understands the importance of this code for new users.

Make your own JMapPane

The user list is working on bringing this functionality back into the library, this time based on GUI objects from the GeoWidgets project. In later versions of GeoTools you can find:

  • MapPanean implementation of JMapPane built up around the streaming renderer as an unsupported module
  • widgets-swing-pending a pending geowidgets project that contains a much better replacements