GeoTools : Websites

The Geotools project is now using a Confluence wiki (hosted by Codehaus) for most of its documentation.

Besides this wiki, Geotools also uses the following websites:


the main geotools home page which re-directs to ...


.. the static copy of ....


... the geotools wiki ( see confluence)

(tick) Geotools

our project home on SourceForge

(tick) Jira

home of the bug and task tracker


result of the maven build process, the most recent javadocs


an old site that happens to have the old developers guide and old javadocs on it

(info) Eclipse

an open source IDE for developping with Java and more...

(info) Maven

geotools formal build (and release) tool

(info) Subversion

geotools version control

(smile) Udig

an open source spatial data viewer/editor based mainly uppon Geotools2

(smile) GeoServer

the reference implementation of WFS (now with WMS support)

(tick) working, (warning) not current, (error) not working, (info) devel tool, (smile) associated project